By Greg Szymanski

I have written countless articles about the Vatican and Jesuit Order’s involvement in capitalizing financially on genocide.

Their involvement goes much deeper.

And there is more than credible evidence that this group of high flying,  money laundering priests actually fomented and participated in the extermination of the Jews in World War II, the genocide in Yugoslavia during the same period and the 1990’s Rwandan genocide,  to name a few.

I remember back in the early 1980s when I worked in Rome covering the Vatican bank scandal involving murder and corruption at the highest Vatican levels, getting a story published in the States was like going to the moon in a hot air balloon.

Back then my articles about Chicago Cardinal and head of the Vatican Bank Paul Marcinkus alleged involvement in murder and money laundering were never published in English. They never saw the light of day thanks to American editors.
And there was no internet then so America essentially was left clueless about how this band of lying priests who run roughshod over our finances and most importantly our liberties.

In fact, this band of renegade outlaw priests have infiltrated every aspect of America’s society, which will lead us one day into total fascism.
The writing of course is on the wall for all to see but unfortunately our corrupt media on the internet and in the mainstream won’t let you read it.

Here is a recent press release from attorney Jon Levy who represents the surviving victims and family members of the Yugoslavian genocide in which the Vatican and Jesuit Order orchestrated and profited.

By the way the case,  Alperian v Vatican Bank,  was recedntly dismissed by the 9th Circuit Federal judges after 10 years of delays and covering up for their bosses in the Vatican.

What a sham our legal system has become!
Here is the press release just released:

Vatican Bank Holocaust Litigation

Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD

+1 202-318-2406


VATICAN CITY: A formal request has been made to Vatican Bank president, Ernst von Freyberg, to audit approximately 30 current and former Vatican Bank accounts that were identified as having laundered Holocaust era assets from the Balkans.  The account information was gathered from several sources including government reports and the testimony of former Special Agent William Gowen who served in Rome in 1946-1947. The request comes immediately after the Vatican Bank’s current bid for transparency which includes a new website, an ongoing audit of private accounts and the appointment of several Vatican Commissions to combat money laundering at the tarnished institution.

Dr. Jonathan Levy, The attorney for several thousand claimants, Holocaust victims, their heirs, and organizations, has also asked the European Union Ombudsman and the European Commission to lend their good offices to the effort since the Vatican City State is an associate member of the Euro Zone.  The funds at stake were derived from the Ustasha Treasury, consisting of gold and valuable looted from Yugoslavia during the Second World War and deposited at the Vatican Bank in 1946.  The new Vatican Bank website states that the bank also known as Institute for Religious Works is under the jurisdiction and laws of the Vatican City and its courts.  Previously, the EU Commission had abstained from becoming involved claiming there were doubts as to the jurisdiction involved.

For the EU Appeal see:

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