Investigative Journal Radio Live Dec 23 2012

Stop Gang Stalking and Electronic Weaponry


Used On Innocent Citizens

In the first hour Greg talks with Tim Leedom, author of  a book titled The Book No Pope Wants To Read. Don’t miss this hour if you are interested in knowing how the Vatican and Jesuits control your country, something rarely talked about in the media so you know its true.

In the second hour, James Walbert joins Greg telling his incredible story of how he was micro chipped without his consent.

Since 2004, he has been victimized with gang stalking and highly sophisticated electronic tracking and weaponry designed to disrupt his life. His story is well documented and verified by highly trained professionals in medicine, law enforcement and politics. Don’t miss this hour since many Americans and people around the world are experiencing the same fate as Walbert.

GREG.HR1 Dec 23 2012

GREG.HR2 Dec 23 2012

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