Investigative Journal Live Radio Dec 16 2012

Everything You Wanted To Know About 2012

But Didn’t Know What To Ask

In the first hour and a half, Greg was lectured by a Boulder physicist about the galactic importance of Dec 21 2012.

On Nov. 18, 2012, a professor in Boulder Co gave his first public presentation of what you are about to hear. “Tick Tock: Heliophysics 111: The Photon Belt and You.”

This is the complete lecture given at the Boulder Public Library where 3 people attended. He then realized that he was about to give his last public presentation on the subject.

No one has heard from him since. However, a video with graphics was put together so you might grasp what he was talking about, which will be listed below.

Click below and listen to the radio show:

GREG.HR1 Dec 16 2012

In the first half hour the 2012 lecture continues and in the last half hour, Greg brought up some good points about the sinister nature of the Vatican and particularly the Jesuit Order.

Click and listen below:

GREG.HR2 Dec. 16 2012

If you want to see the video lecture of 2012, click on the red tab below, subscribe and listen:


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