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Warning: This Video May Save Your Life!

GMO Foods Will Kill You

You think you understand the dangers of GMO foods? Well, you don’t.

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Steps To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified (GM) foods are  harmful. Most foods we eat may contain ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)–everything from baby formula and food to our dairy to even our meat. If you live in Europe, avoiding GM foods is easier since laws require labeling. However in the US and Canada food manufacturers are not required to label if their food is genetically modified or not. As such, here are some guidelines for steering clear of GM foods in your diet, if that is your choice.

Editor’s Note: Try to avoid any area sprayed with Monsanto’s Round Up. It has been proven to cause birth defects and other illnesses. I live near in a marina and walk my dogs in a park by the bay sprayed with Round Up. The marina also uses it despite my warnings. I plan on leaving soon because of it because I have noticed my dogs having re-occurring intestinal problems.


  1. 1

    Become familiar with the most common applications of genetic modification. These are the products (and their derivatives) that are most likely to be genetically modified:

    • Soybeans – Gene taken from bacteria (Agrobacterium sp. strain CP4) and inserted into soybeans to make them more resistant to herbicides.[1] See How to Live With a Soy Allergy for more information on avoiding soy products
    • Corn – There are two main varieties of GE corn. One has a Gene from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis inserted to produce the Bt toxin, which poisons Lepidoteran (moths and butterflies) pests.[2] There are also several events which are resistant to various herbicide. Present in high fructose corn syrup and glucose/fructose which is prevalent in a wide variety of foods in America.
    • Rapeseed/Canola – Gene added/transferred to make crop more resistant to herbicide.
    • Sugar beets – Gene added/transferred to make crop more resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.
    • Rice – Genetically modified to resist herbicides; not currently available for human consumption, but trace amounts of one GM long-grained variety (LLRICE601) may have entered the food supply in the USA and Europe. More recently, golden rice, a different strain of rice has been engineered to produce significantly higher levels of beta carotene, which the body uses to produce vitamin A. Golden rice is still undergoing testing to determine if it is safe for human consumption.[3]
    • Cotton – engineered to produce Bt toxin. The seeds are pressed into cottonseed oil, which is a common ingredient in vegetable oil and margarine.
    • Dairy – Cows injected with GE hormone rBGH/rBST; possibly fed GM grains and hay.
    • Aspartame/AminoSweet – Addictive and dangerous artificial sweetener commonly found in chewing gum and “diet” beverages. A building block of aspartame, the amino acid phenylalanine, is usually manufactured with the aid of genetically modified E. coli bacteria. This process has been used industrially in the USA for many years.
    • Papayas
    • Farm Raised Salmon
  2. 2

    Buy food labeled 100% organic. The US and Canadian governments do not allow manufacturers to label something 100% organic if that food has been genetically modified or been fed genetically modified feed. However, you may find that organic food is more expensive and different in appearance from conventional products. Also, just because something says “organic” on it does not mean that it does not contain GMs. In fact, it can still contain up to 30% GMs, so be sure the labels say 100% organic.

    • This applies to eggs, as well. Eggs labeled “free-range”, “natural”, or “cage-free” are not necessarily GE-free; look for eggs to be 100% organic.[4]
  3. 3

    Recognize fruit and vegetable label numbers.

    • If it is a 4-digit number, the food is conventionally produced.
    • If it is a 5-digit number beginning with an 8, it is GM. However, do not trust that GE foods will have a PLU identifying it as such, because PLU labeling is optional. [5]
    • If it is a 5-digit number beginning with a 9, it is
  4. 4

    Purchase beef that is 100% grass-fed. Most cattle in the U.S. are grass-fed, but spend the last portion of their lives in feedlots where they may be given GM corn, the purpose of which is to increase intramuscular fat and marbling. If you’re looking to stay away from GMOs, make sure the cattle were 100% grass-fed or pasture-fed (sometimes referred to as grass-finished or pasture-finished). The same applies to meat from other herbivores such as sheep. There is also the slight possibility that the animals were fed GM alfalfa, although this is less likely if you buy meat locally. With non-ruminants like pigs and poultry that cannot be 100% grass-fed, it’s better to look for meat that is 100% organic.

  5. 5
    GMO-free marshmallows

    GMO-free marshmallows

    Seek products that are specifically labeled as non-GM or GMO-free. However, it is rare to find products labeled as such. You can also research websites that list companies and foods that do not use genetically modified foods, [7], but be aware that information is often incomplete and conflicting interests may not be declared.

  6. 6

    Shop locally. Although more than half of all GM foods are produced in the US,[8] most of it comes from large, industrial farms. By shopping at farmers’ markets, signing up for a subscription from a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, or patronizing a local co-op, you may be able to avoid GM products and possibly save money at the same time.

    • More and more small farms are offering grains and meat directly to customers, in addition to the usual fare (vegetables, fruit, herbs).
    • Inspecting non-GMO cabbage

      Inspecting non-GMO cabbage

      Shopping locally may also give you the opportunity to speak to the farmer and find out how he or she feels about GMOs and whether or not they use them in their own operation.

  7. 7

    Buy whole foods. Favor foods that you can cook and prepare yourself, rather than foods that are processed or prepared (e.g. anything that comes in a box or a bag, including fast food). What you lose in convenience, you may recover in money saved and satisfaction gained, as well as increased peace of mind. Try cooking a meal from scratch once or twice a week–you may enjoy it and decide to do it more often.

  8. 8

    Grow your own food. This way you know exactly what was grown, and what went into growing it.


  • If you have the land, time, and resources, grow your own food. As long as you make sure you’re not buying GM seeds, and aren’t near any GM plants which could cross-pollinate, you’ll know for sure that the food which comes from your garden is not genetically modified.
  • At chain and non-chain restaurants, you can ask which, if any, of their foods contain GMs, but the wait and kitchen staff are not likely to know.
  • Producers who label their food GM-free aren’t making any health claims regarding the product.

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Greg’s Sept 16 2012 Live Radio Show

Middle East Tensions And Hegelian Dialectic

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Children Tortured And Killed: Why?

It’s Worse Than Ignorance

I have been covering this story for six years, hoping readers and radio listeners would catch on.

They haven’t. In fact, the reason is worse than ignorance.

It is apathy combined with disbelief despite the facts.

When people are brainwashed and living out a fantasy, facts matter little.

In America, the fantasy is two fold.

First, the critical mass still believe in apple pie and democracy. Secondly, the critical mass still believe in imaginary beings that will provide solace and peace in the afterlife.

Combine these two and the outcome is the story below written by Kevin Annett and sent to The Investigative Journal.

Children being tortured and killed with a small minority trying to come to their rescue.

One Week to go before Direct Actions commence against child-killing churches:

An Update and Plan of Action from Kevin D. Annett, ITCCS fieldworker

Direct from Dublin, Ireland

September 8, 2012

Breaking News Item: Vatican officials have one week to respond to ten requirements issued last May by survivors of church terror, or face permanent banishment, occupations and legal summonses

Hello to you all,

It’s fitting that I’m writing this from Dublin, where the top Catholic prelate in that land, Cardinal Sean Brady, is implicated in protecting child rapists in his diocese and may soon resign; and where his probable replacement, Archbishop Dermot Martin, has been forced to meet with ITCCS and ACCAW activists after they occupied Dublin’s main cathedral recently and one of them, John Deegan, even manacled himself to the cathedral altar during a mass.

This direct action by survivors has the church worried, and Archbishop Martin’s assistant, Rev. Damian O’Reilly, said yesterday that it was their concern about further church occupations that forced them to sit down and try to directly negotiate with survivors like John Deegan of ACCAW (an acronym meaning Anti Catholic Church Activists Worldwide, which is affiliated to the ITCCS).

Nowhere else in the world has the church hierarchy actually bargained with their opponents; the church generally relies instead on obliging governments to shield them from the fallout from their crimes towards children.  But the fact that this storm is erupting in the heart of the reputedly “most catholic” nation in the world is a sign of how desperate the church leaders are becoming. But more to the point, it demonstrates that only direct disruption and civil disobedience gets results when it comes to the oldest corporation on earth.

Now is the time, as they say, to press the matter home.

As John Deegan and the ITCCS said this week to Damian O’Reilly and his church bosses, the Vatican must do two simple things if it wants to avoid ongoing occupations: defrock all present and future child raping priests, and those who protect them; and make every clergy and church officer, from Pope Benedict on down, take a public, binding oath to protect children from predators and expose those who harm the innocent, even if doing so contradicts and defies church laws and customs.

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Comments Removed: Prominent Priest Defended Child Sex Abusers

Later Apologizes

Editor’s Note: The Vatican has some strange people working for them with even stranger views about the epidemic of pedophile priests.

This story below takes the cake.

A well-known Catholic priest who hosts a weekly religious television show said in an interview this week that child sex abusers are often seduced by teenage boys and should not go to jail on a first offense. But the comments were removed by the website that published them and replaced by an apology from the priest and the site’s editors.

The Rev. Benedict Groeschel, 79, who hosts a weekly show on the Catholic television network EWTN, originally made the comments in an interview with the National Catholic Register. He also referred to convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky as a “poor guy.”

“People have this picture in their minds of a person planning to — a psychopath. But that’s not the case. Suppose you have a man having a nervous breakdown, and a youngster comes after him. A lot of the cases, the youngster — 14, 16, 18 — is the seducer,” Groeschel was quoted as saying in the interview, which is no longer available on the paper’s website.

The interview has now been replaced by a statement from Fr. Benedict:

“I apologize for my comments,” it said. “I did not intend to blame the victim. A priest (or anyone else) who abuses a minor is always wrong and is always responsible. My mind and my way of expressing myself are not as clear as they used to be. I have spent my life trying to help others the best that I could. I deeply regret any harm I have caused to anyone.”

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