Christian ‘Miracle’ In A California Wildfire?

Or Was It Pagan?

By Greg Szymanski

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I received a “miracle” email from a Christian named “Dan Fink” and I’ll get to it in a minute.

But for now he is either a listener of my radio show or some quack that can’t take no for an answer.

In the last six months he has sent me hundreds of Christian emails and on more than one occasion, I told Mr. Fink to cease and desist.

But the emails keep coming. I even asked him to tell me his real name but he won’t since I just can’t believe his name is Dan Fink.

Do you? And if you are a card carrying Christian bible thumping soul of the almighty creator, say a prayer that he stops sending me emails.

However, this last one takes the cake.

I will reprint it later but in a nutshell, Fink says it was a miracle, I guess from the God in the bible, because in a recent California wildfire, a cross didn’t burn down even though it looked like it was engulfed with flames.

My first thought was maybe it was fire retardant wood or maybe  made of aluminum or steel. But he thinks God came down and saved it. I said well that’s cool but why didn’t he save several people who died in the fire, a number of domestic and wild animals and crops that would have been used for food.

And not to mention all the beautiful trees, all the beautiful trees.

Well, I guess another example how the God in the bible sure does work in strange ways, but maybe he enjoys watching people burn alive, or horses running to the hills with their tails on fire much more than he enjoys a stupid cross burning. Can’t blame ’em. Much more exciting to watch people burn, right?

But whatever the case, Fink fails to discuss that his so called miracle may have been an Egyptian pagan miracle, not one from the good book.

Why? Because the cross was used as a symbol long before the Vatican in 600AD decided to incorporate it into Christianity.

Here is background information on the cross:

The Pagan Origins of the Cross

By Abdullah Kareem

In reading the New Testament we must cease to think of the man Jesus, and even of the “Son of God”, and think of him rather of the sun of god, for this is a solar myth, and its dying hero, a dying sun. [1]

The cross is a pagan symbol that was adored in Egypt thousands of years before Jesus was born. The Roman Catholic Church adopted the cross symbol at least 600 years after Jesus was supposedly crucified. Even the early Christians of North Africa rejected the wooden cross after Tertullian condemned it.

Tertullian confessed that pagans worshipped crucified saviors hanging on a cross.

“Crosses, moreover, we Christians neither venerate nor wish for. You indeed who consecrate gods of wood venerate wooden crosses, perhaps as parts of your gods. For your very standards, as well as your banners, and flags of your camps, what are they but crosses gilded and adorned? Your victorious trophies not only imitate the appearance of a simple cross, but also that of a man affixed to it.” [1]

The pagan roots of Christianity are clearly indicated by this confession. Tertullian was a Christian who later became a Gnostic. He implies that Christians borrowed the sun-god myth.

(Wilkinson’s Egyptians, Sir John Gardner Wilkinson 1837-41)

The Pagan philosopher and satirist Celsus criticized Christians for trying to pass off the Jesus story as a new revelation when it was actually an inferior imitation of pagan myths. He asks:

Are these distinctive happenings unique to the Christians-and if so, how are they unique? Or are ours to be accounted myths and theirs believed? What reasons do the Christians give for the distinctiveness of their beliefs? In truth there is nothing at all unusual about what the Christians believe, except that they believe it to the exclusion of more comprehensive truths about God.

The rest of the story is at Now here is the email from Fink:

These pictures were taken during the Southern California fires. It is the last picture that is so awesome.
This must have been really something for those who witnessed it…

Notice the cross on the bottom right of the hill near the fire..

Before the very last picture in the below sequence.

The next day.

Even the fire fighters that were near the cross as it was surrounded with flames, said it was going to be destroyed.
The next day, Gene Blevins (photographer) went back to the scene to get some more shots.

He saw that the cross was not even touched or scorched from the heat.

IF THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU THINK, I don’t know what will!!!

May God’s richest and best be yours always!!


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