What Are Jesuit Plans For London Olympics?

The Investigative Journal received an email from a London resident, thinking foul play could occur and not in the form of  athletes trying to juice up with newfangled undetectable drugs.
Here is what he said:
Are you ready for the Olympics?

I hope to be out of London for part of it.

I do have to be in London for some of it, but hope to be away when & if the proverbial hits the fan.
Unfortunately there’s no knowing when this would be.

I’m guessing that the two main times (for terror) would be:

1: The closing ceremony (12th August)

2: The opening ceremony (9PM Friday 27th June to 12:30AM Saturday 28th June).

The following are my suspected most likely scenarios:

Main suspected targets are:

1: The Olympic Stadium obviously, on its nuclear-contaminated site.
2: Big Ben/Houses of Parliament (false flag attack like the Gunpowder plot of 400 years ago – actually orchestrated by Masonic Jesuit crypto-Catholic King James VI/I himself & his spymaster Cecil, under approval of Jesuit General in Rome, blamed on lower down Jesuit operatives).

Main suspected executors:

Mossad embeds within G4S or Rapiscan, in alliance with MI5/6, CIA & NATO intelligence.

Main suspected orchestrators: Roman Jesuit/Vatican nexus in alliance with Zionist elite & Euro/Anglo/American high-level (Illuminati) Masonic manipulators (especially those key operatives within the Trilateral Commission & Bilderberg Group).

Main suspected patsies getting blamed: Iranian branch of the fictitious Al Qaeda (also known  – in reality – as Mossad agents).

Main suspected motives/agendas:

War with Iran (who have a pact with Syria, this could then lead to Western tensions with & possibly even war with China & Russia) – this could also be justified by Mossad pretending to be the fictitious “Al Qaeda” & blow up the about-to-be-decommissioned USS Enterprise that has been in the Gulf for reasons not entirely clear over recent weeks/months;
Draconian totalitarian police state expansion in the UK & the rest of the West;
Furtherance of the New World Order One World Government agenda.

Main suspected created situations (other than potential bombing):

Cut off food supplies in UK, particularly London; have food distribution run by military & G4S (so basically in the case of the latter we’d all starve); removal of all remaining civil liberties & the removal of any pretence of the existence which have already legally been removed (primarily under the Blair government).

It is also possible that bomb(s) will be “found”, but not detonated. In this case, if one can’t leave London for financial reasons or whatever, then I recommend getting one months worth of tinned food (tuna, mixed beans, etc), rice, bottled water, battery-operated flashlight, battery-operated radio, etc…

I hope that I am wrong or that some uncorrupt individuals within the military/intelligence, etc.get a tipoff, realise the score & are able to get the situation defused, but also realise that there is so much mileage for the above-mentioned powers to further the agenda that it would seem to be a given that they will take full grasp of the opportunity that the event presents.

You should listen to the two interviews with Ben Fellows, the journalist who claims that he went undercover in G4S recently. His story is (if nothing else) additional confirmation of my suspicions that I have made no secret of for quite some time.
Here is Fellows on a European internet station:

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Vatican’s Canadian Genocide Exposed

A Message to Consider …

The little boys and girls who are lying slaughtered and forgotten in the earth are waiting and watching us right now. And they are asking us:

Will you find us, and bring us home? Or will you squabble and debate among yourselves?

The children who will suffer and die tomorrow at the hands of wealthy and protected men – they too are waiting and watching us, and are asking:

Will you stop those men once and for all, and protect us with all your means, every day? Or will you fear such men and those who shield them, and shrink back from what must be done, and allow us to die?

What will your answer be to these children? ………………………..

Latest News from ITCCS and Kevin Annett on our Criminal Conspiracy lawsuit against the Crown, Big Pharma, the Vatican and their accomplices – Wednesday, July 11, 2012

See this latest interview with Kevin Annett / July 9, 2012:

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Remains of Children Found

Note to readers: This stirring account shows how more native families in Canada are taking action to find and return the bones of residential school children. This latest example once again implicates the Church and Crown of England, which ran the Pelican Lake School near Sioux Lookout where these children died. Five other grave sites near residential schools are now being investigated by ITCCS.

Long lost brothers finally found: Remains of residential school children recovered by family

Wawatay News, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada
Thursday July 5, 2012

Searchers spent nearly a month looking for the remains of two boys who disappeared in 1956 while attending Residential School in Sioux Lookout. The boys’ remains were eventually found and returned to Cat Lake for proper burial.

Linda Henry/Special to Wawatay News

Pelican Lake Indian Residential School – Anglican Church

Brothers Charlie and Thomas Oombash left Cat Lake First Nation in 1956 to attend Pelican Lake Indian Residential School. They never returned to the community.

The Oombash family has been wondering what became of them ever since.

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Conspiracy Lawsuit Names Vatican

Crown of England Also Named

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toronto, Canada –

History was made yesterday when a legal team headed by Jason Bowman of the ACP was granted the right to proceed with its filing of a criminal conspiracy lawsuit against the Vatican, Crown of England and other parties.

A Federal Court judge in Toronto examined the material and granted leave for the full application to be filed and presented in court next Monday, July 9.

According to Bowman, who acted on behalf of both the ACP and ITCCS,

“We expected to simply file a motion … Instead, the Court directed that we file not only the ex-parte motion materials, but also our entire Application a full week earlier than we were expecting. Naturally, I was elated.”

A crowd of supporters accompanied Bowman to the Federal Court where he secured a preliminary hearing and approval to proceed from the on duty judge.

Afterwards, the group held a press conference nearby and was harassed by security guards and at least one agent provocateur named Greg Renouf who tried to incite violence and discredit both Bowman and ITCCS founder and co-applicant Kevin Annett. Renouf has since then posted a derogatory and untruthful you tube posting about the event.

An attempted live stream broadcast of the event was inexplicably disrupted, although blog media activists who were present reported the news extensively on the internet.

None of the “mainstream” media in Toronto attended the press conference.

The ACP-ITCCS lawsuit is the first of its kind: a class action aimed at so-called heads of state, including the Pope and the Queen of England, on behalf of victims of alleged crimes against humanity committed by churches, governments and corporations.

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Anderson Cooper Says He Is Gay

But Is He Homosexual: There is a difference

CNN analyst and TV host today went public saying he was Gay.

It made front page news and there was an outpouring of support and congratulations. But do people understand what they are supporting?

Most people don’t even know the real difference between the terms gay and homosexual so I assume they don’t. Cooper, considering his position as a million dollar propaganda specialist, knows the difference but he won’t tell you.

So let’s defer for an explanation from Cuban American writer, Servando Gonzalez.

Here is a tidbit from his article:

A homosexual is a person who has sex with persons of his/her own sex. The term gay, on the contrary, is political, and does not refer to any specific sexual practice. It denotes a militant homosexual, a member of an action organization, actively engaged in activities to advance a particular agenda in the political sphere. Actually, the process of “coming out of the closet,” by which a person tells to the world that he is gay, is basically not a sexual but a political act.

The difference between these two types of homosexuals is so obvious that some researchers already created names to distinguish them. As early as 1945, German historian Samuel Igra called these militant homosexuals “homosexualists.” More recently, author Judith Riesman calls them “homosexists.”[3] I simply call them by the term they themselves coined to disguise their true nature: gays.

According to the gay movement’s disinformation story, the term “gay” was created to counteract the negative connotations attached to the term “homosexual.” But, contrary to their claims, homosexual and heterosexual have always been neutral terms, with no negative connotations whatsoever. Proof of it is that the gay movement keeps using the term bisexual.

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What Have The Reformers Reformed?

Tired of Old Spiritual and Religious Concepts?

Create a New Religion In Our Upcoming Contest?

By Greg Szymanski

I wrote an article recently which upset a few people, saying you should question your heroes. Most people question their political bosses but when it comes to their spiritual bosses, you better not say a word against their divine presence on earth, Mohammad, Jesus and Moses included.

In the Christian world, the people I am talking about are referred to as the Reformers.

These are the guys who took the Vatican and Popery head on, claiming the Bible is the Supreme authority and everyone should only have one book, and one book alone, on their bookshelves.

So we have the Nazis and the Vatican burning books and the so-called Reformers in essence burning your soul indelibly with faith and, with the idea you really shouldn’t read any other books but the divine Bible.

Oh, they didn’t say that outright but their sermons warned,  and still do today, don’t read anything that contradicts their view of the Bible.

They fail to tell you the Vatican and early Christianity had a big hand in creating the Bible and basically controlling what you read and think even to this very day. Could they be working together even though they hate each other?

Wasn’t it Bible believing Christians along with the Vatican who together banned Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn?

So basically what were the Reformers reforming? I believe the Reformers, including Luther, whether knowingly or unknowingly, decided to fight the Vatican power and created an even bigger mess. Together they had a lot of people’s heads cut off and today have fanatical Christians denouncing anyone or anything who don’t view life as they do.

Think about it,  as the Vatican power grows especially here in America so does Bible believing Christianity. The only thing that is not growing strong are free thinking Americans with patience to not take a side, not fight each other over political and spiritual beliefs.

Of course, there are millions of Americans who don’t fall into this category but their patience and free thinking has been silenced. And you can thank the Vatican and all the other Christian churches for doing that and keeping their collection plates wide open every Sunday.  As they grow rich, we grow poor.

As people are too broke to be free thinkers, they fall prey to the only thing left — eternal life with God, meaning if we can’t make it here, we can’t make it anywhere except up there in the clouds. And if you don’t like that, Americans fall prey to reincarnation and other exotic explanations denying mortality.

I don’t know about you but I am a bit tired of these old concepts and am running a contest, asking people to come up with new and more exciting religions, giving people hope there is more to life than just our earthly existence. If you have an idea or new spiritual concept, click the red button below, subscribe and tell us your idea…

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