Are Our Heroes Really Enemies: Part II

Think Again When You Say, “I Like Ike”

We continue this series questioning whether are heroes are really enemies.

We started with FDR and continue with Ike, the 34th Prez of the satellite Vatican state called America.

Here are a few reasons why Ike should be considered a traitor, as compiled by several researchers featured and given air time on The Investigative Journal.

Eisenhower deliberately lengthening the European war causing further crimes against humanity: (1943) That in 1943 senior members of the SS did offer clear and specific terms of unconditional surrender of all German forces to Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower and his senior staff, including the assassination of Adolf Hitler on the single condition that the Soviets would not be allowed to advance into Central Europe.

That rather than seizing upon this information to press ahead with the Churchill plan of a 1943 European Invasion, Gen. Eisenhower recommended to President Roosevelt the Nazi truce offer be declined and the invasion postponed, thereby lengthening the war for two more years. Furthermore, during the 1944 “Battle of the Bulge”, Gen. Eisenhower did order a halt in encirclement of German forces enabling up to 150,000 to escape and thus prolong the war further. In both cases, the delays recommended by Gen. Eisenhower did enable the soviet forces of Fr. Joseph Stalin S.J. to increase their hold of Eastern Europe. Furthermore, that these deliberate and still inadequately explained delays did cause the needless deaths of over 200,000 soldiers, including at least 100,000 allied personnel and Americans.
Of Murder (political assassination): (1945) That Gen. George Smith Patton was assassinated by a fraudulent “road accident” near Mannheim, Germany on 9 Dec 1945 (dying in hospital 21 December 1945) after having requested a meeting with President Truman concerning evidence from the Nazis in his possession that Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower was both a traitor and operative working on behalf of the Vatican and the Soviet Union. Miraculously the other occupants of the car in which Patton was critically injured escaped unharmed. That to this day, the claim that Patton was about to expose Eisenhower have been denied. Furthermore, that Eisenhower and his supporters did besmirch the character and memory of war hero Patton including the complete lie that the escape of over 150,000 of the German army on the halt on August 31, 1944, of the Third Army was because it ran out of fuel. Furthermore that Patton was overlooked for more senior positions and was about to be relieved because he was mentally unstable. To this day, these deliberate lies to conceal the patriotism of Patton against Gen. Eisenhower being one of the greatest traitors of American history are still regarded as true.
Of publishing false statements for the purpose of concealing the origin of crimes against humanity: (1945-1961) That General Dwight D. Eisenhower and other senior Catholic Allied commanders did deliberately permit false documents to be planted in order to be “found” claiming that the Final Solution Plan (the extermination of the Jews) was organized much later in the war at an alleged conference at Wannsee Villa in Berlin on January 20, 1942. That these false records and minutes for a an SS meeting were patently false based on the fact that the SS never took minutes of their own meetings, nor would have permitted such documentation to remain unguarded. That the fraud perpetrated by Eisenhower was motivated by ensuring the window of systematic human sacrifice by the Catholic controlled Nazis was a small as possible (only 1943-45 by the false documents of Eisenhower), thus justifying the claim that the Allies “did not know” what the Germans were doing with death camps. Furthermore that claims of the death camps being built as late as 1942 and closed down within only a couple of years were falsely claimed and even supported by accused to reinforce the false position. That these false documents were then introduced into evidence during the Nuremberg Trials of a handful of Nazis.

Here is more about Ike:
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5 “Big” Minutes With Greg

Greg At Comedy Clubs

Before Greg became a serious Investigative Journalist he wanted to be one of the Three Stooges. But Since there were already three, Hollywood thought the sound of four stooges didn’t make sense.

And before that as a Catholic Altar boy, he wanted to be a priest, but since he wasn’t homosexual or crazy as a loon, he wasn’t accepted in the seminary.

So now Greg appears at comedy clubs trying to still be one of the Stooges and having fun laughing at the Vatican.

Enjoy 5 minutes with Greg on Audio and click on the link below


The Vatican and Queen’s Genocide

Other Major Churches and US Involved As Well
Editor’s Note:
While the big bucks media is busy investigating the ins and outs of Charlie Sheen’s sitcom or reporting about Madonna’s swastika display, the true investigative reporting is being done by homespun journalists like Kevin Annett.

Even the so called truth telling internet media hounds have dropped the ball, leading online readers down a Black Hole leading who knows where.

Major stories like the following one by Annett are nonetheless a mainstream media priority, the priority being to make sure they are never reported and thoroughly covered up.

Therein lies why most Americans remain ignorant about the real controllers of the New World Order.

Here is a major story giving you a little background.

The Queen of England Orders a Coverup, and other News from our very own Deep Throat
by Kevin D. Annett
It didn’t happen late at night in a murky parking garage, like in All the President’s Men. The phone call from the inside informant came to me unexpectedly this week from someone claiming to be a former staff member at the head office of the Anglican Church in Toronto. I’ll call him Sid.
According to “Sid”, top Anglican church officials like Primate Fred Hiltz and Huron Diocese Bishop Bob Bennett have known all about hideous crimes at their former Mohawk Indian residential school in Brantford for years.
Repeatedly, Hiltz, Bennett and other top church officials asked the Canadian government to help conceal incriminating evidence at “the Mush Hole”: like letters from church staff describing gang rapes of children, forced starvation, and the routine killing of pregnant or “unruly” Mohawk adolescents by beatings and forced confinement without food or water.

Ron Paul And Alex Jones Love John Paul II

And Greg Says, “At Least I Speak Italian!”

Editor’s: Note: Having lived in Rome for six years, Paul, Jones and the Pope can’t fool me!!!

The article below was written in 2007 since I was a bit upset with several blowhards on the internet who professed to be journalists and radio broadcasters spreading the truth and nothing but the truth.

I also wrote the story to alert Americans Ron Paul and every other candidate for high office were frauds, liars and selling out the American people in favor of their Papal commander, the Pope in Rome.

How could this be? Oh it can be and what goes on behind the scenes would scare the whiskers off your grandpa’s beard!

Since the 2007 article, the blowhards on the internet I am speaking about only have become more popular and the politicians like Paul more firmly in bed with the Pope.

How could this be? How could Paul, the great white hope, betray his people. It’s easy.

They use a recipe called The Hegelian Dialectic. If you don’t know what it is, look it up and apply the dialectic to politics.

So now in 2012 what a sad state of affairs.

But people are easily misled especially when they think they are getting the truth.

So I reprint the story in hopes one or two prying minds get it right. Get it right so they don’t go chasing alligators with a butterfly net.

Are John Paul II, Ron Paul and Alex Jones All on Same NWO Team?

According to long time Paul supporter and Jones listener, yes.
By Greg Szymanski

The corrupt alternative media, including the GCN and RBN networks and American Free Press newspaper, should “be dismantled piece by piece” and new stations and print outlets allowed to emerge — outlets not afraid to discuss the Vatican-led New World Order and its many tentacles like the Knights of Malta.

“It is my hope that the alternative media begin to police itself since they are covering for the Vatican and Jesuit Order’s involvement in the New World Order,” said former military intelligence specialist, Darryl Eberhart, adding it is obvious much of the alternative is controlled since it fails to criticize the Vatican at any level.

And why is it important to begin to seriously question the motives of those alternative media hounds like those in the mainstream media who don’t “tell the whole Illuminati story and just blame the Jews or Bilderbergers”?

It’s important, say many researchers like Eberhart, because “millions of people now go to the alternative for answers.”

One example of the obvious media black out on anything Vatican related can be found daily on the Alex Jones show or called by some the Alex Jones alternative media machine since he has a large media and fan following based on calculated deceptions.

“I know Alex and he has developed a special kind of blindness when it comes to anything related to the Vatican-led New World Order and Jesuit infiltration throughout the centuries,” said Greg Szymanski, editor of the Arctic Beacon. “Looking at how he operates, he has to have a higher authority setting his guidelines and basically telling him what to say and how far he can go. And it is obvious by the people he aligns himself with.”

Although Jones fools a lot of people by sidestepping the Vatican issue, one long time listener, Rick Friedrich, has finally caught on and is no longer one of them.

In a recent in depth analysis of the Alex Jones, the Papacy and the Ron Paul connection, he said:

“I have compiled further evidence of the incredible delusion and fundamental contradiction of Alex Jones concerning John Paul II. If you never saw it, check out the page on his site where he says the Pope must not have been NWO because of the way he died and how old he was, etc. This is unbelievable. I can’t believe how obvious this all is.

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Vatican Flags Usher In London Olympics

Vatican City Controls World

By Greg Szymanski

Give me a break, people!

Get your head out of your you know what!

I told you who controls the world, who heads the New World Order, why the American military is the modern day Roman Legion.

But you didn’t believe me. Instead you waste time listening to Alex Jones and Glen Beck. What a joke.

But that is America.  America believe in your flag, believe in it’s colors.

However, the colors aren’t red, white and blue. But yellow and white. Yes, yellow and white — the true flag of your world and country’s rulers of evil.

And be proud Americans as your yellow and white flags  are ushering in the Olympics on the River Thames, pictured above.

Remember, your flag is yellow and white and salute or pray to the Pope while numerous of his yellow and white flags fly high on a barge today leading the World Olympic charge. And by the way it also signifies the ushering in of the Pope’s New World Order.

Again, why yellow and white flags?  They are yellow and white since those are the colors of Vatican City, the bosses and rulers of the world who hide behind Jesus while they usher in in a one world government, one world Vatican controlled order.

So, believe me now. This categorically shows who controls us and the world since there is no good reason to have yellow and white flags leading the World’s Olympic charge.

The elite, your President and most other world leaders know they bow down and kiss the Pope’s ring while getting their marching orders.

And you say you want to stop the New World Order, stop the wars and killing?

If so, ask your President who is his boss and preface it by saying “I know it’s the Pope, now, what were you saying, Prez”!

Here is the Vatican flag story you see pictured in this story as well as the yellow and white flags on the barge leading the Olympic charge in London. By the way, the last I heard Vatican City doesn’t have any fat priest athletes in the Olympics so why in the hell should their flags be in London in the first place?




Description & Symbolism

The flag of Vatican City State is divided vertically into two equal stripes, yellow (at the hoist) and white (at the fly).  The white stripe bears the traditional papal emblem, the crossed keys of St. Peter beneath the papal tiara.  It is commonly called the “papal flag” (Italian, bandiera pontificia), and was adopted on June 7, 1929, in the state constitution.  It was first flown by Papal States merchant ships from 1825-1870.

Yellow and white have been the papal colors since 1808 when they were first used in a cockade, i.e. a circular cloth badge.  The keys of St. Peter, crossed diagonally, have been a papal emblem since the middle ages.  They are referenced in the New Testament, in the words of Jesus to Simon: “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.   Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:19).  The triple tiara has also been a papal symbol since the middle ages, with various symbolic interpretations.  One theory holds that the three crowns represent the pope’s supremacy over other earthly sovereigns.[1]

Design & Use

The Vatican City flag design is specified in its constitution, with an annex that provides an illustration.  The latter has changed only slightly in successive versions of the constitution.  It portrays a ceremonial flag (Italian, “bandiera ufficiale”) with square dimensions, and a special staff, finial, and cravat.  This ceremonial flag is carried by the Pontifical Corps of the Swiss Guard in the manner of an infantry color.[2]

Apart from the ceremonial flag, the constitution does not explicitly specify proportions for state flags displayed on official buildings; and in actual practice at the Vatican, they are currently oblong, in the same proportions as those of Italy’s flag (2:3).  However, in decades past, square state flags were sometimes seen.[3]

The Vatican flag is flown on occasions specified by the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, its legislative body, including papal anniversaries and Roman Catholic religious feast days.  It also flies at properties of the Holy See in and near Rome which enjoy extraterritorial privileges according to the Lateran Treaty of 1929 and subsequent agreements.  Upon the pope’s death it flies at half-staff, until the completion of the nine-day mourning period that follows his funeral (the novemdiales).  It also flies at diplomatic missions of the Holy See, especially its Apostolic Nunciatures (papal embassies).[4]

Roman Catholics throughout the world sometimes use the Vatican flag to promote Catholic identity at churches, educational institutions, and other establishments.

History of the Vatican Flag

The current papal flag originated in the Papal States, where it was introduced for merchant and fishing vessels on September 17, 1825.[5]  It was used until the Papal States disappeared in 1870, but not on land; and it was not the only papal flag.  Other flag designs were used by Papal States militias, forts, armed vessels, or by the general public.  Many of these flags are preserved in museum deposits or are attested in contemporary art.

Authorized papal flags often changed with each new pope.  Until the seventeenth century, they often had red fields bearing papal emblems.  From the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries, they usually had white fields (like the French royal standard) charged with various papal symbols. In the nineteenth century, yellow-and-white flags began to appear, and grew in frequency.[6]

These colors were based on a yellow-and-white papal cockade first introduced by Pius VII in March 1808 for papal troops and diplomats who remained loyal to the pope and who opposed the occupation of the Papal States by Napoleon.[7]  He abolished it and exiled the pope; but it was resurrected after Napoleon’s downfall and the restoration of the Papal States in 1815.

In 1825, the first yellow-and-white flags were introduced for various maritime purposes, but the navy retained its old white designs.  On land assorted yellow-white flags were soon employed by the Civic Guard (1831-1848) and the papal infantry (ca. 1831-1870).  By mid-century various yellow-white flags were used by private citizens, some state fortresses (from at least 1849), and the Palatine Guard (from 1859).  Their designs changed periodically and usually bore various papal emblems.  However, the final papal infantry color was a plain yellow-white flag with no emblem (1862-1870).[8]

Vatican and Jesuits Nailed In Two More Federal Lawsuits

Mainstream and Alternative Media Turn Blind Eye

By Greg Szymanski, JD

A quick glance at past corruption and perverted news circulating through the U.S. once again shows the Jesuit and Vatican hierarchy “up to their dirty necks” in bad publicity and lawsuits.

Bad publicity and dirty lawsuits the Vatican-led NWO and their media minions like Alex Jones, Glen Beck and many others are desperately trying to ignore or cover-up.

For example, take the case of O’Bryan et al. v. Holy See, filed in the United States District Court in the Western District of Kentucky at Louisville.

The case, filed years ago, seeks to hold accountable The Holy See and Vatican for perpetrating and allowing sexual abuse, including pedophile rings, to plague the American people without providing proper warnings and taking proper steps to stop the abuse, thus silently condoning aiding and abetting in the crimes.

Regarding the many allegations made by the plaintiffs, on Jan 10, 2007,
Chief Judge John G. Heyburn II, dropped the negligence, deceit and
misrepresentation claims, but left the following claims open for

“Therefore, the following claims,” ruled Judge Heyburn, “remain against
The Holy See: negligent failure to report, negligent failure to warn,
breach of fiduciary duty, outrage and emotional distress, violations of
customary laws of human rights and claims under the doctrine of
respondeat superior.”

According to some anti-Vatican researchers, the O’Bryan case may provide
an answer to who really was responsible and instigated the huge sexual
abuse and pedophile epidemics in the U.S.

They say the case provides clear evidence that the Vatican hierarchy
conspired to bring about a “sordid and sick” plague of sexual abuse and
pedophile rings to the American shores for a dual satanic purpose: one
being to foster the worst kind of sexual depravity to disrupt the
American family and, two, to destroy it’s own Church from within,
leading the way to One World religion run by the satanic Vatican
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Are Our Heroes Really Enemies

Let’s Start With FDR

According to researchers not afraid to ruffle a few feathers:

President Roosevelt (FDR) provoked the Pearl Harbor attack, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders. FDR needed the attack to sucker Hitler to declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe.

He basically felt it was OK to kill thousands of Americans to further advance the New World Order well underway even back in the 1940’s.

It was also his backdoor entry to war.

FDR blinded the commanders at Pearl Harbor and set them up by – denying intelligence to Hawaii (HI) on Nov 27, misleading the commanders into thinking negotiations with Japan were continuing to prevent them from realizing the war was on having false information sent to HI about the location of the Japanese carrier fleet.

Born in the town of Hyde Park in the old Dutch colonial enclave of Hudson Valley, New York State, US as the only child to James Roosevelt and Sara Ann Delano of ancient Dutch and French ancestry respectively.
James Roosevelt was a wealthy and powerful member of New York aristocracy whose business interests were primarily in coal and transportation. He was vice president of the Delaware and Hudson Railway and president of the Southern Railway Security Company.
The Roosevelt clan migrated from the Netherlands to New Amsterdam (later New York City) towards the end of the 17th Century, gradually growing in political, financial and social influence with the city.
Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Theodore (“Teddy”) Roosevelt shared the same common ancestry back to Nicholas Roosevelt (1658-1742), one of the children of Claes Martenzsen Van Rosenvelt, the imigrant ancestor of the Roosevelt family.
Franklin attended Groton School in Massachusetts and then Harvard. While at Harvard, his fifth cousin Theodore Roosevelt became president and he became the role model and hero of Franklin.
At Harvard he met his fifth cousin Anna Eleanor Roosevelt and the two married in March 1905. President Theodore Roosevelt stood in at the wedding for Eleanor’s deceased father Elliott.
The couple had six (6) children Anna Eleanor (1906–1975), James (1907–1991), Franklin Delano, Jr. (March 3, 1909–November 7, 1909), Elliott (1910–1990), a second Franklin Delano, Jr. (1914–1988), and John Aspinwall (1916–1981).
In 1905, he entered Columbia Law School, but dropped out (never to graduate) two years later in 1907. Given he had already passed the New York State Bar exam, Franklin took a job with the prestigious Wall Street law form of Carter Ledyard & Milburn in 1908.
In 1911, Roosevelt was elected to the New York State Senate. Reelected for a second term November 5, 1912, he resigned from the New York State Senate on March 17, 1913 taking up a position as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to Josephus Daniels in the Woodrow Wilson administration.
As Assistant Secretary, Roosevelt expanded the Navy, including founding the United States Naval reserve. He was active in a number of Imperialist military actions by the United States including using the Navy and Marines to intervene in several Central American and Caribbean countries. In 1915, Roosevelt had a significant part in the constitution imposed on the people of Haiti by the United States in 1915.
An enthusiast of the partnership of selected Industry and Finance houses in the funding and building of new US weapons, Roosevelt was instrumental in establihsing the US Submarine Fleet. In 1918, he visited England and France and met Winston Churchill for the first time. At the end of the war, Roosevelt was charged with demobilizing Naval assets, a role he opposed and succeeded in watering down.
In 1920, he resigned as Assistant Secretary to the Navy to run as Vice Presidental candidate with Governor James M. Cox of Ohio on the Democratic Presidential ticket. He was soundly defeated and returned to legal practice. In 1928 he was elected Governor of New York forming an unholy alliance with the Catholic Irish powerbase of the Tammany Society.
In 1932, Roosevelt secured the Democratic Presidential nomination and this time formed a powerful team around himself including Joseph P. Kennedy, William Randolph Hearst, the former first Chairman of the Federal Reserve William Gibbs McAdoo and Jesuit Fr. Ed Walsh. At the election that year, Roosevelt won in a landslide.

To read more about how Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor and let it happen, press the red read more button below and subscribe

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What Are Jesuit Plans For London Olympics?

The Investigative Journal received an email from a London resident, thinking foul play could occur and not in the form of  athletes trying to juice up with newfangled undetectable drugs.
Here is what he said:
Are you ready for the Olympics?

I hope to be out of London for part of it.

I do have to be in London for some of it, but hope to be away when & if the proverbial hits the fan.
Unfortunately there’s no knowing when this would be.

I’m guessing that the two main times (for terror) would be:

1: The closing ceremony (12th August)

2: The opening ceremony (9PM Friday 27th June to 12:30AM Saturday 28th June).

The following are my suspected most likely scenarios:

Main suspected targets are:

1: The Olympic Stadium obviously, on its nuclear-contaminated site.
2: Big Ben/Houses of Parliament (false flag attack like the Gunpowder plot of 400 years ago – actually orchestrated by Masonic Jesuit crypto-Catholic King James VI/I himself & his spymaster Cecil, under approval of Jesuit General in Rome, blamed on lower down Jesuit operatives).

Main suspected executors:

Mossad embeds within G4S or Rapiscan, in alliance with MI5/6, CIA & NATO intelligence.

Main suspected orchestrators: Roman Jesuit/Vatican nexus in alliance with Zionist elite & Euro/Anglo/American high-level (Illuminati) Masonic manipulators (especially those key operatives within the Trilateral Commission & Bilderberg Group).

Main suspected patsies getting blamed: Iranian branch of the fictitious Al Qaeda (also known  – in reality – as Mossad agents).

Main suspected motives/agendas:

War with Iran (who have a pact with Syria, this could then lead to Western tensions with & possibly even war with China & Russia) – this could also be justified by Mossad pretending to be the fictitious “Al Qaeda” & blow up the about-to-be-decommissioned USS Enterprise that has been in the Gulf for reasons not entirely clear over recent weeks/months;
Draconian totalitarian police state expansion in the UK & the rest of the West;
Furtherance of the New World Order One World Government agenda.

Main suspected created situations (other than potential bombing):

Cut off food supplies in UK, particularly London; have food distribution run by military & G4S (so basically in the case of the latter we’d all starve); removal of all remaining civil liberties & the removal of any pretence of the existence which have already legally been removed (primarily under the Blair government).

It is also possible that bomb(s) will be “found”, but not detonated. In this case, if one can’t leave London for financial reasons or whatever, then I recommend getting one months worth of tinned food (tuna, mixed beans, etc), rice, bottled water, battery-operated flashlight, battery-operated radio, etc…

I hope that I am wrong or that some uncorrupt individuals within the military/intelligence, etc.get a tipoff, realise the score & are able to get the situation defused, but also realise that there is so much mileage for the above-mentioned powers to further the agenda that it would seem to be a given that they will take full grasp of the opportunity that the event presents.

You should listen to the two interviews with Ben Fellows, the journalist who claims that he went undercover in G4S recently. His story is (if nothing else) additional confirmation of my suspicions that I have made no secret of for quite some time.
Here is Fellows on a European internet station:

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The reason is most of these sites only cover part of the New World Order story.

With all their  hype, connections and funding how can they overlook the one story Americans need to know?

There can only be two answers: Either they are paid to cover up by the tentacles of the Vatican, extending to all segments of power in our country, including political, religious, financial and entertainment.

Or these so-called “freedom fighting” sites are too ignorant or misinformed to figure it out. So why listen to the gatekeepers or the misinformed?

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Vatican’s Canadian Genocide Exposed

A Message to Consider …

The little boys and girls who are lying slaughtered and forgotten in the earth are waiting and watching us right now. And they are asking us:

Will you find us, and bring us home? Or will you squabble and debate among yourselves?

The children who will suffer and die tomorrow at the hands of wealthy and protected men – they too are waiting and watching us, and are asking:

Will you stop those men once and for all, and protect us with all your means, every day? Or will you fear such men and those who shield them, and shrink back from what must be done, and allow us to die?

What will your answer be to these children? ………………………..

Latest News from ITCCS and Kevin Annett on our Criminal Conspiracy lawsuit against the Crown, Big Pharma, the Vatican and their accomplices – Wednesday, July 11, 2012

See this latest interview with Kevin Annett / July 9, 2012:

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