5 Minutes with Greg: Vatican Sucks But America Loves Crooked Big Shots

We Love The Vatican

We love the Vatican because we love the fight against the fictitious characters, God and Satan.

We spend money, pledge allegiance and even pray.

Humankind is a weak species, geared better to live in heaven than on earth. Earth of course is real and heaven, is at best, depicted in Disney movies but the truth no one has proved it exists. But

But since we are here today on this planet, why not listen to 5 Minutes with Greg and learn why your country, the US, and the Vatican are really in bed together, fornicating your dollars away.

We are in bed with the Vatican and it’s technically called a concordat. About 190 countries follow suit, usurping the principal of a separation of church and state. Our concordat is called DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS.  Words mean little when you realize Rome controls you.

From concordtwatch dot come

These church-state accords often give the Catholic Church massive state subsidies and other privileges. They can also permit Church employees to be hounded about their private lives. Yet as “international treaties”, concordats bypass the democratic process, making parliaments powerless to modify, let alone revoke them. They are traditionally concluded under various names with the Vatican, but can also be made with the Order of Malta.

“International treaties”

A 16th c king kneels to kiss the pope’s foot, acknowledging the Church’s claim to be superior to the state.

The Catholic Encyclopedia (1908) says that a concordat cannot be an international treaty, as it is not between equals. Therefore a concordat binds the state, but not the Church. Only later, to give it legal precedence, did the Vatican style it a “human rights treaty”.

International law has been called “war by other means”. [1] Among the most effective of these “other means” are the papal documents called concordats. A concordat is an agreement between the Vatican and a foreign state. Since the Vatican claims to be a country [2], these accords are supposed to be as binding as international treaties ― yet also to exist on a higher plane and possess a “spiritual” dimension: “A concordat refers to a cordial agreement, a union of wills, the successful meeting of hearts and minds in Christian harmony.” [3]

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