Even Christians Need an Enemy

By Greg Szymanski

One of the things I find interesting about “true” Christians is that their heroes, at least thought by them, are impeccably blessed or chosen by the very hand of God to lead the world into righteousness and eternal happiness.

What I am getting at is that the Christian claim to fame are the so-called Reformers, as they are called, and the Founding Fathers as they are known in our history books.

Also, even though they won’t admit it due to the turning cheek aspect, Christians need an enemy and that enemy is the Vatican or the so-called Anti-Christ.

Why I call everything so-called is perhaps none of the above has anymore validity than a hill of beans.

What if the the so-called enemy set in motion the so-called heroes of the christian movement? What if the Hegelian dialectic exists even in what as known as the bible? What if what if what if? What if the Christian heroes of old were in cahoots with the enemy?

But what if it is true?

What if the whole Reformation and Counter-Reformation were a set-up just like all the other orchestrated wars and revolutions of the world?

And if you think about it, why not, since looking closely, the Vatican is involved — always — in everything.

This information starts with the premise there is no god as we know it and it is all a creation of man and of course man’s conduit to a created God — the Vatican.

Let’s start with Poland, a place of genocide and destruction before and during the so-called “Big War.”

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Josef Stalin and Jesuit Fr. Edmund Walsh of Georgetown Connected at Hip?

Josef Stalin and Jesuit Fr. Edmund Walsh of Georgetown Connected at the Hip?

Walsh, father of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service: Most of Our Diplomats Trained There

Joseph Stalin aka Fr. Joseph Stalin SJ

Before looking at his profile, it is also interesting to note the Jesuit connection to Stalin and communism is also seen from Stalin’s own words in a little known letter written to the Politburo in 1934.

In the letter Stalin wants to keep the Jesuit name out of the Bolshevik newspaper and tells the leaders to be wary and not to print an article by Engels because it refers, in part, to the Jesuits.

Here is the quote by Engels which Stalin warns must be kept out of the Bolshevik:

“Foreign policy,” Engels states, “is unquestionably in the realm in which tsarism is very, very strong. Russian diplomacy constitutes a new kind of Jesuit Order, which is powerful enough to overcome, when necessary, even the tsar’s whims and, while spreading corruption far beyond itself, is capable of stopping corruption in its own midst.”

Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (December 18, 1878 – March 5, 1953), better known by his adopted name, Joseph Stalin (stalin meaning “made of steel”. Josef was born to influential Catholic parents Vissarion “Beso” Dzhugashvili and Ekaterina “Keke” Geladze. His father Beso was a successful and relatively wealthy local businessman. However, in later biographies, he is variously described as poor, dirt poor and a violent alcoholic. Whatever the real truth, Josef was accepted into the Catholic Cappuchin run school at Gori.

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Catholic Prelate William Lynn Found Guilty

Catholic Prelate William Lynn is found guilty:

But what about those that ordered him? Placing the Pope and Crimen Sollicitationis on Trial

by Kevin D. Annett

A Message to Rome

How the mighty are falling.

Watching William Lynn go to jail is immensely pleasurable, partly because it reminds me of the rapid collapse of the Richard Nixon administration years ago, as the conviction of successive Presidential flunkies eventually led prosecutors right to the door of the Executive office.

Being students of history, the Vatican mob must be nervous today, regardless of their success in nullifying their main concern in the Lynn case, which was the charge of criminal conspiracy against him. For such a conviction would have connected Lynn’s protection of child rapists in his charge to the Vatican policy that shielded him for so long – namely, Crimen Solicitationas – and to Pope Benedict himself, who has personally authorized the policy.

Crimen Solicitationas is the law in the Roman Catholic church that orders every priest and Bishop in the world to protect child raping clergy or face excommunication. It is a clear command to obstruct justice and conspire in an enormous, global assault on the innocent, and it implicates the Catholic hierarchy as a whole in a crime against humanity.

The historic conviction of William Lynn, as the first member of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in America to go to jail for aiding and abetting clerical child rapists, is no small feat, considering the political weight of the papacy and its strange ally in the Obama administration, which did its utmost to derail the Lynn case. But where Lynn’s conviction will lead is uncertain, since the entire matter of whom and what allowed him to help terrorize and destroy generations of children was ignored by the court’s decision.

This fact is odd, considering how early on in the court proceedings it was established that Lynn was not acting alone, but clearly was following the instructions of Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, the boss of Lynn’s Philadelphia Diocese who Lynn served as an aide. Last January, Bevilacqua suffered a convenient and sudden death the day after he was declared fit to stand trial in the Lynn case.

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Vatican Vampire and Abe Lincoln

There is a movie out called something like Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Killer.

How far will we go to demean a man who told Americans who the real vampire blood and money sucking killer really was and is — The Vatican.

To set the record straight:

Greg spoke with author, C.T Wilcox, Part III interview, who told listeners how the Jesuits and the Vatican were involved in Lincoln assassination, as well as commenting about the militarization of the Great Lakes, a story publicized in Canada but not here in the States. To read more about the facts covered up in the Lincoln murder go to his web site at http://www.ctwilcox.com/.

If you want to hear the truth for a change, click the red read more article and subscribe for $125 lifetime or 10 measly bucks a month.

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5 Minutes with Greg: Vatican Sucks But America Loves Crooked Big Shots

We Love The Vatican

We love the Vatican because we love the fight against the fictitious characters, God and Satan.

We spend money, pledge allegiance and even pray.

Humankind is a weak species, geared better to live in heaven than on earth. Earth of course is real and heaven, is at best, depicted in Disney movies but the truth no one has proved it exists. But

But since we are here today on this planet, why not listen to 5 Minutes with Greg and learn why your country, the US, and the Vatican are really in bed together, fornicating your dollars away.

We are in bed with the Vatican and it’s technically called a concordat. About 190 countries follow suit, usurping the principal of a separation of church and state. Our concordat is called DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS.  Words mean little when you realize Rome controls you.

From concordtwatch dot come

These church-state accords often give the Catholic Church massive state subsidies and other privileges. They can also permit Church employees to be hounded about their private lives. Yet as “international treaties”, concordats bypass the democratic process, making parliaments powerless to modify, let alone revoke them. They are traditionally concluded under various names with the Vatican, but can also be made with the Order of Malta.

“International treaties”

A 16th c king kneels to kiss the pope’s foot, acknowledging the Church’s claim to be superior to the state.

The Catholic Encyclopedia (1908) says that a concordat cannot be an international treaty, as it is not between equals. Therefore a concordat binds the state, but not the Church. Only later, to give it legal precedence, did the Vatican style it a “human rights treaty”.

International law has been called “war by other means”. [1] Among the most effective of these “other means” are the papal documents called concordats. A concordat is an agreement between the Vatican and a foreign state. Since the Vatican claims to be a country [2], these accords are supposed to be as binding as international treaties ― yet also to exist on a higher plane and possess a “spiritual” dimension: “A concordat refers to a cordial agreement, a union of wills, the successful meeting of hearts and minds in Christian harmony.” [3]

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Vatican Power Like the NY Yanks: They Got The Bucks

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For years, I’ve done radio and I am sick of it, too much fluff and nonsense disguised as truth.

So get the inside stuff of how a journalist really talks and feels about the stories and shows he does.

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Nun Tells Horrific Story

Sister Charlotte escapes and tells full story

By Greg Szymanski, JD

Editor’s Note: We bring this story back to your attention since people quickly forget.

The shocking testimony of Sister Charlotte Wells should have led to an
open investigation of murder and child killing in all cloistered Vatican
convents in the U.S. and around the world.

But instead, after Sister Charlotte went public with her shocking
account of murder, torture, sexual abuse and child killing behind the
walls of a Carmelite convent, the whole tragedy was hushed up after she
was murdered by the Pope’s henchmen in the Jesuit Order.

And how such torture and killing can be ignored by Popes and government
leaders shows just how much power the Vatican really wields.

“Fr. Alberto Rivera, an ex-Jesuit, told us about how Sister Charlotte
was killed for going public,” said researcher and author of Vatican
Assassins, Eric Jon Phelps, adding Rivera said an undercover Jesuit
priest entered her life, having her killed for telling the truth.

Sister Charlotte’s oral testimony can be heard on Greg Szymanski’s radio
show aired Monday on The Investigative Journal.

Verifying Sister Charlotte’s testimony were several other nuns, their
statements listed on the Jesus Is Lord web site. Here are comments about
Sister Charlotte on that courageous site, trying to alert the
American people:

“The testimony of Sister Charlotte is disturbing and shocking, but
provides important insights into the worst of convent life as
well as
the dynamics of Romanism. It testifies with others such as “Maria Monk”
and “The Martyr in Black The Life Story of Sister Justina” (Lord
willing, both of these will be on the site one day) as well as the
testimonies of former priests such as Chiniquy (The Priest, the Woman
and the Confessional), Fresenborg (Thirty Years in Hell), and Hogan
(Auricular Confession and Popish Nunneries). Sis. Charlotte’s testimony
seems incredible but only because most people do not know the history of
the Romish religion. One of our readers said this about Sis. Charlotte’s

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Greg Hires Personal Trainer: I’m Too Fat To Fight The Vatican

Dog The Trainer

Fighting the Vatican and evil is ruff business.

If I was young and playing football, running the 40 in 4.6, it would be a breeze. But I’ve become old, lazy and fat. So I’ve hired a personal trainer.

Blacky comes with impeccable references, having been Meg Ryan’s personal trainer for one of her latest movies. A picture tells a lot, doesn’t it. And just for fun, why worry about anything if you can do the splits like Blacky!!!

Sell Your Soul To The Pope: 5 minutes with Greg

In the end, to get anything done you need to call on the Jesuit General in Rome. If you want a fair legal system, want a better country, want a revolution call on the guys who really know how to do it — the Jesuits. But there is a price to pay as the cat in the picture tells us — sell your soul to the Pope.

Listen to 5 Minutes with Greg and you’ll get the picture:

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It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

Love The Dogs

Love the dogs. People have asked for an updated view of your host and editor. Pictured left is Ms Moose, editor and chief. Right is head reporter, Big Max and centered is the one they walk to the park every day to relieve himself from the daily grind.

“I have always enjoyed walking Greg,” said Moose, adding he is eating better but still loves his wine. “He got spoiled in Rome. What are we going to do with him?”

“Always getting me in trouble, Moose. “I said I like wine but didn’t say I drink it!”