Greg’s Mar. 3 2012 Radio Show

Jesuits Pay $166 Million: Native American Genocide Uncovered

Don’t miss this two hour show. In the second hour, Ken Bear Chief, the Native American investigator for the Tamaki Law firm, spoke on Greg’s show  for the entire hour. This is a show you shouldn’t miss as he documents the backround information on why the Jesuit Order paid out $166 million to Native American victims of child abuse at Mission schools, set up by the Jesuits with U.S. government complicity and funding.

At times, the interview is quite graphic, explaining how children were raped and sodomized. Ken even has eye witness sworn testimony that former Cardinal Spellman of New York participated in the child abuse at a Montana Mission School.

Spellman, as is every NY Cardinal or Archbishop, was the official Chaplan of the U.S. Armed Forces. Those who knew Spellman and his connection to Washington called him the most influential and powerful man in America. This is the reason commentators still refer to the Vietnam War as “Spellie’s War”.

In the first hour, Greg and Bill McIntyre, a Hollywood insider and film producer, present a 22 minute explaining how America became a hypocritical imperial power for the benefit of the elite, not its people.

Listen to the entire show by clicking on the red tab below. Then subscribe and listen:

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