The Investigative Journal: New Show Starts Friday Sept 3 2011

The Investigative Journal will be broadcasting once a week for two hours every Friday at 3pm Pac Time on First Amendment Radio. All shows can be listened to on Arctic Beacon as well. Here is a litttle history on Greg’s show:

When I was broadcasting shows on Genesis Broadcasting (GCN) and Republic Broadcasting (RBN), things got dicey when I began concentrating almost daily on Vatican and Jesuit intrigue

RBN cut me off the air when I would not quit talking about the Vatican. During my tenure there, station management brought on several Jew bashing shows to counteract my concentration on Rome.

After Republic cut me off back in 2006, I left GCN on my own accord since there was a station rule saying one host could not criticize another one on air. This rule was designed to protect Alex Jones. Although Alex criticized me, I know if I returned the favor, I’d be gone. Furthermore, I am positive Alex is a Vatican shill and so I realized this station, like RBN, were set up as gatekeeper networks.

I spent the next several years broadcasting mostly on a small Christian network called Liberty Radio Live. Listenership there is minimal and I left six months ago when it became exceedingly difficult to make ends meet.

I will be back live Monday after technical computer difficulties with First Amendment Radio who will play my live broadcast every afternoon at 5pm Eastern time.  My archives will then be placed here on The Arctic Beacon on a subscription pay to play basis. There will be a nominal subscription cost which should make it at least sensible to continue on.

Just click on the link below and here is an old broadcast if you would like to get a small taste of what’s ahead in March.

—Greg Szymanski


2 thoughts on “The Investigative Journal: New Show Starts Friday Sept 3 2011

  1. Greg, Hi ! You’ve taken a lot of FLAK for uncovering Black Pope Catholic Jesuit combat arms activity. I was involved in interdicting a Catholic church sponsored US invasion ring (2006-7-8) in which USD fiat FRN $5,000.00 was paid to US Army Vietnam vet Cintora for each invader brought in-country. He used an 80,000 GVW commercial vehicle. He obviously had local, state, and federal government employee help– especially at border check points. He and his cohorts are traitors bought with FRN.

    A Signal Intelligence wargame scenario could, God willing, help uncover Jesuit and rogue Catholic lines of communication as regards US border invasion. Are YOU still launching new investigations of Black Pope and Jesuit combat arms knights and warriors ? Are you interested in helping design and playing a Online/RTO Signal Intelligence wargame with the stated mission objectives of developing relationships with and turning Black Pope/knight/warrior OpFor.

    I have developed relationships in the past at the lowest-level corporate management and employee level with invaders employed under Schwarzeneger’s governance in the grape growing areas of California. Corporations are motivated by the bottom line savings, employees are motivated by livlihood opportunity, however, US political & Catholic leadership appears to have more motives. In 2004, I identified invaders working in grape and fruit cold storage. At that time they were paid USD FRN fiat $7.00 per hour to operate warehouse fork lifts– the corporate savings are self evident. These US invaders were motivated by a simple paycheck. Security was self enforced by reason of deportation and ICE. As you know, vast land tracts are for sale reasonably in Brazil and elsewhere, these invaders came forward in the California workplace with an interest in Brazil because of the reality of their near-serfdom, economic stagnation in CONUS, and constant threat of deportation.

    You are aware of all this– I do not personally know any Catholic Jesuit Black Pope combat arms knights and warriors presently involved with US invasion, however, I believe establishing grassroots lines of communication has patriotic merit. Heart disease eradicating oxygen therapy is broad-spectrum and may be a valuable HOSPITALLER-centric Signal Intel tool also. Shriners and St Jude experimenting on children for Human Genome DNA Tree of Life research will NOT be interested, however, ‘sheeple’ rank & file Shriner/St. Jude/and other ‘sheeple’ may have interest inasmuch as their parents and grandparents are dying and they may not be able to afford balloon angioplasti/stint, bypass, transplant, or mechanical hearts. SEE:

    Present efficiency investigation of Jasper Lewis James’ (World War II PTO B-17 pilot) Thermionic Thermoelectric Generator US Patent 4368416 will also be a powerful research tool. Elements of the original public domain patent team led by Dewey Franklin, deceased are still living and have prototype development assets.

    Envision engaging Catholic clergy, knights, and warriors in overt Online and telephone correspondence and conversation– straight-up RTO inalienable liberty. Thanks for your consideration and in-put. Godspeed. Art


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