The Investigative Journal: New Show Starts Friday Sept 3 2011

The Investigative Journal will be broadcasting once a week for two hours every Friday at 3pm Pac Time on First Amendment Radio. All shows can be listened to on Arctic Beacon as well. Here is a litttle history on Greg’s show:

When I was broadcasting shows on Genesis Broadcasting (GCN) and Republic Broadcasting (RBN), things got dicey when I began concentrating almost daily on Vatican and Jesuit intrigue

RBN cut me off the air when I would not quit talking about the Vatican. During my tenure there, station management brought on several Jew bashing shows to counteract my concentration on Rome.

After Republic cut me off back in 2006, I left GCN on my own accord since there was a station rule saying one host could not criticize another one on air. This rule was designed to protect Alex Jones. Although Alex criticized me, I know if I returned the favor, I’d be gone. Furthermore, I am positive Alex is a Vatican shill and so I realized this station, like RBN, were set up as gatekeeper networks.

I spent the next several years broadcasting mostly on a small Christian network called Liberty Radio Live. Listenership there is minimal and I left six months ago when it became exceedingly difficult to make ends meet.

I will be back live Monday after technical computer difficulties with First Amendment Radio who will play my live broadcast every afternoon at 5pm Eastern time.  My archives will then be placed here on The Arctic Beacon on a subscription pay to play basis. There will be a nominal subscription cost which should make it at least sensible to continue on.

Just click on the link below and here is an old broadcast if you would like to get a small taste of what’s ahead in March.

—Greg Szymanski