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After A Week Off, Back Live

Greg was back live today on his radio show after a week off. He is asking for you to subscribe to his web site and radio show to keep his very controversial message alive. all Greg’s archives and old shows are available once you subscribe and once you do, Greg promises you’ll get hooked on the truth.

Take a deep dive into truth and listen to Greg’s show today.

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Pentagon Considering Senior Citizen Army

April 6 2011 Investigative Journal

Greg let the cat out of the bag today, announcing senior citizens will get a chance to fight in Iraq and Libya.

The Pentagon is seriously considering Greg’s idea to allow seniors 55 and over to join the military in the Senior Citizens Army, Navy and Marines. Listen to today’s show for the details. Continue reading

Toronto Slut Walk

Toronto “SlutWalk” captures news headlines and US Politicians on Vatican payroll are some of the issues discussed on today’s Investigative Journal. Click on the subscribe button to the right and listen to the hour show. Continue reading

Obama To Raise $1 Billion for Presidency Run

April 4 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Don’t miss Greg’s show today. His one hour monologe will give you a few laughs and some hope in what looks like to many a hopeless world.

Obama said today his campaign for the 2012 Presidency needs to raise $1 billion dollars to compete with the $2 billion Republicans are going to raise. Listen to Greg’s comments on this issue and much more. Continue reading

Final Four, Opening Day In Baseball Delays World War III

Final Four, Opening Day In Baseball Delays World War III And Destuction OF America
By Greg Szymanski
April 2 2011
Opening day took center stage in my world this week, leaving my thoughts about high gas prices, the war in Libya and the Florida Quran burning a distant second. Besides having baseball back, the Final Four is on this weekend and the Lakers are surging for a third straight NBA title.
My world couldn’t be happier and sincerly would appreciate if the Vatican-led New World Order delay World War III at least until the NBA season ends in late June.
And if they are really in a good mood I would hope and pray they delay the Big Bang until the World Series is over in October.
In fact I think there is a good chance for that since I saw George W. Bush in the stands sitting with Nolan Ryan at the Texas Ranger opener. Bush used to be owner of the Rangers and I am glad they won their opener Thursday, putting W. in a good mood.
The Rangers have a good shot at another World Series appearance this year so maybe W. will put in a good word to New World Order boys, asking the war and the destruction of America be delayed, in order that his favorite team have a chance at winning its first World Series.
So, hope and pray,  you Christians and Muslims,  that the Rangers have a good year because if the team goes south and is out of playoff contention, the chances of World War III increases dramatically.
At least that is my assessment of the geo political climate.
 I also feel if you keep the New World Order big shots happy, they will keep delaying the Big One, hopefully indefinitely.
That is why I like high gas prices. This keeps the Bigshots happy and if they are happy, I am happy since they are less likely to play with their military toys just out of spite that people like me are getting to big a piece of the pie.
Also, I look forward to higher food prices and all the homes in America being owned by Ted Turner. This keeps the Big Boys pre-occupied with their bank accounts and less likely to go out for their Equestrian Midlle Class Fox hunts.
This I heard is their latest pastime, a new elite game in which they release a hoard of middle class people into the woods while they let the foxes run them down for the final kill.
Oh, to be rich and fancy free, having time to go foxhunting!
With that in mind, I will be back on my radio show Monday afternoon, having taking a few days away from the insanity of the world to watch the Boys of Summer stop the New World Order from going to war and destroying America at least until baseball season is over. Continue reading