March 21, 2011, Investigative Journal Radio Show

Today was Greg’s first show, back after a six month hiatus. His guest was documentarian and film maker, Chris Pinto. If you want to know the hidden agenda of the founding fathers, who were in sync with the Vatican way back then, this show is a good start to re-learning what you were told in our school systems about the founding of our country. The founding fathers were no more christians than George Bush, all saying they were but all using Christianity as a front for their Illuminati plans for a New World Order.
Patrick Henry knew the truth when he said “I smell a rat”, referring to the closed door signing of the Constitution and the men behind those closed doors, including influential Catholic Charles Carrol who is rarely mentioned.
 The information on this show is revealing, concerning Washington’s Jesuit and Vatican ties. To listen to the radio show buy a subscription after clicking on the read more button right here. Continue reading

Can You Believe The Old Fart Wears Red Shoes!

Can You Believe The Old Fart Wears Red Shoes!
By Greg Szymanski
Mar 18 2011
I think a lot of us are taking this whole Vatican Led New World Order thing far too seriously.
When was the last time you had a good belly laugh after the Pope came to sprinkle holy water on your home town or country? 
Have you ever really looked at the fish hat and crazy clothes this old fart wears?
Red, shoes!
Now, come on, give me a break!
And what about those fat guys they call Cardinals giving even birds a bad name? They actually wear funny red dresses and hats and want us to take them seriously! 
They want us to kneel at their feet, asking God for forgiveness.
Give me a break.
Then we have to contend with their business and political friends who like kissing the Pope’s ring and probably his ass as well.
How can we take any of these guys seriously when they belong to groups with names like the Shriners, Knights of Columbus and Knights of Malta.
Have you really looked at those Fez hats with the Muslim swords on them and the stupid regalia and medals these fats, puffy faced, red boozy cheeked Knights wear?
Now, come on guys, you call yourself Knights when you can’t even see your shoes when you look down over your beer bellies.
If you can’t even bend over, how in the hell could you ever get on a horse and go into battle!
It’s downright stupid that we give any of these big fatsos credibility while spending our valuable time thinking and writing about them.
Then we go one big step step farther and dissect their New World Order plans of destruction until we can’t think or breadth anymore.
I think if everybody just ignored them, left them alone to drown in their own insanity, they would just blow themselves up with all their hot air. 
But it’s giving their hot air attention and credibility that’s got us into trouble in the first place.
It’s not only got us into trouble, but has taken every last bit of fun out of life.
I have taken the attitude lately of living like the Pope and his New World Order minions don’t exist.
When somebody says the Pope said this, Obama said that or Congres passed this and that, I just say “Excuse me, don’t speak english too well.”
In other words, I really don’t care anymore what they do. You see, they got us by the balls!
They know it. We know it.
So when they start, squeezing real tight, instead of taking them too seriously and screaming bloody murder, just laugh a little.
Laugh and think about the funny old fart wearing red shoes who is the spiritual guide of the rest of those bigshot goof balls with beer bellies and Fez hats. Continue reading

We Need “Stupid People” Like Me And My Friends To Run The World

We Need “Stupid People” Like Me And My Friends To Run The World
By Greg Szymanski
Mar 17, 2011
I don’t know about you but it’s about time the so called “smart people” of the world step down from the seats of financial, political and religious power.
I want stupid people to run the world, people like me and my friends who know nothing about nuclear power, sohisticated medical procedures, building skyscrapers and complicated freeway systems.
If us stupid people ran the world, we’d still be burning candles, riding horses and eating fresh homegrown food.
The water would be clean. There would only be sailboats and, of course, no airplanes to spread hazardous chem trails.
We would have healthy birds flying and fish swimming, no flocks falling from the skies or swarms of dead fish washing up on the shores.
It would be a backward place to live but what a wonderful world it would be if only stupid people would finally take over.
I mean I want people in power who can’t read, can’t write and most importantly know nothing about nuclear power plants.
I want people who love dirt roads, still know how to saddle a horse and have to go to go to the bathroom behind a tree like the wolves and bears.
I am basically sick and tired of smart people with their fancy new ideas who keep screwing up the world for the rest of us. I could live without television, live without most anything considered modern.
What about you?
I know if the world had my talents we’d have nothing modern since I really don’t know how to build anything. But with that stupidity, comes a beautiful planet full of stupid people who enjoy life, care for the planet and care for one another.
So, really, who are the smart ones? Those maniacs running the world today with their cockeyed Wall Street mentality or their utmost devotion to men dressing like clowns and walking around St. Peter’s Square like gods on earth.
And it boils down to us “stupid people” really allow imbeciles to run our finances, politics and churches. This is why you are going to spend the next few weeks running around buying iodine tablets, facemasks and worrying if you skin is going to burn off instead of enjoying a beautiful day riding your horse on a dirt road and coming home to a magnificent candlelit cave that cannot be forclosed  by Bank of America. Continue reading

Human Species Adapts; FDA Says High Radiation Levels OK, Safe To Eat And Drink Bad Water,Food

Human Species Adapts; FDA Says High Radiation Levels OK, Safe To Eat And Drink Bad Water,Food
By Greg Szymanski
Mar 15 2011
The American Medical Association (AMA)announced today drinking fresh water, eating homegrown organic food and breathing fresh unpolluted air were extremely dangerous and may cause cancer, especially in pregnant women and children.
The report was released after a 10-year Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study, the results revealing “the human species has adapted and mutated perfectly”, adapting to a “modern radioactive and genetically modified environment”.
An FDA study of more than 1 million people of all ages revealed those who eat genetically modified food, drink polluted and flouridated water and were exposed to high doses of radiation were “feeling just fine and could experience a long and healthy life” due to the adaption of the human species to its new environment.
On the other hand, people who tried to live an organically healthy life and trying to protect themselves from radiation were experiencing high levels of cancer, shortening their lifespans by as much as 20 years.
“This comes as good news,” announced an FDA spokesman, adding: “With the impending nuclear meltdown in Japan, we are in fact encouraging people to get a good dose of radiation to protect themselves.”
In its report, the FDA also encouraged people to continue eating genetically modified food and drinking polluted, saying “we have finally adapted to what was thought to be a threatening environment.”
However, bigshots from the health industry who feel financially threatened that their products won’t sell, disagreed, adding: “This is just more government propaganda  so please continue buying all of our products even though they are overpriced due to the fear factor we have created.”
Although U.S. Senators and even President Obama were being barraged by thousands of nasty emails, the President immediatly issued a statement saying:
“To show the FDA is telling the truth I am planning a vacation outing for all in Washington to spend a few weeks on the Japanese coast. Also, we all will drink water out of the Potomac River to prove we have adapted as a human species and can now eat and drink genetically altered food and even sewage water.” Continue reading

Confused, Living Without Hope In A New World Order

Confused, Living Without Hope In A New World Order

Just figure out who are the Meanies and who are the Neighbors

By Greg Szymanski
Mar 12 2011
People are sure hungry for information, trying to learn in one internet session what took older generations a lifetime.
It just can’t be done. What happens is information overload and ultimate confusion.
A human brain can only take so much nonsense and one night on the internet is enough to do anyone in.
Since I am a media figure, people email all the time with a lot of nonsense it’s amazing I am able to think at all.
So I have created my own Nonsense Filter for survival purposes.
I don’t read anything anymore except from my good and true patriot, Slats Grobnik.
That means I don’t read about Charlie Sheen, don’t listen to Alex Jones, don’t read emails from any Vatiican assassins and put earplugs on for anything except for NBA basketball games.
I don’t listen to anybody who tells me George Washington didn’t have a hidden agenda and don’t listen to Christian radio stations, either. I don’t listen to Jewish stations, Buddhist stations, New Age stations or any talk radio stations whatsoever.
I don’t even listen to myself or any of my guests anymore when I do my own shows, which makes for a very interesting hour so make sure you tune into my first show on March 21 on First Amendemnt Radio at 2pm pacific time.

However, just because I don’t listen doesn’t mean I can’t hear.

And what I hear is a lot of hot air coming from a lot of people who have no clue what to do if the you know what hits the fan.

I surely don’t know but if it gets really bad, who really cares. What can you really do about it?

The rulers of the world have all of us goyim or little useless eaters, as the big boys like to say, right by the balls.

So they got us all by the nuts and they know it and we know it. But what do we do?

We jump on the internet and fight our cyberspace battles. We listen to every Tom, Dick and Harry, thinking there is a solution, making us feel good for the moment. Then we wake up the next day, walk into the local coffee shop and forget everything anyway because deep down inside we know the rulers of the world got us pegged for what we really are.

Confused, nonsensical and living without hope in a New World Order.

So if it seems hopeless, I want to tell you this right now, it really isn’t.

People always said they liked listening to my radio show because I seemed optimistic and hopeful. They said they liked listening because in a darkened world I shed some hope for a better life.

There is hope and it starts, lke I said,  with not listening to the nonsense on the internet.

For example, someone sent me an email, warning about FEMA buying 500,000 cremation coffins. Now, this gave me hope, not despair.

How? It made me immediatly think I would not have to worry about my own funeral costs or buying an expensive coffin for $5,000 when I can’t even rub two nickels together for $4 a gallon gasoline.

Instead of worrying about big, bad FEMA and how I would afford my own burial, which would have ruined my whole day, I now feel happy and content the good ole USA is thinking about me and taking care of me right to the very end.

So, you, see there is hope for a better day, as I now have my burial plans taken care of for me and I can spend the $5,000 on this week’s gas and grocery bill.

And, by the way, I forget to mention why I only listen to Slats Grobnik.

First of all, I listen because I liked his idea about building a lifesize replica of the Roman Coliseum in a Kansas cornfield, building it so the top dogs in the NEW WORLD ORDER, when caught and punished, would be sentenced to fight real live gladiator fights while 100,000 goyim watch on like in the Roman olden days.

Slats, of course, was going to charge a pretty penny for admission and, for this, I admired his optimism, his entrepenurial attitude and his way of turning the tables on the bad guys running things around the world.

But the real reason I listen to Slats is that he has been my buddy since 3rd grade growing up in Chicago.

Once a friend always a friend, something forgotten today, and, well, Slats and I fought some interesting battles as kids at Edison Park on the Northside.

We used to fight alongside what we called the the Meanies and the Neighbors, two warring “little people” civilazations who surfaced mysteriously from all the ground squirrel holes at the park.

Of course, we always faught alongside the good Neighbors, who Slats said were waging a tremendous uphill battle against the dasterdly Meanies.

Even way back then when we were kids Slats likened the Meanies to the bad guy rulers of the world who always liked to play dirty tricks and wipe out the good Neighbors.

But at the end of every play day, Slats always made sure the Neighbors were victorious to fight another day. I liked his optimism then and that is why I listen to him now.

His message:

No matter how bleak the day may seem, the good Neighbors will always live to fight another day and all you have to do is figure out who are the Meanies and who are the Neighbors!

Catholicism and Islam Political In Nature, Used to Incite War

Catholicism and Islam Political In Nature, Used to Incite War

By Greg Szymanski
Mar 7 2011

I am going to play a video released in France and then spread across the world by the English speaking media.

I hope the American people are smart enough to see that Islam, Catholicism and all major religions are political in nature and have an agenda more than just saving souls and praising God.

If we can see through this, perhaps we can avert war. However, if we play into the hands of those at the top using religion to incite violence, most if not all the world, including America, will have blood and violence on its doorsteps.

Another thing that must be said is that division, whether it be by race, color or creed, is the calling card of the Vatican-led New World Order, used to light the fuse of war around the world.

Here is the video which explains what I am saying quite well:

Continue reading

Human Beings And Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct By EPA

Human Beings And Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct By EPA

By Greg Szymanski
Mar 4 2011

Two important announcements were made today by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), declaring the Eastern Cougar and the Human Being,  as we know them, no longer exist.

The cougar was declared extinct since none have been seen for over a decade and the human being was put on the list since he no longer exists in the form created by God.

This came as shock to onlookers who watched millions of so called “American Human Beings” start their busy Friday morning work schedules.

However, the EPA declared in a bold statement “although these creatures driving cars, walking into subway cars and begging for food on busy New York streets look like human beings, they no longer have the characteristics necessary for the species to be placed in this category.”

The EPA was quick to point out there decision was not based on race, creed or financial status, saying the “folks passing out 100 dollar bills to cab drivers in front of Rockefeller Center were also included.”

However, as soon as the earth shaking announcement was made, confusion set in even in the White House with President Obama asking, “If we are not human beings what the hell are we!” asking for  immediate clarification from EPA officials.

The EPA immediately issued a press release stating the eight major reasons why the entire human race no longer met the standards of being classified as  human beings as originally intended by God and of course our Founding Fathers, who some claim never were human beings to begin with because of their hidden agenda for the founding of this country.

But before the criteria hit the news stands, the Pope in Rome was quoted as saying before kneeling his morning prayers: “Does this include me as well, since I am the Vicar of Christ and God on earth?”

Pundits in Rome surmised this vital question of whether the Pope is no longer a human being will have to be hashed out in legal circles as high as the U.S. Supreme Court. However, this begs the question how can 9 black robed Justices make a decision when they are no longer considered human beings either.

The eight reasons why the EPA declared human beings no longer human beings, include:

1) Brains in the species have shrunk below the standard criteria meaning people resembling human beings no longer have the power to think.

2) The species, especially in North America, no longer truly resembles a human being as depicted by drawings of Adam and Eve, the species now resembling a large beach ball or over inflated balloon.

3) The species no longer eats and sustains life on its intended food supply, now eating chemically engineered and genetically modified food. Continue reading