Mar 23 Investigative Journal Radio Show

The Lighter Side of the Vatican-led New World Order

Mozart Was A Fraud

Forget about the manufacturing of Madonna and Lady Gaga, the occult stranglehold on the music industry has been going back to all the way to Mozart. A creation of the elite, Greg’s guest Robert Newman has spent the better part of his life as a musicologist trying to set the record straight about how Mozart was an Il;umnati and Vatican fraud
Newman had this to say and more on Greg’s show today: 
“The manufacture of Mozart was achieved by the occulitst leadership of much of western Europe. A further revival of Babylonain/Egyptian and Assyrian mystery religion, whose infliuence was deep within governments and church organisation at that time.

“We have written articles that take readers from 1756 to the date 1770 and will continue to regularly produce more for ordinary readers and teachers, probably the most detailed examnation of Mozart’s life and career made to date.
“These will take us from 1770 to 1791 (the year of his death) and the decades after it, when his iconic status was further manufactured by biographers and music managers – hiding the truth of who wrote what, when, and how the effect was created.”
Click on the read more button, subscribe if you have’t already and listen to the entire radio show. Once you subscribe click opn 2011 and look for the Mar 23 2011 broadcast.

 Once you subscribe click opn 2011 and look for the Mar 23 2011 broadcast.

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