Mar 29 2011 Investigative Journal: The Ecumenical Movement Is Unity In Error

Today’s radio show concentrates on the Ecumenical Movement and why unity in error under Vatican leadership is dangerous to the American people. Those of you who have no religious concerns or beliefs may fall into the category of New Agers. This movement, I might add, also has been started by the Vatican.
The beginnings of the New Age Movement can be traced to a Jesuit priest named Pierre DeChardin, who might as well be called the Father of the United Nations. Deceased, his writings form the basis of the New Age Movement and one of his ardent followers is our Secretary of Defense, Hillary Clinton.
Tom Friess is my guest today, who has studied the false teachings of the Ecumenical Movement in depth. Continue reading

Mar 28 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Ken Bear Chief, the Native American investigator for the Tamaki Law firm, spoke on Greg’s show today for the entire hour. This is a show you shouldn’t miss as he documents the backround information on why the Jesuit Order paid out $166 million to Native American victims of child abuse at Mission schools, set up by the Jesuits with U.S. government complicity and funding.

At times, the interview is quite graphic, explaining how children were raped and sodomized. Ken even has eye witness sworn testimony that former Cardinal Spellman of New York particiapted in the child abuse at a Montana Mission School.

Spellman, as is every NY Cardinal or Archbishop, was the official Chaplan of the U.S. Armed Forces. Those who knew Spellman and his connection to Washington called him the most influential and powerful man in America. This is the reason commentators still refer to the Vietnam War as “Spellie’s War”.

Here is the Ken Bear Chief interview regarding the $166 million settlement, the largest pay out by the Jesuits in American history. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: US Jesuits agree £103 million abuse payout

US Jesuits agree £103 million abuse payout

By Greg Szymanski
Mar 26, 2011
If you go back in my radio archives, you’ll find numerous interviews with Ken Bear Chief, the investigator for the Tamaki Law Firm, who was documenting genocide of Native Americans at the Jesuit Mission Schools.
I was the first journalist to cover the story in America, giving Native Americans a voice for justice when major news outlets wouldn’t touch the story and were ore concerned about Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen.
While CNN and CBS were covering for the Jesuits, I was busy telling you this was the biggest story to hit news stands, implicating the Jesuits and Vatican with US government complicity to genocide, torture and child abuse, using the front of education and Mission schools set up on Reservations.
There has been a settlement in the case.
Here is the story from The Telegraph in London and  Ken Bear Chief will be on Monday’s radio program. Continue reading

Mar 25 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Greg discussed the journalism professionv on today’s show, teaching a class called Citizen Jurnalism. With the internet replacing traditional newspapers and television, people are barraged with information causing a modern day syndrome or disease termed Information Overload. This overload leaves a person feeling helpless and confused, unable to piiece out the important facts and thus unable to get the heart or truth of what they are reading.
Hopefully this one hour show will give you some of the basic journalistic tools to put you on a path towards peace and tranquility in a world filled with deceptive and deceitful information peddlers. 

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Mar 24 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Listen to Greg’s opening 15 minute monolog, introducing Kevin Abrams,author of the book, The Pink Swastika. Kevin’s incites into a world “gone haywire”, a world of control and economic slavery, are always inciteful and well worth an hour of your time.
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There isn’t a newspaper or journalist for major outlets dealing with the truth. Having worked in the mainstream, Greg says the same stance is taken by most alternative outlets as well.

It’s up to you, Greg says, to figure it out because even liars take advantage of freedom of speech.

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Mar 23 Investigative Journal Radio Show

The Lighter Side of the Vatican-led New World Order

Mozart Was A Fraud

Forget about the manufacturing of Madonna and Lady Gaga, the occult stranglehold on the music industry has been going back to all the way to Mozart. A creation of the elite, Greg’s guest Robert Newman has spent the better part of his life as a musicologist trying to set the record straight about how Mozart was an Il;umnati and Vatican fraud
Newman had this to say and more on Greg’s show today: 
“The manufacture of Mozart was achieved by the occulitst leadership of much of western Europe. A further revival of Babylonain/Egyptian and Assyrian mystery religion, whose infliuence was deep within governments and church organisation at that time.

“We have written articles that take readers from 1756 to the date 1770 and will continue to regularly produce more for ordinary readers and teachers, probably the most detailed examnation of Mozart’s life and career made to date.
“These will take us from 1770 to 1791 (the year of his death) and the decades after it, when his iconic status was further manufactured by biographers and music managers – hiding the truth of who wrote what, when, and how the effect was created.”
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Mar 22 2011 Investigative Journal Radio Show

Don’t miss Greg’s guest today, fired Canadian pastor Kevin Annett, who uncovered the genocide of Native Candians at mission schools set up by the Vatican and United Church of Canada with complicity of the Canadian and U.S. government. 
Kevin’s road has been a hard one, filled with pain, suffering and death threats.
It’s been six months since Greg has talked with Kevin so tune in to todays show. Click the read more button, subscribe and then listen to all of Greg’s past and upcoming shows. Continue reading

March 21, 2011, Investigative Journal Radio Show

Today was Greg’s first show, back after a six month hiatus. His guest was documentarian and film maker, Chris Pinto. If you want to know the hidden agenda of the founding fathers, who were in sync with the Vatican way back then, this show is a good start to re-learning what you were told in our school systems about the founding of our country. The founding fathers were no more christians than George Bush, all saying they were but all using Christianity as a front for their Illuminati plans for a New World Order.
Patrick Henry knew the truth when he said “I smell a rat”, referring to the closed door signing of the Constitution and the men behind those closed doors, including influential Catholic Charles Carrol who is rarely mentioned.
 The information on this show is revealing, concerning Washington’s Jesuit and Vatican ties. To listen to the radio show buy a subscription after clicking on the read more button right here. Continue reading

Can You Believe The Old Fart Wears Red Shoes!

Can You Believe The Old Fart Wears Red Shoes!
By Greg Szymanski
Mar 18 2011
I think a lot of us are taking this whole Vatican Led New World Order thing far too seriously.
When was the last time you had a good belly laugh after the Pope came to sprinkle holy water on your home town or country? 
Have you ever really looked at the fish hat and crazy clothes this old fart wears?
Red, shoes!
Now, come on, give me a break!
And what about those fat guys they call Cardinals giving even birds a bad name? They actually wear funny red dresses and hats and want us to take them seriously! 
They want us to kneel at their feet, asking God for forgiveness.
Give me a break.
Then we have to contend with their business and political friends who like kissing the Pope’s ring and probably his ass as well.
How can we take any of these guys seriously when they belong to groups with names like the Shriners, Knights of Columbus and Knights of Malta.
Have you really looked at those Fez hats with the Muslim swords on them and the stupid regalia and medals these fats, puffy faced, red boozy cheeked Knights wear?
Now, come on guys, you call yourself Knights when you can’t even see your shoes when you look down over your beer bellies.
If you can’t even bend over, how in the hell could you ever get on a horse and go into battle!
It’s downright stupid that we give any of these big fatsos credibility while spending our valuable time thinking and writing about them.
Then we go one big step step farther and dissect their New World Order plans of destruction until we can’t think or breadth anymore.
I think if everybody just ignored them, left them alone to drown in their own insanity, they would just blow themselves up with all their hot air. 
But it’s giving their hot air attention and credibility that’s got us into trouble in the first place.
It’s not only got us into trouble, but has taken every last bit of fun out of life.
I have taken the attitude lately of living like the Pope and his New World Order minions don’t exist.
When somebody says the Pope said this, Obama said that or Congres passed this and that, I just say “Excuse me, don’t speak english too well.”
In other words, I really don’t care anymore what they do. You see, they got us by the balls!
They know it. We know it.
So when they start, squeezing real tight, instead of taking them too seriously and screaming bloody murder, just laugh a little.
Laugh and think about the funny old fart wearing red shoes who is the spiritual guide of the rest of those bigshot goof balls with beer bellies and Fez hats. Continue reading

We Need “Stupid People” Like Me And My Friends To Run The World

We Need “Stupid People” Like Me And My Friends To Run The World
By Greg Szymanski
Mar 17, 2011
I don’t know about you but it’s about time the so called “smart people” of the world step down from the seats of financial, political and religious power.
I want stupid people to run the world, people like me and my friends who know nothing about nuclear power, sohisticated medical procedures, building skyscrapers and complicated freeway systems.
If us stupid people ran the world, we’d still be burning candles, riding horses and eating fresh homegrown food.
The water would be clean. There would only be sailboats and, of course, no airplanes to spread hazardous chem trails.
We would have healthy birds flying and fish swimming, no flocks falling from the skies or swarms of dead fish washing up on the shores.
It would be a backward place to live but what a wonderful world it would be if only stupid people would finally take over.
I mean I want people in power who can’t read, can’t write and most importantly know nothing about nuclear power plants.
I want people who love dirt roads, still know how to saddle a horse and have to go to go to the bathroom behind a tree like the wolves and bears.
I am basically sick and tired of smart people with their fancy new ideas who keep screwing up the world for the rest of us. I could live without television, live without most anything considered modern.
What about you?
I know if the world had my talents we’d have nothing modern since I really don’t know how to build anything. But with that stupidity, comes a beautiful planet full of stupid people who enjoy life, care for the planet and care for one another.
So, really, who are the smart ones? Those maniacs running the world today with their cockeyed Wall Street mentality or their utmost devotion to men dressing like clowns and walking around St. Peter’s Square like gods on earth.
And it boils down to us “stupid people” really allow imbeciles to run our finances, politics and churches. This is why you are going to spend the next few weeks running around buying iodine tablets, facemasks and worrying if you skin is going to burn off instead of enjoying a beautiful day riding your horse on a dirt road and coming home to a magnificent candlelit cave that cannot be forclosed  by Bank of America. Continue reading