Why People Run From Christianity

Why People Run From Christianity

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Feb. 4, 2011

Every day I look online for something amusing, something to add assurance to my deep seeded belief that people are really crazier than jack rabbits.

So, the day after the big blizzard, producing a swath of 20 inch snow covering half of America, I found this one.

Further, this email post by Roger Gutierrez on a Yahoo comments section following a AP blizzard story not only shows how crazy people can become, but also how people actually look forward and really enjoy major catastrophes.

Roger is a Bible believer and loves God. Nothing wrong there.

Roger also believes God is punishing America for being an unGodly nation.

How does he know that, I asked. I surmised either Roger has a direct line to the Creator or Roger thinks he is God himself.

After hearing voices, he predicts major floods, earthquakes hale stones, tidal waves, a foreign power attacking Los Angeles, starvation and all the blood and guts right out of a Hollywood horror movie.

He says. “A nation that forgets God will be turned into Hell.”

Well, Roger let me say this. A nation has no feelings, no intelligence and cannot love or hate anything.

Also, in my feeble understanding of the Creator, he does not punish anyone. It is people who punish themselves and unfortunately many other people as well.

In fact, Roger, a nation cannot be turned into Hell because Hell does not exist.

Just for the record what I said is not anti Biblical; It is simply understanding the word Hell and eternal punishment are words that have been misinterpreted and placed in the Bible by man, not God.

So chew on that for awhile.

Also, I am printing Roger’s comments to show that many people run away from Christianity, not wanting to associate themselves with the lunacy contained below.

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Top U.S Leaders On Vatican Hidden Payroll

Top U.S Leaders On Vatican Hidden Payroll

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Feb. 2, 2011

It’s long been known by this journalist that the Vatican has had U.S. politicians in its back pocket since the formation of this hypocritical country.

I saw it firsthand when I worked in Rome during the 80s, the Italian press providing solid evidence but the evidence never making it into American newspapers.

Now a story comes out with more proof, this time related to another scandal going on in Rome as we speak.

However, the funny thing is no matter how much evidence comes out Americans always give the Vatican a free ride as well as giving a free ride to the scoundrel politicians who work for them.

Here is a short story showing how some of our main leaders really work for the Pope.

However, as a preface, don’t jump for joy to quick that the Vatican has finally been caught red handed and the world will now be a better place.

Remember, whatever goes public has the Pope’s blessings.

Remember, the Vatican intends to rip itself apart and then create a false messiah which the whole world will follow.

They will say they weeded out the bad guys and now follow us! Don’t believe it because with the Vatican the black is always white and white is always black.

Editor’s Note: we are printing Greg’s entire story with the hope you will subscribe to this site in order to keep the truth flowing.

Here’s the short article with info from Rome newspapers:

Slush fund of top politicians found at Vatican Bank, Obama, Clinton, Roberts? Legatus split!

Slush fund accounts of major US politicians identified and seized at Vatican Bank (Rome). Connection established with Daniel Dal Bosco RICO indictment, which cites Giancarlo Bruno, Silvio Berlusconi & Ban Ki Moon.

On Wednesday 5th January 2011, it emerged that US establishment-related slush fund accounts had been located in, and seized from, the Vatican Bank in Rome.

The source of funds for these accounts in almost every instance was found to be the US Treasury.   Beneficiaries of the covert Vatican accounts include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and each of the Obama children, Michelle Obama’s mother, all the Bushes and the Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton, Joe Biden, Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, several US Senators, including Mitch McConnell, several US Congressmen including John Boehner, several US Military Chiefs of Staff, the US Provost Marshal, the US Judge Advocate General, the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, several US Judges, the Pope, and several cardinals.   Big money was found in each of the accounts.

The longer the beneficiaries have been in office, the greater the account balances were found to be. They range from a few million USD to more than a billion USD in the case of John Roberts. The total number of slush fund accounts so far identified at the Vatican Bank is said to be between 600 and 700. This number is likely to grow as international élite corruption investigations spread worldwide.

The disclosures have split the Roman Catholic Legatus organizations down the middle. Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) is in the know and is intimately involved in the swirling and fissiparous covert power plays.

In response to this post on the Ron Paul web blog, activist Christopher strunk provided this reply:

Mr. Paul Sr. as a member of the House Banking committee having been a Presidential candidate in 2008 has a duty to advance an immediate investigation of the allegations included herein the “Slush Fund” post. Especially since Media reports from the 2008 campaign cycle (supported by actual fines levied by the FEC against BHO and his finance committees)allege that BHO had received large sums of campaign funds from foreign sources during the campaign that were never reported.

Further allegations that Chief Justice Roberts and others within the Congress and Executive also maintain an account is terribly troubling especially since many of those listed are active supernumeraries of Opus Dei and as such makes those members that are also in government service and elected officers agents of the sovereign Vatican State a huge conflict of interest.

It is my understanding from actual testimony of Vatican Bank representatives that the Vatican Bank’s IOR is a limited depository institution, that is not open to the public in the sense that the depositors are essentially limited to Vatican State employees, members of the Holy See, religious orders,and persons who deposit money destined, at least in part, for works of piety.

However, it has been proven in the Federal civil case GEORGE DALE et. al. v. EMILIO COLAGIOVANNI et al. (SDMS) 3:01-cv-00663-WHB-LRA, that there was the use of the Vatican Bank / IOR as a straw-man for conducting money laundering and insurance fraud in the United States. That the deposition of Thomas A. Bolan on July 19, 2004 (see http://www.vaticanbankclaims.com/dale.pdf ) shows that the Vatican Bank and IOR cooperate with investors as a straw-man to conduct business for persons who deposit money, “at least in part” for works of piety – are proven in the civil case to fit money laundering and other RICO predicates that form a corrupt enterprise; and were they involved in financing the BHO 2008 campaign is a serious international scandal up with Oil for Food and the BCCI matter of money laundering associated with the collapse of Franklin National Bank in the early eighties.

Mr. Ron Paul must respond immediately to this post and to the followup letter of demand to be sent registered mail–Christopher Strunk Continue reading