Would Finding E.T. In Space Change Our View About God?

Would Finding E.T. In Space Change Our View About God?

By Greg Szymanski
Feb 26 2011

Would finding an alien planet with E.T. living there change your view of God?

The reason I ask is that most Christians limit their thinking of man’s creation to this planet and this planet alone.

What if there existed another planet with human-like life? Would these people be grafted into the biblical account of creation, making them direct descendants of Adam?

Or did God send his Son Jesus to other planets creating new and unknown biblical agendas?

I guess with scientific advancements broadening our view of the universe these are normal questions.

Before posing some general questions, let me say I have never met an E.T. here on earth although some people I’ve talked with are still questionable in my mind.

Also, in all the years I have been interviewing people, I have only written on story about someone who swears he encountered E.T.

This was about a retired military man named Charles Hall, who told a fascinating story about his encounter with Tall Whites at a New Mexico military base. To this day I still think his story would make a great Hollywood blockbuster and swore if I ever found the time I would write the screen play.

With this in mind, let’s limit our questions to possibilities of human-like life on distant planets, not stories about aliens who may be sitting next to you at the restaurant tonight.

Here is some information from an article emailed to The Investigative Journal from a group called the London Press Council:
There are more than 100 million Galaxies in the known universe, and space observatories and NASA are starting to make the first discoveries of ‘alien’ planets rights now.  How many of these planets are likely to sustain intelligent life?  Well, that answer is provided by NASA Professor Frank Drake who has formulated an equation that predicts there are 10,000 fully developed intelligent races of aliens in our own Milky Way galaxy – and our galaxy is only one of many millions of galaxies in the universe.  The latest estimates from NASA are that there are trillions of alien planets in the universe.  The Law of Probability dictates that sooner or later, the geopolitical situation on Planet Earth will change, affecting the lives of more than six billion people, when NASA, the Ministry of Defence and Pentagon announce that an intelligent life-form has been contacted.

That day, says British film director, amateur astronomer and author, Chris Everard, is not far off.  Mr Everard has made three in-depth documentary films which cite Several former NASA and Pentagon employees – including former astronauts – who have gone on record to state that they believe the universe is populated by alien life-forms.  More than 100 clips of film filmed by NASA astronauts themselves – and Russian cosmonauts  – are featured in Chris Everard’s SECRET SPACE films – the clips show anomalous objects in close vicinity to the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, the Russian MIR space platform and there are even UFOs filmed in vintage footage of the Apollo moon missions in the 1960s and 1970s.

Considering that astronauts Story Musgrave, Dr Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper have all stated publicly that they have seen UFOs and that one of the bosses in charge of the NASA Apollo program, Mr Werner Von Braun referred to alien life-forms, you would think, wouldn’t you, that NASA have some kind of policy for dealing with extraterrestrial visitations… But British film director, Chris Everard, says that NASA has no such policy in the public domain (though they may have convened secret commitees to discuss the ‘alien threat’ to airspace) and NASA has been fully aware of scientifically confirmed contact with spacecraft which come from a different planet since the first space shuttle flights of the early 1990s.

Chris Everard has stated in his latest film that NASA are operating a kind of ‘monopoly’ on space research, and that a whistleblower working at the European Space Agency facility in South America has sent Mr Everard footage of intercontinental ballistic missiles being launched from nuclear submarines, attempting to impact anomalous objects travelling at tremendous speed through the Earth’s atmosphere – it’s all been caught on film by NASA astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle – and Mr Everard wants to know why NASA are keeping this filmed evidence secret.

Now the spiritual ramifications if human-like life exists on unknown planets. However,  you would have to admit a positive answer to this question the “are we alone?” would have a profound cultural and theological impact on our view of our place in the universe.

In a recent Discovery News article, experts disagreed:

A panel of experts pondering this question were at opposite ends of the universe at the recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Washington D.C.

Emphasizing that radio and optical searches are growing exponentially, Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute predicted contact with E.T. within 20 years, “if our precepts are correct.” In other words, SETI observations over the past two years have cast a bigger net over the galaxy than in the previous 50 years of searching.

Howard Smith of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics was downright dour, however. He reiterated his strident thesis that was picked up by a British tabloid two week earlier: There’s nobody out there. Intelligent life is highly improbable.

The article went on to say the ramifications of finding E.T. would be enormous among modern day religions;

he AAAS participants pondered how finding E.T. would impact the great world religions. Surveys show that only 10 percent of religious people think that such a discovery would challenge their view of God. In fact the popular evangelist Billy Graham belied in extraterrestrials.

The teachings of Islam are a bit ambivalent on this question said Nidhal Guessoum of the American University of Sharjar, United Arab Emirates. The Koran says that because Allah is omnipotent, creation is ongoing in a universe full of grandeur. The Koran also describes Allah as “Lord of the Worlds,” and implies there are other Earths in the heavens.

But the Koran also paints an ultra-anthropic view of the universe. Humans are Allah’s lieutenants and put smack-dab at the center of his creation.


The Apple Test

The existence of E.T. would be more problematic in Christian theology.

In the “fall from Eden” as described in Genesis, the entire universe is cursed because of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve (which is a basic tenant of Catholicism). A sentient being living 10,000 light-years away may not take too kindly to this idea. Imagine, the alien is supposed to believe that it’s doomed to death and judgment because a small-cranium naked biped living on a subgiant rocky planet once bit into a spheroid of carbohydrates, sugars, and water.

The essence of Christianity is redemption through God’s sacrifice of his only son. Because aliens are not descended from Adam and Eve must they be separately saved too? Or did they pass the Apple Test?

Jennifer Wiseman of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is optimistic that finding E.T. would exemplify the greatness of God. “We would have a wider view of creation that embraces and integrates religious and non-religious ideas.”

Smith said that the precepts of an all powerful creator in Judaism would accept the idea of life off the Earth.

So, our first question for the aliens might be: “Got God?”

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