Thoughts on Charlie And The Vatican

Thoughts on Charlie And The Vatican

By Greg Szymanski
Feb 25, 2011

In the past I have criticized the Sheen family and Alex Jones for not being upfront about Vatican intrigue both past and present, only asking for a fair discussion on the subject without prejudice.

This, of course, never happens.

As far as criticizing them personally I would refrain.

In fact, I’ve watched many of Martin and Charlie’s movies, enjoying their acting abilities and some of the story lines. Since I have a SAG card, I guess if they asked me to play a bit part, I probably would for the money, so I have no gripes about Charlie’s $1.8 million an episode contract.

Alex Jones is a little harder to swallow since he reminds me of an alternative Rush Limbaugh, but in America he has a right to say what he says and who am I to hinder someone’s free speech.

Most everyone by now has heard Charlie’s latest rant, calling himself a Vatican assassin. His father publicly showed concern for his son, saying alcoholism is like a cancer disease, the patient needing  love and understanding first and foremost.

I would agree, however, money like Charlie makes, somehow clouds the issue.

Further, Charlie says he cured his own drinking problems with the magic he possesses.

With that in mind, most people who aren’t after his money will think of him as a pompous rich kid, saying the rich boy thinks his you know what doesn’t stink.

Whether rich or poor, money never is a cure.

What I really wish is Charlie, since he is making a public spectacle of himself in the alternative media as well, accept the truth about himself, the truth about the Vatican’s end game and realize somewhere along the line humility will follow. This is far more important than any bank account, however large it may be.

Here are portions of the interview with Jones, which led to the cancellation of his CBS sitcom:

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