Humans Are Not God’s Most Intelligent Creatures

Humans Are Not God’s Most Intelligent Creatures

By Greg Szymanski
Feb 21, 2011

The idea that God created man as the most intelligent being on the planet always struck me as rather ridiculous.

Although man has a lot of potential, he fails almost all the time.

I will admit human beings make great basketball players and rock stars, but when it comes to the basics of life, most dolphins or monkeys top man every time.

For example, monkeys eat healthy fruits while man lives on pop tarts. Monkeys can’t be seen at the McDonald’s fast food check out line, chowing down on Big Macs while millions of humans stuff their pudgy faces with garbage every day.

Once on my travels in Central America, I offered a double cheeseburger to a monkey and he laughed at me while throwing the burger in a nearby garbage can.

Further, I see very few overweight monkeys who are busy worrying  about their cholesterol count while the other day on a stroll through town, I couldn’t fit on the same sidewalk with a very bulbous lady stuffing her face with potato chips while drooling on her cell phone.

In fact, if I didn’t step out of the way, I would have been run over by what looked like a runaway freight train.

That takes me to the dolphin. One of my past times is scuba diving and many times I have been around these sleek looking, intelligent creatures while diving.

Dolphins are great swimmers and physically very fit, swimming for miles with ease without the use of very highly paid physical fitness trainer, the kind used by a lot of rich Hollywood socialites.

The other day walking from the ocean after a dive I noticed several of these socialites in the park working out with their good looking personal trainers who are paid big bucks.

So, you figure out who is smarter? I think it is the dolphin, hands down.

I guess I could get into the serious topics like religion, the U.S. Constitution, tall skyscrapers, splitting the atom and other so called great achievements of man which separate him from other animals, but I won’t.

I won’t do that until at least human beings learn to eat right and learn to especially stop paying high priced personal physical fitness trainers who give all of us a very bad name. Here is an entertaining video with some monkeys and humans interacting. It’s not hard to see who is smarter:

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