Killing Us Softly With Our Food Supply

Killing Us Softly With Our Food Supply

Greg Szymanski
Feb. 20, 2011

I was asked the other day how much time America has before the you know what hits the fan and life as we know it ceases to exist.

Doomsday fear mongers have never caught my ear as well as those who say the New World Order is going to destroy America in one fell swoop.

This kind of thinking is designed to keep people looking over their shoulders in fear and in the end all that is accomplished is that a lot of unnecessary survival  equipment is sold.

If you were a NWO elite, why would you want to destroy America’s infrastructure when things are going so well. By well I mean the NWO killing machine has designed a method to kill off the population without dropping one bomb.

Think about it: chemtrails, the FDA (federal death agency), the AMA  and a tainted food and water supply, just to name a few.

And these are just a few ways the global elite have decided to basically “kill you softly” while you sing the National Anthem right to the grave.

However, here is a 11-year-old kid who is smarter than 99 per cent of the American population who continue to poison themselves daily due to corporate control of our food supply.

Listen and watch while 11-yearold, Birke Baehr tells us What’s Wrong With Our Food in this youtube video that you can cut and paste in your browser:

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