Why Does a Pagan Goddess Represent America?

Why Does a Pagan Goddess Represent America?

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 5, 2010

From the top of the Capitol Building to the bottom of the streets in Washington D.C., pagan symbols abound.

Why in a supposed Christian country does our capitol city look like ancient Egypt and Babylon?

Could it be the founders of the United States had a hidden agenda?

One important fact missed by most researchers is George Washington’s connections to the Jesuit Order and to John Carroll, the first Jesuit trained American bishop.

Carroll was most influential and probably instructed Washington behind the scenes on most every move he made.

For example, why was our capitol city built on Carroll family land instead of in Philadelphia, a more logical spot?

Why did Washington ban all anti-popery demonstrations when in fact Protestants understood the papacy was the biggest obstacle to freedom our infant country faced?

The answer is there were two agendas going on by the elite who founded our country.

The outward agenda, told to the millions of trusting Protestants, was America provided freedom and equality for all.

However, behind the scenes, Carroll, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and many more of the elite understood they were serving a master in Rome who worshiped a different God while detesting freedom and liberty.

Why else then if you draw a straight line from each of the five major colonial cities, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York and Boston, and extend that line across the Atlantic, does it dissect perfectly with one of the major occult monuments — Stonehenge!

This, of course, is more than just coincidence just like it is more than just coincidence that our first president’s family crest represents one of the four beast’s pointed out in the Book of Daniel.

To tie this together quickly before talking about the pagan goddess adorning the capitol building of supposed “Christian America”, let’s call a spade a shovel instead of acting political correct about the Vatican, the Jesuit Order and Roman Catholicism.

The leaders of our country from the beginning have always worked hand in glove with the anti-Christ popes, the Jesuits and Roman Catholicism, now boasting more than 65 million followers in the U.S.

What are they following? Without knowing it. they are following nothing more than a Christian perversion and adaptation of Babylon’s mystery religion.

And with the U.S. government and the Vatican working together, secret societies controlled by the Jesuits have maneuvered their way into every facet of our society, using the U.S. Constitution as their main cover and Jesus as their main shill.

Although pagan symbolism in Washington D.C. is endless, let’s look at the goddess of the Capitol Building, as a main example of what this country really stands for. The following explanation is taken from http://seawaves.us/bookreview/capital.html

A top the Capital is the statute Goddess Athena that adorns the top of the Capital Building. Take notive there are Roman Fascia prominently displayed at the bottom of Athena. Here is a little background on the goddess athena.
Athena (Minerva)
Athena sprang full-grown and in full armor from Zeus’ head. She is his daughter, powerful and self-sufficient. The Parthenon, in the acropolis at Athens, is her temple. Gray-eyed, Athena is the protector of civilized life, the embodiment of wisdom, justice, reason, and moral intelligence. Athena is a virgin goddess, ruthless and warlike when necessary to defend the state and the home from outside enemies. She is often armed, and possessed the Aegis, a shield worn upon her breastplate. Athena invented the bridle and the carriage. She is often accompanied by Nike, the swift goddess of strength and victory.
Serenely beautiful, Athena is identified with the Libyan and Egyptian war-goddess Neith. Her Roman name is Minerva. The Romans observed a yearly festival of Minerva, from the nineteenth to the twenty-third day of March.
.Daughter of Zeus, and only by him, the Goddess Athena was not generated by any woman. She leaped from the head of Zeus, already adult, dressed with her armor.

But the mother is not completely missing from the miraculous birth of Pallas Athena. According to Hesiod’s account of the weddings of Zeus, the King of the Gods chose Metis as his first wife. She was of all beings “the most knowing” (as the word metis is interpreted), or “of many counsels” as translated in the sense of the Homeric epithet polymetis.
As she was about to give birth to the Goddess Athena, Zeus deceived his pregnant wife with cunning words and assimilated her into his own body. Mother Earth and Father Sky had advised him to do this so as to prevent any of his descendants from robbing him of his kingly rank. For it was destined that the most brilliant children were to be born to the Goddess Metis: first, the daughter Athena, and later a son, the future King of Gods and men.
In the most ancient account, the Iliad, Athena is the Goddess of ferocious and implacable fight, but, wherever she can be found, she only is a warrior to defend the State and the native land against the enemies coming from outside.
She is, above all, the Goddess of the City, the protectress of civilized life, of artesian activities, and of agriculture. She also invented the horse-bit, which, for the first time, tamed horses, allowing men to use them.
She is the favorite daughter of Zeus; and that’s why he let her use his insignia: the terrible shield, the aegis and his devastating weapon, the ray.
The most used expression to describe her is “the bright eyed”. She is the first of the three virgin Goddesses, also known as Maiden, Parthenos, and from this name was taken the name to the most important Temple dedicated to her, the Parthenon.
In poetry she is the incarnation of Wisdom, Reason and Purity.
Athens is her city; the olive tree, created by her, is her tree; the owl, is the birth consecrated to her.

As an interesting side note in symbolism the custom in Greece a wreath of laurel was used to crown victors of Olympic competitions, inherited from one of the symbols of the god Apollo, who is often depicted wearing/ holding a wreath of laurel leaves. Olive wreaths were also given to Olympic victors. In Rome laurel wreaths were worn on the heads of military and government officials in parades. Roman consuls and senators wore wreaths of olive leaves in public.

Julius Caesar was granted the right to wear the laurel wreath and “some elements” of triumphal dress at all festivals – Cassius Dio adds that Caesar wore the laurel wreath “wherever and whenever”, excusing this as a cover to his baldness

Now we have to ask ourselves a few Questions. Would a Christian put a Roman goddess on top of the Capital Building? Who laid out and designed Washington D.C.? I really believe Tupper Saussy’s book “Rulers of Evil” answers all these questions and more. To get the book go to Ebay and do a search on “Rulers of Evil”

In this world it really does not matter what your personal religious beliefs are, but what is happening in the world today has everything to do with religion. It does not matter if you believe in them or not, if the people who believe in them hold positions of power this will most assuredly affect you.

Understand this is not promoting a religion, it is explaining what religion is and has been through history.

Now if you want to look at some pictures of the rulers behind the scenes go to http://bandonisp.com/who/rules.html

Once you look at the web site above, notice Cardinal Spellman is prominently featured but, remember, whoever holds that Vatican seat of power especially in New York is a behind the scenes controller of U.S. politicians.


3 thoughts on “Why Does a Pagan Goddess Represent America?

  1. These guys picked things that had positive meanings that others just accepted at face value: the “goddess” is actually “lady liberty” and stands for freedom, or equality, or whatever.

    Everyone just goes along with it until the place is filled with idols. They simply ignored what the Bible had to say on the matter, and got deceived.


  2. A few comments on a topic that, as you well noted, needs more attention:

    “…does it dissect perfectly with one of the major occult monuments — Stonehenge!”

    Intersect, not dissect. Stonehenge is probably not a pagan monument as is often supposed. It has ties to the Great Pyramid which was also not architected by pagans, if you believe Manetho, the Egyptian historian, or Herodotus. Stonehenge was most likely the creation of Shemite shepherd-kings (such as Abraham and Melchizidek were), as was the Pyramid which, by ancient legend, had as its architect Almodad, the oldest brother of the biblical Job, who was renowned as the geometer of the earth in his time, the mid third millennium BC. The druids were in the Britons millenia before the more recent Angli and Saxon pagans and the more remote Phoenicians, who might well have actually been Israelites of the tribes of Dan and Simeon.

    “…a Christian perversion and adaptation of Babylon’s mystery religion.”

    For those unfamiliar with the classic book describing the connection between the Papal religion and the babylonian mysteries, web-search, download, and read _The Two Babylons_ by Alexander Hislop.

    “A top the Capital is the statute Goddess Athena that adorns the top of the Capital Building.”

    According to F. Tupper Saussy, in his book, _Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies_, his research uncovered that the “Indian” atop the Capitol dome is none other than Persephene, the Greek goddess and one of the guardians of hell. On page 234 he shows a photo he took of the statue when it was brought down for cleaning.

    And Peresphone? “Said by her priests to have been immaculately conceived, she was renamed “Freedom” for American consumption. Abducted by Hades, son of Saturn, she ruled the dead … At daybreak of May 9, 1993, helicopters lowered the Queen of the dead to the ground level for her first cleaning in more than a century. … Significantly, May 9, 1993 was … Mother’s Day.” Ruler of the dead – a fitting description of who rules in Washington DC.


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