Help Needed After More Mudslides In Guatemala Kill 38

Help Needed After More Mudslides In Guatemala Kill 38

Guatemalen Consul Ge. contacted by Water For Life Global and Save Lake Atitlan Mission

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Sept. 6, 2010

Nahuala, Guatemala — After the recent Guatemalen mudslides killing 38, an urgent letter has been sent to the Consul General of Guatemala and the head of the Hispanic Society of the State of Georgia by two NGO’s, Water for Life Global and Save Lake Atitlan Mission, offering assistance with compact mobile water purification systems.

Rescue workers look for survivors at a mudslide area in Nahuala, western Guatemal

The two groups working side by side are asking the government to lend a financial hand but emphasize that private donations can also be made to bring the units to the stricken area. Contact for details and to see how you can help.

Representing both NGO’s, former NBA basketball player and college All American from Notre Dame University, Sid. L. Catlett, sent the following letter, offering help:

Greetings Consul-General Putzeys and Ms.Tallman, CEO:

First allow me express our sympathy for the loss of lives in your home country Guatemala due to the landslides that occurred in the past few days……our prayers go out to you and yours and we are prepared to be of assistance once you review the information below.

Ms. Putzeys, my name is Sid Catlett and I presently reside in the City of Stone Mountain, Ga. I am the Representative Agent for Central and South America representing an organization called “Water for Life Global” ( “Water for Life Global” delivers the most revolutionary innovative “compact mobile water purification” technology to date. Please visit our website and link on to the “video” link at the top of the first page. Once into the “video” section, link on to the first brief video listed (LAUNCH OF THE SOS MOBILE WATER PURIFICATION TRAILER) to witness the demonstration of the unit that took place in the City of Hanover, IL  just outside of Chicago……..the video will speak for itself and requires no further elaboration.

We are certain that you are aware of the “cyanobacteria” outbreak that is devastating the communities that utilize the lake for their daily needs, and as a consequence, we are presently collaborating with an organization stationed in Guatemala called “Save Lake Atitlan Mission” ( to raise awareness and funds to place (2) two of our “compact mobile water purification units” at Lake Atitlan. Our system affords the population to consume and use the existing contaminated water by a filtration system that kills all bacteria, viruses, cysts, algae, amoeba, spores and protozoa on contact while large-scale expensive water treatment facilities are being planned and budgeted for by government for construction over the long haul.

In addition to the “compact mobile water purification system”, we also offer a “pocket-size portable water purification unit” called, “The Straw” that utilizes the same filtration technology only condensed for personal and portable use. All EPA Protocol requirements have been passed for both systems.

Based upon the news reports at least 12,000 people have been evacuated in the region around the landslides and it seems to be that our systems may be helpful also with respect to the most recent disaster. If what you have read above and reviewed on the websites interest you and you would like to have further discussion, you can contact me at (404)254-4642 or (678)361-5001 or email me at your earliest convenience…….children and the elderly are dying and time is of the essence……and until such time, I am,

Looking forward
Sid Catlett
Representative Agent


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