Help Needed After More Mudslides In Guatemala Kill 38

Help Needed After More Mudslides In Guatemala Kill 38

Guatemalen Consul Ge. contacted by Water For Life Global and Save Lake Atitlan Mission

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Sept. 6, 2010

Nahuala, Guatemala — After the recent Guatemalen mudslides killing 38, an urgent letter has been sent to the Consul General of Guatemala and the head of the Hispanic Society of the State of Georgia by two NGO’s, Water for Life Global and Save Lake Atitlan Mission, offering assistance with compact mobile water purification systems.

Rescue workers look for survivors at a mudslide area in Nahuala, western Guatemal

The two groups working side by side are asking the government to lend a financial hand but emphasize that private donations can also be made to bring the units to the stricken area. Contact for details and to see how you can help.

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Collecting Rainwater Illegal In Utah

Collecting Rainwater Illegal In Utah

Man’s arrogant powers knows no boundaries, even stretching to the heavens

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Sept 1, 2010

Innovative methods of collecting rainwater is one way to provide fresh water in places like Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where basic natural water sources have been contaminated.

Several local groups are trying these methods, especially during the rainy season.

But beware Guatemala because  in America collecting rainwater is illegal in several states.

Yes, you heard straight! The powers that be have become so arrogant as to try and control God’s natural water source falling from the sky.

Further, the trend to control rainwater is on the agenda of many other States and usually what takes place in America has a funny way of spreading worldwide.

Here is an article coming from Utah by Natural News discussing this sorrowful and diabolical trend: