Andrea Bocelli And Christina Aguilera Called To Sing And Save Lake Atitlan

Andrea Bocelli And Christina Aguilera Called To Sing And Save Lake Atitlan

The roles of harsh truth and artistic beauty are really the same

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 29, 2010

We all in time will understand our role, some of us finding it in this life and some of us in the next.

Everyone’s life is like a never ending circle, the Creator at His will, though, at one precise moment in each of our lives stopping motion, stopping the hands of time.

The great Andrea Bocelli

It perhaps lasts for only one split second, but that moment seemingly lasts a lifetime. And in that divine split second each one of us knows instinctively like a cat chasing a mouse the role we are to play in this lifetime.

My mother, however, found out her role after she left this life at the young age of 33; She found out she was simply called to be the Creator’s child at a young age and to reap His loving rewards for all of eternity.

I know this because one night her delicate voice came back to me from the heavens and told me so.

I believe that without a doubt and state it now as a fact, stating it on the record as if I was sitting in a court of law.

Singing Somos Novios

In fact, hearing her voice again was such sweet music to my ears as I had forgotten what it sounded like for more than 40 years.

She came back for one brief appearance just moments before writing this, coming back to her son at a time of his need like all good mothers do, saying:

“The grief you feel for me and those young ones who leave the world so suddenly, feel it no more. Tell the mothers who have lost their young, the fathers who have lost their children and the children who have lost their parents to worry no more. We are in such good hands, such loving hands and we know our role.

“And, son, if you are left on earth too long and you happen to find your role on earth so shall that role be the same with the Father in heaven and, for those of us who leave too soon, it becomes crystal clear we were born to be His children to sit by his side and to come to him quickly for all of eternity.”

She Will Sing At Lake Atitlan

So perhaps we are the unlucky ones to be left down on this earth while the good die young. But that of course is not for us to decide.

However, in this life I have not been spared from both tremendous pain and overwhelming happiness. And it is perhaps the combination of both which has left me down here so long even though there have been times I have wanted to leave so badly I felt my heart had stopped and I was just a ghost of man walking in circles.

But then there have been times of such sheer happiness and joy I couldn’t leave even if I put a gun to my own head.

Through it all, though, I found my role here.

Through it all the greatest happiness I have found comes from searching out the truth and writing about it even though the truth seems so painful at times.

For our people perish from a lack of knowledge, according to the Creator. And it is that reason my role in this life has been to uncover every hidden truth behind every hidden rock and write it to you as best I can.

I feel as lucky as any man can feel living far too long on this earth, but even though my words sound harsh I feel at home with those great artists who bring beauty into this world in their own special way.

It may seem strange but what may seem as harsh words coming from my pen, words teaching the truths I have learned, these words are as beautiful and clear as the voice of my favorite tenor, Andrea Bocelli from Italy, my adopted country.

The great Bocelli, who still is down here on this earth, once said he found his role here, too. He said his role was to bring joy and happiness to the people and he has done that with such a beautiful voice.

We both have done that. Bocelli through beautiful sounds lifting the people up and I through beautiful truthful words, lifting us up to a higher place.

For as the Creator says: The truth will set us free.

And in the spirit of truth and music I play for you an Andrea Bocelli rendition of Somos Novius with Christina Aguilara.

I do this because artistic beauty and harsh truth are really the same thing.

Editor’s Note: For those of you who know me, I have started a poverty group in Guatemala to help the poor at Lake Atitlan. Please go and help at

I have recently sent several emails and made phone calls and will continue to do so to Hell freezes over  to both Andrea and Christina’s people to come to sing at the sacred lake of the Mayans in order to save the lake from pollution and save the Mayan people. Many people said they will never come, but I disagree as the Creator has told me otherwise. If you read this, send it off to someone who can get Andrea and Christina’s ear because I would not want them to be late for their concert at Lake Atitlan.

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