JFK And Lincoln Were No Friends Of The Vatican

JFK And Lincoln Were No Friends Of The Vatican

Short Maxwell video brings out many similarities in both Presidents but leaves out one important shared fact

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 24, 2010

Jordan Maxwell provides some interesting facts in this short YouTube video about similarities between the JFK and Lincoln assassinations.

However, we have to take this opportunity at add one major fact that both Presidents were killed by directives sent down by the Jesuit Order.

Here is some background information to put this interesting piece to the assassination puzzle. We might add that without this piece, Americans remain ignorant about really who runs their government and who really sets foreign and domestic policy.

Here is Maxwell’s short video and then some background information sent to The Investigative Journal regarding the Vatican mark of death in both the JFK and Lincoln assassinations:

One book worth reading, written by C.T. Wilcox uncovering how the Jesuits killed Lincoln, discusses how they played a major role in inciting the Civil War and also planned the Lincoln assassination. Here is a letter sent to Wilcox by a skeptical reader who finally was convinced about the Vatican and Jesuit hand in the Lincoln murder.

Dear Mr. Wilcox:

Chuck, your book was responsible for breaking me through the biggest wall of cognitive dissonance I’ve ever experienced in my life. I have had a couple other times in my life, where I ran up against a hard truth that didn’t fit my previous worldview paradigm. But your book shattered so many of my previously held conceptions, more so than anything else ever has, at least with such suddenness, and I thank you for that.

I thought guys like you were “a half a sandwich short of a picnic.” I realize now that that was just an emotional reaction on my part. When I actually did the research, the first big and crucial step to which was reading your “Transformation of the Republic,” well, I felt like I was in that old campy movie “They Live”, and I had just put the sunglasses on! I wish now that they had not made that movie so campy.

Turns out, it wasn’t that far out after all. Just replace the aliens with
Papa Nero’s black-robed bully boys, and that movie describes this world extraordinarily well. I believe now, wholeheartedly, that the stuff put forward in your book is dead-on accurate.

Your book has incited me to embark on my own research quest. I am now reading authors like Avro Manhattan, Bill Hughes, Burke McCarty, and John Daniel. I now regularly read every article on websites like Phelps’s and Daryl Eberhardt’s. I have always been a history buff. I now see so much more of history — history makes so much more sense now. I recently read the book “Hitler’s Pope” and though it exposed a lot of dirt on Pius XII,

I am now able to see that the mainstream author, Cornwell, was hopelessly naive in merely painting Pius XII as Hitler’s puppet—the whole thing makes sooooooo much more sense if you reverse the roles, and have Pius, or better yet, Ledochovski or Van Papen with his hand up Hitler’s rectum, instead of the other way around.

Chuck, your book has got stuff in it that hasn’t seen the light of day in, what, 120 years or so? Man, those authentic, back-in-the-day
newspaper articles just about floored me, and the old newspaper editorial cartoon. What struck me as most awesome, most eerie, most foreboding, was the sudden realization that if the Jesuits can suppress all that news coverage, then they can rewrite whatever history they wanted, wherever, whenever.

I tell you, the other and even more permanent thought that struck me, that I still live with now everyday, and have ever since been attempting to alert my friends to, is this: The Inquisition never stopped. It merelywent underground, got smarter, craftier. But the fact is, those pious monsters are still after us.

Thank you for waking me up to that, Chuck. Thank you, and Keith, who
helped me master my cognitive dissonance long enough to read your
wonderful book.

Another reader offers comments:

Of the book The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Being the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln , by C. T. Wilcox

Canadian researcher, author and professional actor, C. T. Wilcox has
carefully and meticulously retraced the “footprints” of the conspirators
involved in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Using court
documents, witness testimonies and quotations by authors who wrote about the Lincoln assassination during the 19th century, Wilcox provides not only the names of the conspirators, but explains how they planned and orchestrated the assassination of one of America’s most beloved presidents. Wilcox also reveals the men operating “behind the scenes” who supported the conspirators in their attempts to avoid the U.S. authorities searching for them. Unfortunately, for Papal Rome, Wilcox’s detective work leads directly to its doors. Pope Pius IX, Rome’s Jesuit Order, as well as the secretive Knights of the Golden Circle, are all shown to be involved in the intrigues surrounding the bloody American Civil War of 1861-65.

Wilcox devotes much of his book to exposing the involvement of one of the top conspirators in the Lincoln assassination: a man named John
Harrison Surratt. Surratt was the object of one of the greatest “manhunts” in U.S. history. Wilcox in great detail shows how Surratt was assisted by Roman Catholic priests who hid him in Canada, then helped him to escape to England, and then on to Papal Rome itself, where he became a member of the Pope’s Pontifical Zouaves military units.

Wilcox also deals in length with the civil trial of Surratt in Washington, D.C. (after he had been captured in Alexandria, Egypt), showing Roman Catholic Church support for Surratt during the trial. Leading in this assistance to Surratt was the infamous Jesuit Order, whose priests from Georgetown attended the civil trial of Surratt.

C. T. Wilcox indeed covers much more than just dates and famous personalities in this factual history concerning the assassination of
Lincoln, and the immediate fallout (trials, executions, etc.) from that
assassination. He delves deeply into the motives for carrying out this
vile assassination and the reasons why Lincoln had to be eliminated.

Just as important, Wilcox shows us that Papal Rome not only wanted Lincoln and several other presidents out of the way, but has a much larger agenda:destroying the American Constitutional Republic on its way to resuming its role as the leader of the world in both secular as well as religious affairs. Indeed, Wilcox’s book is a vital link in exposing Rome’s designs to head up a one-world government and a one-world religion.

C. T. Wilcox has written a must-read book for those wanting to come to a true understanding of the history surrounding America’s Civil War of 1861-65 and the assassination of President Lincoln – a book that fills in many of the “missing gaps” from that historical era and one that would make one monster of a feature film.
Daryl Eberhardt

6 thoughts on “JFK And Lincoln Were No Friends Of The Vatican

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  3. I suppose mr. Maxwell will after these words explain how the Jesuits killed Abraham Lincoln…

    An other comparison is maybe:
    Remember remember, the fifth of November, the day William Cooper was shot. William Cooper, who predicted two month’s before 9/11 2001, that Osama Bin Laden would be used for a mayor false flag event. He was shot November 5th 2001. Both William Cooper and Guy Fawkes, would expose the secret assassinations and lies behind the scenes. Although in an opposite manner. Both Guy Fawkes and Osama Bin Laden, where puppets for terrorist organizations set up by Jesuits. Both cases where about a controlled demolition.
    On both Wikipedia pages, the role of the Jesuits is edited out. What a coincidence.


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