Andrea Bocelli And Christina Aguilera Called To Sing And Save Lake Atitlan

Andrea Bocelli And Christina Aguilera Called To Sing And Save Lake Atitlan

The roles of harsh truth and artistic beauty are really the same

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 29, 2010

We all in time will understand our role, some of us finding it in this life and some of us in the next.

Everyone’s life is like a never ending circle, the Creator at His will, though, at one precise moment in each of our lives stopping motion, stopping the hands of time.

The great Andrea Bocelli

It perhaps lasts for only one split second, but that moment seemingly lasts a lifetime. And in that divine split second each one of us knows instinctively like a cat chasing a mouse the role we are to play in this lifetime.

My mother, however, found out her role after she left this life at the young age of 33; She found out she was simply called to be the Creator’s child at a young age and to reap His loving rewards for all of eternity.

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Does Giving The “Horn Sign” Really Help Poverty And Pollution

Does Giving The “Horn Sign” Really Help Poverty And Pollution

Figure it out before you give away your hope and money

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 27, 2010

Some say it is impossible to cure poverty and pollution. Some say don’t even try.

Others question anybody who tries except, of course, big government or it’s loyal big followers

Does He Really Love You?

They say if they’re  not big, not  UN sanctioned there has to be — there must be – something drastically wrong, right?

Anyway nowadays nobody, except the government, except the funky “world hunger organizations”  really are capable of helping people without, of course, a rotten angle, a hidden motive, some juice in it for yourself!

Let the strong survive and if you happen to be just a mere, simple human being, a mere mortal wanting  to help someone, by God,  you must want something out of it for yourself, too.

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No International Aide Coming Into Guatemala After Agatha

No International Aide Coming Into Guatemala After Agatha

Environmentalist Juan Skinner said Lake Atitlan “hit hard” but Guatemalen government and international community not responding

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 26, 2010

In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Agatha where 275 died and thousands remain homeless, there is little or no aide international aide coming in, especially in the Lake Atitlan region.

This report was confirmed by Guatemalen environmentalist Juan Skinner who said the “lack of help” in the wake of this latest disaster could lead to widespread starvation — even famine like conditions — due to crop failures, sky rocketing food prices and the lack of basic necessities for the already impoverished indigenous people.

Digging Out At Village In Lake Atitlan -- Photo by Bill Muirhead

“There has been little or no international aide,” said Skinner Saturday on a U.S. radio show called The Indigenous Peoples Report on broadcast on satellite and several AM Florida stations.

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Many U.S. Lakes Toxic Like Lake Atitlan In Guatemala

Football Field Sized Islands Of Trash Floating on Lake Atitlan From Agatha

Mayans still digging out, but have toxic cyanobacteria in lake to deal with after that!

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 25, 2010

Many U.S. lakes are just like Lake Atitlan in Guatemala — filled with toxic cyanobacteria that causes serious illness while making fresh water undrinkable.

More than 35 States in the past have issued toxic green algae warnings and Oregon reported Thursday its first dog death of the year caused by drinking toxic fresh water from a lake in Elk County.

With that in mind, we have more in common with Guatemala than we’d like to admit.  The following story from Lake Atitlan should serve as warning as to what is also happening at alarming levels to the fresh water supply in the U.S.

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U.S. Fresh Water At Risk From Toxic Green Algae

First Reported Dog Death In Oregon From Toxic Green Algae Lake Water

China reports huge algae bloom off eastern seaboard; Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, has same toxic problem

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 24, 2010

As summer hits, toxic green algae in fresh water lakes is again making headlines across the North America and China. This type of fresh water toxicity, seen in thousands of lakes including Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, seriously threatens human life and the integrity of fresh water drinking supplies worldwide.

In the the states, Kuta Ku, an Alaskan Malamute,  is the first confirmed canine fatality from toxic blue-green algae. States in the U.S.routinely issues warnings about algae blooms, but not all waterways are monitored.

In China, cyanobacteria (toxic green algae) outbreaks, like those effecting Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, are also making big news.

Here are few paragraphs from a Bejing story, posted June 24:

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JFK And Lincoln Were No Friends Of The Vatican

JFK And Lincoln Were No Friends Of The Vatican

Short Maxwell video brings out many similarities in both Presidents but leaves out one important shared fact

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 24, 2010

Jordan Maxwell provides some interesting facts in this short YouTube video about similarities between the JFK and Lincoln assassinations.

However, we have to take this opportunity at add one major fact that both Presidents were killed by directives sent down by the Jesuit Order.

Here is some background information to put this interesting piece to the assassination puzzle. We might add that without this piece, Americans remain ignorant about really who runs their government and who really sets foreign and domestic policy.

Here is Maxwell’s short video and then some background information sent to The Investigative Journal regarding the Vatican mark of death in both the JFK and Lincoln assassinations: Continue reading

What’s Really Going On In The Gulf?

What’s Really Going On In The Gulf?

Your guess is as good as mine

By Greg Szymanski,JD
June 23, 2010

According to a local resident, it’s raining oil in Louisiana and the You Tube video attached tells the story.

Of course, we have to ask has the video been doctored? However, that is the sad question we have to ask about most everything we hear about the Gulf.

A Nice DaY At The Beach!

There are of course several different scenarios being presented on the mainstream news and the internet about the Gulf catastrophe, all of which are not very appealing.

However, which one do you believe? That’s the $64,000 question, difficult to answer, of course,  when you can’t trust the media, the government, the churches and the information on the internet.

Was it an accident, leading to the largest oil dump in human history? Was it an inside job to disrupt an underground volcano to unleash deadly methane gas which could kill millions? Was it sabotage? Was it a government false flag operation totally planned and controlled?

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Support Disaster Relief in Guatemala

Support Disaster Relief in Guatemala

Save Lake Atitlan Mission also supports indigenous people of Canada and U.S. in upcoming rally in Rome, Italy

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 22, 2010

Save Lake Atitlan Mission, a non profit raising awareness and funds for the plight of poverty in Guatemala, is asking for your support in disaster relief in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Agatha.

Local residents from many of the 12 neighboring lakeside villages have sent emails directly to our Mission, asking to spread the word that help is needed. Donations can be sent by going to

Photo By Bill Muirhead

Recently, local resident Bill Muirhead from Illinois, reported the “situation in the Lake Atitlan region was serious.” He asked Save Lake Atitlan Mission to help in drawing attention around the world regarding Agatha’s death blow, causing numerous death and property destruction around the ancient sacred lake of the Mayans.

“I was in Santa Catarina (3 dead), San Antonio (22, I think, dead), and San Lucas (10) the day following the disaster,” reported Muirhead last week. “I went to finca Pampojila, where I saw two bodies dug up, to Colonia la Esperanza, where six were interred, and to all of the affected colonias of San Lucas.

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Column 1: Reagan Was A Jesuit Shill

Column 1: Reagan Was A Jesuit Shill

Jesuit thin and Jesuit controlled

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 20, 2010

In 1978, I was a young reporter and feature writer for the Belleville News Democrat, an ABC/Cap Cities chain newspaper.

Those were fairly good times in America’s heartland save a racial incident once when I dated a Black girl, kissed her in public and then had a beer bottle thrown at my head from a passing pick-up truck.

There was another time we weren’t allowed in a restaurant. But those are small potatoes in comparison to what’s going on today.

As a young reporter, I have to admit I felt  some kind of truth inside my soul even long before knowing what the truth really, really  meant.

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Twenty-two Dead In San San Antonio And 10 in San Lucas, Guatemala

Twenty-two Dead In San San Antonio And 10 in San Lucas, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan region still digging out from Agatha mudslides

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 11, 2010

Exclusive eyewitness reports to Save Lake Atitlan Mission reveal the death and destruction in the Lake Atitlan region much worse than originally reported.

Help is needed immediately as this report from Bill Muirhead, who lives in the Lake Atitlan region, demonstrates:

“I want to be on your radio show as soon as we can arrange it.,” said Muirhead who wants to get the word out financial help is needed immediatly. Donations can be sent by going to

“I was in Santa Catarina (3 dead), San Antonio (22, I think, dead), and San Lucas (10 dead) the day following the disaster. I went to Pampojila, where I saw two bodies dug up, to Colonia la Esperanza, where six were interred, and to all of the affected colonias of San Lucas.

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