Contemporary Maya Spirituality: The Ancient Ways Are Not Lost

Contemporary Maya Spirituality: The Ancient Ways Are Not Lost

Jean Molesky-Poz’s 2006 book, headlined above, details the essence of Maya culture,

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 17, 2010

According to author Jean Molesky-Poz, the essence of the Mayan culture is rooted in their religious traditions, their oneness with the earth and their artistic representations.

In her book, Contemporary Maya Spirituality: the ancient ways are not lost, Molesky goes far beyond just documenting historical facts but gives the reader a true sense of what lies behind the Maya culture.

She also delves deeply into how ancient Maya traditions today intermingle with modern western culture and how many of the ‘old ways’ are still practiced underground for fear of persecution.

One of the more interesting parts of the book deals with a Maya birth ceremony where the family introduces the child to the Creator and he Earth simultaneously, revealing from the very beginning of life the importance of oneness with the mother earth. There ceremony brings out how the Maya cherished its young and how they realized children possess great wisdom waiting to be unlocked with the proper teaching and nurturing. Continue reading

Judge Buster Sherman Skolnick Remembered

Judge Buster Sherman Skolnick Remembered

He wasn’t afraid to strip away hypocrisy behind ‘black robes’ and get into Pope’s pocketbook

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 15, 2010

Known as the ‘Judge Buster’, Chicagoan Sherman Skolnick once said, the most endangered species in America is an honest judge.

He wrote three short stories before he died about three honest federal judges and all three coincidentally were thrown off the bench for what has to be considered honest practices.

Before Sherman died, I being a Chicagoan as well, sat up many late nights talking with Sherman about his investigations into corruption, including the U.S. Judiciary at the highest levels.

We also talked about the Pope and how the Vatican controlled at least three major banks in America. Sherman enjoyed getting inside the pocket books of the corrupt Vatican and especially, behind the black robe of now head of the U.S. Supreme Court, Anton Scalia.

I remembered a night only a couple weeks before Sherman passed on, he told me Scalia might as well just move his office over to St. Peter’s Square. Sherman was a man who picked his words carefully, as his writings indicate.

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Lake Atitlan Fishermen Ignored By “Powers That Be”

Lake Atitlan Fishermen Ignored By “Powers That Be”

Sacred lake needs immediate help and indigenous fisherman know it!

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 12, 2010

The fishermen of Lake Atitlan know their sacred lake is in serious trouble.

These indigenous fishermen also know their livelihood is at stake if the cyanobacteria problem at Lake Atitlan isn’t corrected.

For the last three months, these fishermen have been working to clean-up Lake Atitlan, but their efforts have been ignored by the powers that be.

They have been going door to door to get support, but have not been able to get the necessary support from any big agencies or environmental groups.

In order to draw world wide attention to get the help they desperately need, we are printing below a plea on behalf of the Association of Chupup Chajil Fishworkers (which in Mayan language means tzutujil guardians of tul) of the municipality/village of San Juan La Laguna, department of Sololá.

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Native Canadians In Rome; Protest Genocide

Native Canadians In Rome; Protest Genocide

Over 50,000 missing children, mass graves uncovered; government and Vatican in denial

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 10, 2010

We can’t forget about our friends in their time of need even though the majority disagrees. As Mark Twain said: If your with the majority, you are probably wrong!

Pastor Annett has helped indigenous people in Canada for more than two decades. His story can be found at

Pastor Annett supports the efforts of Save Lake Atitlan Mission to help the Mayans beacuase he is our friend and the friend of indigenous people around the world.

We are proud to work with a courageous, truthful and honorable individual like him, a man who puts his life on the line in order to stop murder and genocide.

Can you, dear reader, say you would put your life on the line for your beliefs like Pastor Annett and so many other brave indigenous people who died for their people.

Here is a video sent to us by Kevin on his second trip in the last year protesting in Rome. These events occurred just several days ago: Continue reading

Disinterested Third Party Needed To Monitor Cyanobacteria At Lake Atitlan

Disinterested Third Party Needed To Monitor Cyanobacteria At Lake Atitlan

People can’t rely only on government and business groups to control studies and reports

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 9, 2010

A month has passed since word got out, but still no serious contact with four solid companies who want to properly monitor and correct raw sewage and toxic fertilizers flowing into Lake Atitlan at alarming rates.

However, Marvin Romero, a key environmental figure in Guatemala with the supposed right connections, has agreed to at least talk with a third-party private intermediary to get positive talks started.

With the right strategy and financial commitments, the companies poised to make a big difference at Lake Atitlan, plagued with a serious cyanobacteria threatening the very existence of the lake, include Blue Water Satellite, Eco-Tek, Phoslock and Aqua Bella.

Romero has been contacted by a local Lake Atitlan resident and is willing to discuss serious solutions with the companies mentioned above.

Hopefully, Romero has some clout to get through to the “money people” who hold the key in their pocket books for solving serious pollution and poverty in Lake Atitlan, as well as Guatemala in general.

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Lake Izabal and Lake Atitlan Threatened By Over Pollution

Lake Izabal and Lake Atitlan Threatened By Over Pollution

Bill 300 in Canada needs to pass for the betterment of everybody in Gautemala

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 6, 2010

The addition of a few hundred mining jobs near Lake Izabal may be the “death of a sustainable economy” for tens of thousands of hard working Mayans, according to an activist group of both Guatemalens and Canadians working together to preserve fresh water and a clean environment.

“The indigenous people living near Lake Izabal are fighting for their very existence, “ said the Shuswap Association for the Promotion of Eco Desarrollo in a recent newsletter.

Similar environmental problems are threatening the Mayans at Lake Atitlan as unchecked pollution has led to a toxic cyanobacteria problem that has left fresh water undrinkable at the 30,000 acre volcanic crater lake.

Local groups are trying to pull together to solve the raw sewage and toxic fertilizer run-off into the lake, the main culprits for a recent algae outbreak that left 85 per cent of the lake covered with a thick green scum.

Solutions, however, have been almost non-existent as government obstacles and lack of money leaves the lake vulnerable for another heavy algae outbreak when the weather warms in the months to come.

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