Sixty Jesuit Minutes With Jesuit Shill Anton Scalia

Sixty Jesuit Minutes With Jesuit Shill Anton Scalia

What does the head of the Supreme Court have in common with Sir Thomas Moore, a man who enjoyed burning Bible believers at the stake?

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 27, 2010

It is a sad day for America when the head of the Supreme Court is nothing more than a shill for the Vatican-led New World Order.

And Anton Scalia isn’t afraid to tell America ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth” when it comes to his Jesuit roots because he knows most people don’t know “what the hell he is really talking about.”

Most people, of course, will think his Jesuit roots are to be applauded.

Most people will think he is most certainly a learned man trying to do the best he can under difficult circumstances.

But so did most of 16th century England think Sir Thomas Moore was to be applauded and doing the best he could.

Now Saint Thomas Moore, thanks to John Paul’s 2000 decree, and “Justice” Scalia do have much in common.

The pair both work for the Pope. The pair both are Grand Inquisitors of their time.

The pair both respect “mob justice” although Scalia has become more refined and slick in his approach due to the internet and television coverage.

However, even though centuries separate these two loyal papal subjects,there is really only difference between them — a difference which I am sure time will erase.

The difference is Moore burned Bible believers at the stake on behalf of his Roman boss, including William Tyndale, the main translator of the King James and Geneva Bibles.

While Scalia, on the other hand, must ensure death to free thinking Americans by hiding behind his black robes, law books and mahogany office desk.

And it surely must be frustrating for a man like Scalia to have all the fun and pleasure taken out of a good old fashioned “Bible Roast”, but I guess that’s the price people like him have to pay for living in a so-called “civilized world”.

On one of my recent radio shows, I brought up a recent 60 Minutes television show when Scalia told America about his proud Jesuit roots.

And if you know anything about history, Scalia’s proud endorsement also meant he endorsed the burning at the stake of William Tyndale by Sir Thomas Moore.

In response to my radio statement about Scalia, Investigative Journal listener Aaron Burke sent this to the attention of the Arctic Beacon:

“At the behest of Greg Szymanski’s mention of Antonin Scalia’s 60 Minutes interview, I thought it necessary to present this interview to those who may not have seen and for review to those have. Not only does he confirm his Jesuit influence and education, he confirms his consent to torture as an instrument necessary to gain knowledge from suspected criminals or terrorists. This falls in line with his catholic inquisitor forefathers who for several hundred years dominated the known world with ungodly and perfected techniques of torture in an attempt to destroy the protestant reformation. His judicial record is the epitome of the Hegelian dialectic at work. Here is a link to video one of a four part series:

I believe it is the end of part three or beginning of part four where his Jesuit education is discussed. Here is also a link to the CBS transcript regarding the interview pertaining to his Jesuit influence:;contentBody

We now have six of nine Supreme Court justices who are catholic including Sonia Sotomayor who was recently confirmed. Here in this short clip of a lengthier speech Sotomayor made she recklessly admits the court of appeals is where policy is being made. The full version if found also demonstrates her prejudice against particularly the white male:

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