Canadian Orphans Demand Compensation for Sexual Abuse and Torture By Catholic Church

Canadian Orphans Demand Compensation for Sexual Abuse and Torture By Catholic Church

Special News Release To The Arctic Beacon

Washington DC:

The well documented but now largely forgotten Duplessis Orphans case is widely recognized as the largest case of institution-based youth sexual abuse, torture, murder and exploitation in Canadian history. There are about 3000 survivors, who as children were wrongfully put into Catholic Church run orphanages and psychiatric institutions.

While victims have received some minor compensation from the government – the victims of Catholic Church orders remain largely uncompensated for sexual abuse, torture, and human experimentation suffered at the hands of priests and nuns. Now they want an apology and justice from the Catholic Church which has so far avoided liability for its crimes.

Rod Vienneau a world renowned advocate for the Duplessis Orphans and international law expert Dr. Jonathan Levy are seeking to fashion a remedy for the surviving orphans abused by Catholic religious orders and dioceses.

According to Levy, several of the Roman Catholic orders implicated operate and operated in the United States and are subject to US jurisdiction: “This is yet another horrific chapter in the ongoing abuse scandal in the Catholic Church – the organizational perpetrators must be held accountable for their crimes against children.” One of the organizations identified as being behind the sadistic abuse is the Little Franciscans of Mary, a Roman Catholic order long resident in Worcester, Massachusetts,

The victims’ testimonies however tell the true story of the cover up and why justice is now required:

Myrian was locked up in a cell in the St. Julien hospital, one day at the age of 16, Myriam in despair stopped eating in an attempt to die. A nun noticed that she didn’t touch her porridge, the Nun ordered Myriam to eat her porridge or she would shove a mouse down her throat, when Myriam refused to eat her porridge, the Nun went out, came back with orderlies who forcibly restrained Myrian and holding her mouth open, the Nun then shoved the mouse down Myriam’s throat.

Myriam’s brother 4 years old was locked up at the Sainte Anne psychiatric hospital, in Baie St Paul, Quebec, run by The Little Franciscans of Mary. Myriam states that the nuns killed her little brother of 4 years old and has a living witness orphan who remembers this little boy

Clarina was sexually abused sisters at the St. Julien Hospital, she would be put in a straitjacket and attached with a collar around her neck and tied down on a steel bed during the abuse. In order to justify Clarina’s transfer from an Orphanage to a psychiatric Hospital at the age of 11 years old, the Roman Catholic order fabricated a false death certificate.

Sylvio was locked up at the Saint-Jean-de-Dieu pschiatric hospital in Montreal. He was ordered by the Sister’s of Providence of Montreal to collect the bodies of orphans who died from medical experiments, lobotomies, electroshocks, powerful drugs, and torture. His job was to transport the bodies to the morgue situated in the cellar of the hospital, wash the bodies, and store them in a freezer. Sylvio has stated that he transferred about 75 orphan bodies to the morgue, where the Nun’s were selling the bodies for $50 dollars a head to a local medical college.

While survivors continue to lobby the Canadian government for a full disclosure and investigation of the Duplessis’ Orphans case – they are now also seeking direct compensation from the Roman Catholic organizations involved.

For more information:
Dr. Jonathan Levy, Esq.
1629 K Street NW Suite 300
Washington DC 20006 USA
Tel/Fax 1-202-318-2406

Rod Vienneau
Comité Enfants Grande Noirceur
779, Précieux-Sang
Joliette, Quebec, Canada
J6E 2M8
Tel. (450)756 4253

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