The Vatican’s Finances

The Vatican’s Finances

A tangled web of deceit, scandals and hidden loot

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 24, 2010

A rare book only found online and sent by a reader details the complexities and diabolical nature of the Vatican’s finances.

Published in 2003, Dr. Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen’s book, entitled The Vatican’s Finances, takes a deep and dark look at the biggest money lending operation in the world, looking closely at the finances of the Vatican Band and the Holy See.

In the introduction, Guillen says:

“The Vatican has so far been less than totally frank.” That is to say, the Vatican has never ever been frankly honest, open or permitted an independent audit of her finances, which are only known unto this day by the scandals and abuses of power wherein her personages have been involved, and the money launders of their banks.”

Here is a portion of the book and the rest can be found online and will soon be posted on this web site:


The Roman Curia and its ambitious personages, who were
all very experienced and versed in the administration of the
Vatican, have transformed Vatican State into the biggest
commercial and business empire of the whole world. Here
are the personages who take part in the Vatican’s financial
dealings, many of whom still live;
1. The Irish Father John Magee. (Representing the dreaded
National Catholicism of Ireland, a church of fanatical
Catholics who have been waging war against Protestants
for centuries).
2. Father Pasquale Macchi. Secretary of Paul VI, and a
sinister personage in the Vatican’s finances.
3. Cardinal Jean Villot. The Vatican’s secretary of State,
and responsible for opening the door to the K.G.B.
4. Cardinal Agostino Casaroli. The Kissinger of the
Vatican and of the oust politic, who exercised several
moments of political intervention in the governments of
Europe and of the world.
5. Carinal Franz Konig. Archbishop of Viena, mediator of
communism,and council spokesman.
6. Cardinal John Cody. Archbishop of Chicago. A corrupt
personage in the Church (Catholic) of the united states,
friend of Vatican bank/bishop Paul Marcinkus, and, with
Marcinkus, implicated as the thieves of the millions which
disappeared from the Vatican’sBank Ambrosiano.
7. Bishop Paul Marcinkus, banker extraordinary and very
good friend of Papa John Paul II, and responsible for the
trips and non Sancta (unholy) life of the Roman Curia,
including the Pope’s.
8. Michele Sindona. Financial wizard and friend of Pope
Paul VI. At present incarcerated in the NJ Penitentiary for
his illicit mismanagement or mishandling of the money,
9. Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio. The administrative
executive of the Vatican’s finances and prefect of the congregation of bishops, which manages the bank accounts of the world’s dioceses.
10. Cardinal Giovanni Benelli. Whose political and
administrative trajectory is Mafioso.
11. Cardinal Pericle Felici. Prefect of the Supreme Court
and of the Apostolic Signature, or of court called papal.
12. Father Lambert Greenan. Editor of the Vatican’s official
newspaper in English, L” observatory Roman, counselor,
official spokesman, together with the Spaniard Dr. Navarro,
of the Opus Dei, and omnipotent director in the office of
13; Sean Mac Carthy. Vatican radio commentator whose
programs are broadcast in 40 languages the world over.
14. Archbishop Gaetano Alibrandi. Papal Nuncio in Ireland.
A diplomat who is very well acquainted with world
diplomacy; an Irish spy and terrorist.
15. Cardinal Ratzinger. The top theologian and prefect of
the congregation for the propagation of the (Catholic) faith
and of CELAM.

I don’t have space to continue mentioning the whole clique
of sinister personages who administer the Vatican Bank’s
Multimillionaire finances, and whose names and deeds
appear not in the light of the knowledge of the vast majority
of Catholics, who unknowingly contribute, with their alms
and offerings, which are collected throughout the entire
world, to the Vatican’s gross financial corruption.


Without money no institution can function. A mighty
gentleman is Don Money, and all pride and power, all
arrogance and dominance flaunted by the Catholic
ecclesiastical hierarchy rests upon her formidable,
world wide economic power. As I’ll demonstrate in this
documented study, the base and pride of Catholic priests,
cardinals, bishops, and of the whole body of Vatican
functionaries are the Vatican’s finance’s. If you look into
the bank accounts, properties, and the dolche vitta (i.e.
sweet life) of luxurious trips and high class living in the
cities and towns enjoyed by these filthy rich, well versed
Merchant politicians of hypocritical conscience, who claim
to be the representatives of Christ’s church on earth., but
who are nothing by altar Christ who deceive their flocks
with their scholastic philosophy, you will see the reality
that they have brainwashed us, imposed the lie as the truth,
and made us believe black for white never mind that they
are contradicting the very laws of nature. It’s possible that
you will consider or label me an exaggerator or liar. But I
am an honest doctor, monsignor and priest who served this
degenerate institution for fifty years in the most diverse
ecclesiastical charges. And my living experiences and
documentation have accused me to come to the conclusions
which my writings demonstrates. So if you think , I am an
apostate, renegade, or heretic who is lying, think again,
because it’s not like you assume. I am not
excommunicated, and neither have they been able to
excommunicate me, because I still have my sacerdotal
license even though I have had to take them to the courts
to make them respect my human rights and do me justice.
Thousands of priests who have willed to reform so much
corruption and to obey the teachings of Jesus Christ,
whose church is not of this world, but is celestial and
spiritual, have been excommunicate, defamed in the
presence of society, and slandered unmercifully. And
they have realized the deceit and brainwashing that they
suffered in the Trident Seminaries.
The documentation that I present on the finances of the
Vatican, or of the Political state of National Catholicism,
demonstrates that the Vatican and her churches can no
longer justify her claim of representing Christian values
in any way, shape, or form. Her interests are others. Not
the salvation of souls. Her bad examples and finances and
morals, preaching “do what I say and not as I do,” are
now manifest to all.
In the new democracies, there now exists a hope of
correcting and reforming the millennial abuses and
outrages of this most dangerous and economically
powerful sect existing upon the face of the earth. I must
warn that the truth about the Vatican’s finances can only
be found in the writings of those impartial Vatican
historians and true Christians (whom they call sects or
Protestants to discredit them), whose documentation
exists not in Spanish, but in English only, I have been
able to document myself in the United States, so you will
be able to know the truth about the Vatican’s finances.
Because Catholic writers, Jesuits, etc, have taken it upon
themselves to prohibit and include in the Index of
prohibited books to Catholics all those writers who are
not censured and/or approved with the bishop’s nihil
obstat imprimatur. I have believed and still believe that I
will be able to open and arouse the consciences of
millions of my Catholic brothers and sisters who, as this
servant, have been deceived, so that they will cease to
contribute treasury, where, you will analyze, the financial
corruption mercantilism,and dominance that for centuries has monopolized the Vatican dwells.

The finances of the papacy or the Vatican have been
the object of scandals, criticisms of reformers, etc, for
centuries. The histories of the Italian and Papal
Renaissance and finances are intimately tied, in
general, to those of the Spanish, French, and other
European countries and their monarchs. The pope was
the Monarch par excellence; his court where his civil
and ecclesiastical vassals disputed terrestrial riches as
the construction of basilicas, Cathedrals, monasteries,
etc. which were subsidized in part by the Vatican,
which, in the name of Christianity, exercised a total
hegemony in the administration of the treasures in the
West and in America.
The monarchical nobility and aristocracy lived together
with the Roman ecclesiastical aristocracy, divided the
riches with them and lived the dolche vitta until the
starving masses and exploited slaves rebelled in
revolutions surged to put an end to the abuses and
corruption. This came to pass in Italy, France,
Germany, Spain, Russia, etc, where we beheld as
oppressive dictatorships of ships of human beings were
cast down. To fully understand this vital situation, I
recommend you read the true history of humanity
written by impartial authors, because Catholic writers
precisely omit the bloody chapters of the crusades,
inquisitions, militarism of the popes’ armies, and the
struggles unleashed by the Vatican to take over states
and their riches.
The despoilment of National Catholicism, that is, of
the pacts of the Vatican with Catholic governments,
has been responsible, for the most part, for the
material and spiritual backwardness where in we have
lived for centuries. I am completely sure that, if the
Vatican and the Catholic Church and her alliances
with dictatorial governments called Catholic had not
existed, we would today be living in greater spiritual
and economic progress.
The Vatican and her finances still dominate the news
media, multinational enterprises, banks, etc., in the
20th century. And her cardinals, archbishops, bishops
and the generals of the legions of religious orders,
yeah, and even the very clerics and nuns, are they who
live an aristocracy, using Christianity to deceived the
half of mankind, which they exploit, despoil and then
leave in poverty in the name of a poor Christ whose
reign and example and that of his church and disciples
should have given an example of how to live the
counsels of the gospels, and not of enrichment. The
sale of indulgences to build the Basilica of Saint Peter
in Rome, and the sale of all kinds of papal graces and
blessings, was the scandal that led Martin Luther to
criticize her and get excommunicated. And if it were
not for the Jesuits and Spanish Dominicans, Luther
would no doubt have destroyed the Catholic Church,
the usurper and archenemy of the church founded by
Christ on earth, for good. Relics and idolatrous
objects of images, of “invented” saints, etc, filled the
convents and churches with fanatics and ignorant
Catholics, who were even made to believe in flying
asses, and that unless they believed it they would
suffer the punishment of excommunicated or the loss
of salvation. I would need more space to continue


There exist not a larger business, and that has been
able to promote both spiritual and material sales
better, than the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican’s
multinational enterprise. The Mexican Rius, in his
well documented book “puree de Papas” (Puree of the
Popes), pages. 189. 191, mentions the following
Vatican businesses, which he documents on Vatican
Historians. Banks: Bank of Rome, Bank of saint
Spirit, Credit Central of Lazio, 1st central of Credit,
Bank Catholic Veneto, Bank Commercial Italian,
Institute per le Religion (IOR), House of Risparnlo of
Rome, 1st Italian Bank.
The History of the gold, precious stones, and silver
plundered during “missions” can still be analyzed
today in Catholic temples, images, altar pieces, and
profitable, in the famous basilicas and Cathedrals,
collegiate schools, convents, liturgical vestments,
museums, sacred vessels and glasses, monstrance’s,
coupons, chalices adorned of the most costly jewelry
from diamonds to amethysts, from emeralds to topaz,
If you are curious, visit the Basilica de la Macarena
in Seville, Spain, where I once resided, and of which I
am a witness, and you will understand me better. Visit
the Marian Sanctuaries, see the miracle working
Christ and Saint Advocates who heal illnesses, take
care of sins and problems (for a small contribution),
and do your own little study of the Vatican’s
multiform riches and businesses. The famous
coronations of the virgin and pastoral attire of the
bishops and Popes have no comparison and Popes
have no comparison with the crowns of the royalty
and/or nobility.

The Vatican’s businesses:

Alitalia, Sogen Construction, Montecantini, Selt
Vaticano, Olivetti, Ferrosmatto, Victoria Acese
(textiles) Sanitplastica, Lancia (Automobiles), Franco
Tosi (Ind Mec) Soc Italiana Peril Gas, Grupo Pesant
(cement) Progredi, Pibigas, Pantanella (Mills and
Paste), Efim, Roca Victor, sme (Fanancier), 1st
Romano de Beni Stabili, Invest Financiera, Cisa,
Viscosa, Vianini (constructor) 4 Asegurados, Antonio
Biondi (Mills and Pasta), Condotte D Acequa
(constructor of Hilto de Roman Hotel), etc. In the
United States, where the Vatican’s Capitalism is
united to American Capitalism, they are
complemented to take over all the businesses in the
world. And she is so much the more powerful because
she shamelessly uses Christianity to negotiate.
I live in the USA and my statistics of multiple
piblications, businesses, companies for the sale of
religious articles, religious orders dedicated with the
greatest impudence to the sale of alcohol, business of
the poor caritas, picking up or collecting pieces of
furniture, fairs, markets in every and convent, etc, are
unbelievable, I was also a witness of the business
and mercantilism which exists in the parish of Guadalupe, and I have written a book on this corruption, and touching on the finances of the ones in San Diego, the richest one of the USA, and of N.Y.
The shares managed by the Vatican in the UnitedStates are found among the following businesses:

General Motors, Bethlehem Steele, bankers Trust C.O.,
Gulf Oil, Shell, Fiat General Electric, Casino de
Montecarlo, Baretta (Armaments

I was a personal witness, in the Spanish Civil War, of the armaments and millions which the Vatican sent to Franco for to destroy
the Spanish democracy and impose a fascist dictatorship
which lasted for 40 years), TWA AVIATION, Chase
Manhattan Bank, Rothchild Bank, etc. I would not have
sufficient space to prove that the Vatican’s businesses in
the world are the main cause of the material and
spiritual crisis that is sinking humanity. But I could
enumerate the rotund business of the salvation of souls,
which she claims to preach (when the Catholic Church,
with her satanic practices, has led us to a dark alley with
no exit) that is being worked out in every diocese,
parish, and convent of friars and nuns. . . in the name of
Christianity. … in the name of a poor Christ whose
teachings are not the hoarding of riches in this world
but of a spiritual and celestial kingdom.
The Vatican’s businesses are so proliferate and varied
that from a Canadian laboratory that produced
contraceptive (pills) to the sale of little medallions and
scapulars, to saints, miraculous images, apparitions, etc.
everything is an abundant market for to engross the
Vatican’s coffers.


As of world war II, the Vatican’s finances, taking
advantage of the leftovers of nations in bankruptcy,
begging to utilize the stock exchange to do very
profitable business. In like manner, the Vatican’s
monies and gold reserves, which were secured in
great quantities in state bonds and capital stock at a
total and global investor’s interest, were used for the
reconstruction of the Italian, German, and Spanish
countries, which laid in ruins. She thus took over
much of banking finances, and the Vatican’s Banco
Ambrosiano became owner and lord of capitals and
loans in the long run. The Holy See investments, in
those moments, once the war in Italy was lost, start re-
directing here plans internationally, with the
United States’ Dioceses, Cardinals and administrative
officials being the ones which attain an imponderable
administrative coup. The Catholic Church is now also
offering bank loans in Mexico in these moments.
When the Italian lire started devaluing at the end of
1994, therefore, the Vatican retires her money and re-
invests it in dollars, the Japanese yen, UK pounds and
German Marks. T

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