Let The Good Times Roll

Let The Good Times Roll

Goodbye America; hello marimba music

By Greg Szymanski, JD
April 24, 2010

America the free and home of the brave is long gone, a term left for stories of covered wagons and people not afraid to ride shot gun.

What we have left today are a bunch of boot lickers, ready to take a government handout or free church meal at the drop of hat.

This country has turned into a cesspool of followers, their place in the pool defined by the amount of zeros in their checking accounts.

What a sad place to spend a few earthly days!

The mountains, lakes and streams of course are beautiful.

And the wildlife abounds.

In fact, ‘ve been talking lately to numerous elk, dogs and horses, most telling me they are fleeing north or south, fleeing east or west if they catch a boat — fleeing anywhere to escape the madness of the American idiots they live with.

So, where do we go from here?

I personally am following the elk and deer, either north or south, either east or west — anywhere out of this American insanity.

Here is good video explaining why I want out. Why I’d like one day to feel a bit normal again.

Why I’d like to play marimba music and walk with the poor instead of driving one more day on the 405 to the 5 and then to hell’s next freeway interchange.

Let the good times roll even if it is for one happy day!

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