Prill: Can It Help Revitalize Toxic Waters At Lake Atitlan

Prill: Can It Help Revitalize Toxic Waters At Lake Atitlan

It may sound ‘woo-woo’ but those who have tried it say it works

By Greg Szymanski, JD
March 25, 2010

A company selling a water product called Prill may not have all the answers for the outbreak of cyanobacteria at Lake Atitlan, but what they sell may help revitalize tainted and unhealthy lake water still being pumped into homes, hotels and other businesses.

“Yes, we have had a number of successes with Twilight Prills and providing remedies for polluted waters,” said Martin Pytela, head of Life Enthusiast Co-op, who sells the granulated product added to water.

“ Prills help restructure water back to natural rather than damaged industrial (toxic) energy pattern. It sounds a bit ‘woo-woo’ to many people, I realize, but it does make a big difference.

Pytela said he’d love to introduce his product to the indigenous people at Lake Atitlan and is going to work with the help organization, Save Lake Atitlan Mission, to get this accomplished.

He added that once someone tries Prill, “he’ll never us bottled water again because it eliminates chlorine and removes toxins.”

What is Prill?

According to Pytela, Prill Water is super-hydrating, and is a far superior moisturizer to common water. He said it will enhance your nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, and this will improve your health.

“It has increased oxidation reduction potential, lower surface tension, and higher pH than the water you treat, to help reduce the damage from free radicals in your body. Prill Water has alkalizing potential to raise your body’s pH,” added Pytela.

“Lasting many years, these small beads create water that is wonderfully moisturizing, and is absorbed immediately so that every cell (be it human, animal or plant) is properly hydrated. This is the key to healing, and the maintenance of health.

Regarding the situation at Lake Atitlan, he went on:

“We have had a number of reports that indeed this works even on large scale. I have no idea just how much we would have to use on a lake this size. We would have to create some initial project to sponsor a small area, a single bay, and start working it.

“Our company is not big or strong enough to afford to do this for free … We could seed it, and sponsor a drive but we would like to collaborate with people on the ground in Guatemala.”

Here are some testimonies about the effectiveness of Prill found on Pytela’s web site at:,_Precious_Prills

I think it is time to give you an update on our progress on environment reclamation our project. We just finished four weeks into cleaning up the terrible situation here in our own neighborhood. When we first began, the bay was a dead environment – no fish, no birds, only slimy awful looking mucky water.

It was called reclaimed water. Now, after 4 weeks of pouring a gallon of Pill water into the ditch that goes under the street into the bay and one gallon into the bay on the other side of the street there are literally millions of minnows swimming on both sides of the street and fish are jumping up and the birds are back.

We live in Oldsmar, FL which is located between Clearwater and Tampa. The water I am referring to is Tampa Bay which runs into the gulf. The ditch runs under the street (Shore Drive) and into the bay. The water was just mucky water – no fish – no birds. It just looked dead and slimy. If I had thought about this bay running into the gulf, I may have been a little hesitant but we were so thrilled with the miracles we incurred by using the Twilight products in our lives and the testimonials of other mucky water being brought back to life, we said, “Let’s give it a try.”

We use Prill water exclusively. When David asked, “How big is that bay?” I answered “Oh, my, it is big!!!” We read about Florida’s waterfronts going to pot and we had to try. The slime is still coming to the top but we realize that it has to come to the surface to be eliminated. I tell you, nothing could live in that awful water before we began our project. We love getting up every morning and making our regular trip to the bay and the ditch and watching the millions of minnows, fish jumping up and the birds are so happy.

The other day a huge blue, gray and white heron came flying straight toward me across the water and landed in the water just in front of me as if to say “Thank you.” His wingspan must have been at least 5 feet.

Today there were three green and yellow parakeets waiting along with the other birds. It is a thrill to watch the minnows and fish jumping up and the water becoming alive. I can hardly wait to see it crystal clear as we know it will be.

I really believe that that huge beautiful shell was put into that ditch by an angel. It is the most beautiful shell I have ever seen. But I realize that we are supposed to expect a reward when we give. That is the Universal Law. “As a man soweth, so shall he reap.” We don’t do it for that purpose but it has to happen for that is the law. From my book “Metaphysical Techniques That Really Work.”

A man who saw these fish came over and said, “There was never any fish in this muck. I know, for I walk my dog along here every day.” Guess what? I just signed him up for Twilight. Another man who heard of our project came and said, “I want to be part of this.” I signed him up the next day.

Then, we had a miracle. Yesterday, I saw what looked like a huge shell at the bottom of the ditch. Today my husband took along a rake and brought up that shell. It is huge! I tell you, an angel had to put that shell there for I have looked at that ditch every day for 4 weeks and that shell was not there two days ago. Here is the clincher – we brought that shell home and I cleaned it up and it is the biggest, most beautiful shell I have ever seen.

I love shells and I have some big lovely ones, but none of them can compare to this one. This one has the most unique colors and patterns I have ever seen. It now graces the hearth in our living room. I know my angel put it in that ditch. ~Audrey, June 2002
Slimy Pond

We have an extremely polluted pond here that was so bad it was just green slime. You couldn’t even see one inch below the surface. This pond is called a wildlife refuge, but nothing lives there anymore. The pond is about one mile across and two miles long. Just as an experiment I decided to pour some Prill water in it when I went over to that side of the island, which has only been 4 times in 2 1/2 months.

Since I go over there so rarely and poured in only less that a gallon each time, I really didn’t expect much would happen. The first time, bubbles came to the surface, where I put the water in. The second time I could see into the water about three inches down, and each bubble that came up formed two circles about two feet out from the bubble. The third time the water in one area was actually clear out about 30 feet and in the muck on the bottom there were many sets of two circles and gray slime all along the edges.

I went over yesterday and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The water as far as I could see was crystal clear and there were fish swimming around and the birds were back. I had only put in a total of about 2 gallons of Prill Water. It is truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in helping the environment, and it was so easy and it didn’t cost me or the county anything.

If Prill Water can clean up radical pollution, just think of how much good it is doing in our bodies? I thank God and all the people who have worked so diligently to make these incredible products available.
– Mahalo and Much Aloha, Marilyn

Editor’s note: Once known as the most beautiful lake in the world, now Lake Atitlan, a 1000′ deep volcanic lake 130 square km in size, has been taken over by a massive bloom of cyanobacteria that is now entering its toxic phase ending the basic source of water for the thousands of lake shore inhabitants as well as halting the livelihood of indigenous fisherman.

In October 2009, 85 per cent of the lake’s surface was covered with a green algae scum, cutting tourism by 75 per cent, according to local reports.

Also, see more of Greg’s stories below on Atitlan. If you want to help raise money, awareness and meet the immediate needs of the Mayans, contact Look for a new world wide web site coming out in two weeks, galvanizing interests worldwide to see the Mayans and Lake Atitlan are treated fairly. Also, a new weekly radio show will be broadcast highlighting Atitlan and the plight of all indigenous groups in North, South and Central America.

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