Are You a Man or Boy

Are You a Man or Boy

Most Americans don’t know

By Greg Szymanski, JD
February 23, 2010

When I was young, I thought many times what it meant to be a man, what it meant to be a strong man.

The television taught me that meant money and power, conquer the weak and live with the strong.

I spent hours in the gym, earning a college football scholarship. My body was strong but looking back my mind was weak.

I looked at television, drank a lot of beers, scored a few touchdowns, had college paid for but learned absolutely nothing about what it meant to be a man.

But I don’t blame my dad for that. He lost his wife when I was 10, a good solid number to lose your mother.

She died from what they said was leukemia. I never understood it, never will.

People say face up to death. It happens. I never did.

So what is the point of this story? How does it relate to the Vatican, my arch enemy?

Easy. They like death. I don’t. I saw it young and don’t want to see it again.

The hierarchy of my church has facilitated death and the inquisition for centuries and have never quit.

In the end, the lessons of being a man were not taught to me by my father — he couldn’t — not taught to me by the church, not taught to me by anyone until I had to learn them myself at the sorrowful age of 59.

That in my humble estimation is the problem with most American men — they are only big manly bodies with little boy minds.

For example, people told me to read the Bible and you will be a man.

Bad example. What kid listens to a book? Men listen to books and I was never a man so what is the use of reading a bible.

And, another thing, I always wondered, should I capitalize the word bible?

I think not. It’s a book, not a capitol of a city and that is what I was taught.

In fact, I am still trying to figure out how to spell the two capitols, one with an a and one with an o.

Do you know?

I am sure you do and I am sure you will tell me. But it won’t make any difference since I will forget anyway.

It’s easy to forget if you are a boy in a man’s body.

But let me tell you what I figured out anyway.

I figured out faith means you have to believe something is true even if it doesn’t seem that way. The world tells me there is no God but I believe it anyway.

The world tells me evil wins always, but I believe good always conquers evil.

I believe honor, dignity and courage are better then money and power even if the world tells me otherwise.

I believe someone is telling me this and it’s my real Father even though the world tells me I am possessed by demons of weakness.

In the end, the dilemma facing America is for men to understand what being a man really means.

I am not saying I am an expert overnight on this subject, but let’s say I know true love never dies. It lives on for those you love, for the neighbor next door, for the country and land we walk on.

My only hope is don’t the hierarchy of the church I once belonged to destroy that.

One thought on “Are You a Man or Boy

  1. May 9, 2010 Gnostic Media podcast no. 77 mit Brett Veinotte @ 55 min)
    “But I just kept finding that every time I focussed on a specific area I would eventually come to a door. And I would open it and I would be in a room. And then there would be eight doors and I would have to open all of those doors. And then there would be eight more rooms with eight more doors in each room … And you have this protracting research project in so many different areas where you’re just getting deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. […] connecting and communicating and networking and sharing that information that I’m really really very very optimistic about what is developing right now and what can developed in the next five to ten years. I mean, we lived – “we” meaning people – for so long, you know, through these very very strict and dark periods where information was so carefully managed and controlled and I think that modern schooling in democratic societies is trying to do what the church accomplished throughout most of the Middle Ages, which was suppress information. And those days are over! […] I did an entire show about the decentralization of information and communication as a key to being able to move beyond something like government education system, which is one of the like last ditched efforts out of sort of centralized information control system.”

    Concerning his comparison between government schooling (“The State’s Facade of Honor and Benevolence” – School Sucks podcast no. 17) and the Romish Constantinian mother institution (“Der Staat ist die Kirche.” – The state is the church.) with its “monolithic, encompassing think and control system” (The MacMillian Atlas History of Christianity by Franklin H. Litell, Macmillian Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1976), I’ve said to him: That’s so true in my opinion because, you know, the college school system is completely Jesuit-designed and Loyola that’s where loyalty comes from – can you imagine all the implications that come along with that ‘givenness’?!

    Don’t miss his magnificent interview with Stefan Molyneux on Freedomain Radio – it’s mindblowing!
    (I don’t like the new outfit design of The Investigative Journal – Help, it’s ugly! – but its contents are still stunning.)


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