Joe Stack Story Smells Funny

Joe Stack Story Smells Funny

One word about suicide pilot and IRS

By Greg Szymanski, JD
February 18, 2010

One word about the suicide pilot who crashed his plane into an Austin, Texas, IRS building today since nobody in this warlike, hostile country will be reading anything else.

First of all the whole thing smells funny.

His name is supposedly Joe Stack. Funny name and sounds made-up.

Secondly our Mr. Stack writes a long 7 page suicide note on a neatly constructed web site, saying in part brain dead Americans need to fight and die for their freedom.

Again sounds funny, like some kind of CIA/FBI mind controlled made for television movie plot.

Thirdly, our suicide “homegrown terrorist” pilot slams into a tiny high rise, making us think of 9/11 all over again. Not so funny, but plays out well, doesn’t it?

But of course this time let’s get serious it’s an American and conveniently it will justify more laws, like the Patriot Act after 9/11, to control anyone who dares say anything bad about the government, the Vatican or the IRS.

I can see it now.

More stringent laws to protect good ole America because anyone who says one bad word might resort to tactics used by our Mr. Stack. And of course now we have to protect ourselves from domestic homegrown terrorists like Mr. Stack, not just the Arabs.

Let’s be clear about one thing.

We are in the second part of a three-stage takeover of this country, this stage being the one called the period of escalated violence.

But one thing for sure this latest Mr. Stack episode is designed to tighten the screws on anyone who talks or even breathes against the elitist owners of this country.

That’s right we Americans are owned by our Vatican and corporate controllers and have no rights anyway. So think about it: Why crash a plane into a building anyway?

Well, I guess the typical American dissident is one who has breakfast then decides to blow up his local IRS office? But that’s what they want you to believe and people will begin believing it because they saw it on TV.

In fact, we shouldn’t make these rich elitist owners of our country laugh any harder then they already are laughing when we say things like we are going to fight for our rights.

What rights?

I personally, and call me crazy if you’d like, do not want to fight for any reason whatsoever for rights I never really had in the first place.

If you think about it, it really has all been an illusion, an illusion of freedom and rights from the beginning.

Plain and simple. You never had any rights and you never will!

And, in fact, while we’re at it, why don’t we all just admit we enjoy watching explosions, people jumping from buildings and planes ripping people into confetti.

At least I admit it because isn’t it just entertainment, right.

And isn’t that what you have been trained to believe from the very beginning, trained to believe the news in America is just entertainment?

Haven’t we all been conditioned over the years to believe the more violent, the bloodier it is, the more we like it?

And anyway it’s all just a Hollywood movie, right?

So give me more blood, more bodies, more war. Give it to me every day, every hour, every minute!

Like the late comedian George Carlin said “war is really all America is good at anyway.”

War and violence. Invasions and coups. Invasions of especially brown countries. That’s our specialty, isn’t it?

But now it’s getting even better because we have planes flying into buildings right in our own backyards which makes it more fun?

And next why can’t we have public be-headings in the streets like in the old days.

And wouldn’t it be especially nice if it was in your local neighborhood and it just so happened to be covered by CNN and just so happened to be the big bad head of a neighbor whose barking dog drove you extremely nuts!

Yes, we are a warlike people who can’t do anything else, like Carlin said, but make war and of course watch war.

Can’t make cars so we hang out in bars. Can’t make steel so most people can’t even get a meal.

But, folks, when it comes to war that’s our specialty. That’s our one thing we are so especially proud of and the one main reason to so proudly fly the red, white and blue, especially on all the warlike holidays we have.

So while the Joe Stack made for television movie plays out in every American home for the next two months, remember the corporate owners will be jamming that big red, white and blue flag, like Carlin said, right up your “you know what” until they steal every last bit of land and money you ever had.

And, you know, they’ll get all of it. They’ll get it all because everyone will be glued to the TV set, watching countless Joe Stack stories until finally, once and for all, the owners will come running to finally take all of our precious television sets away.

Yes, gone all the TV sets. Now that’s something to really get your teeth into and really fight for, right Americans?


6 thoughts on “Joe Stack Story Smells Funny

  1. Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly Greg. The people are so mesmerized by entertainment, dope, alchohol; they don’t see nothing amiss.The Jesuits have been at this so long and at such a steady keel, that it has been indoctrinated into their very being. The people are not totally to blame. Only God’s children are even somewhat awakening (ever so slightly) to the false pretenses of life NOW upon this Earth.

    From the cradle to the grave engulfed in fascist socialism NEVER coming to the truth, none are the wiser. None seek our Lord, they can’t behold Him, His Kingdom is not real to them,(FAITH)! so they meander their Mary way thru this jungle of darkness never taking the time to truly seek the living God or His Son Jesus Christ who offers freedom, hope, and eternal life “Free” for the asking. They continually habituate meandering down thru the tunnels of misery and death set forth upon this world by the master deceiver satan.

    This guy and his pseuodym name like you said; as soon as I read this I knew it was psyops! Like a replay pasteurized/minuteurized of 9/11.Well, they have pissed me off so I am gonna kill myself; I’ll show them!???????? Come ON! And the world sleeps on. Like my site… who really grasps what I have written there? Who really believes? We do what we do by faith Greg. Taking our stand for the GOD of the universe and His Son who came willingly to this fallen piece of dirt to be murdered by a bunch of deceived and unaware beings that are in all actuality blind to everything around them.This was Steven’s prelude to the Lord’s death, and his heart; ‘forgive them Father for they know not what they do. This is how our Lord said to His Father : forgive them for they know not what they do!

    As I stated previously, most will not understand even at the 2nd Resurrection; even beholding the Kingdom before them, they still will not grasp they have missed their calling. Same as Sodom and Gamorrah, flood of Noah’s day. Same as Today. Nothing new Brother, under the SUN. Praise be our God and His Son Jesus Christ for the truth, hope, sacrifice, wisdom, understanding and their mercy and grace! All Glory belongs to them! Avenueoflight (new site coming soon)


  2. Thanks, Greg. Reading your articles makes me feel better. Not “more hopeful for my country” and all that gas, just better. Things are so weird nowadays.


  3. Nationalism.
    Wars and protests against wars, will be American nationalism.

    The reputation of USA’s 20th century, where you folks over there had a war in every generation since the First World War; Where Americans at first where on the side of the Germans, but than propaganda was used, in order to get Americans on the historical enemy side, the British. These British, infested with Romanism and neck-ties on schools. And still as afraid as ever, since you Americans defeated the British in the war of independence. I comment you Americans.

    Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sandinistas, a CIA interfering every where on the Planet, war against drugs, war against terrorism.
    War is the American way.

    I’m not protesting here. In nature, that is the word of YHVH (Gen 1:3), war is also the way to survive. Vegetarians have a hard time in nature, fleeing the murderers in the animal kingdom. One might ask one self though, whether any one but The Lord I Am can judge. I myself do not have the wisdom to judge any thing.
    If war is a reality of nature, why than do some countries have peace?

    Any ways, I do not believe Joe Stack is a lone gunman, although it looks that way very very very much. In 2009 there was a murder attempt on the Queen of Holland, while the media lied it was a lone gunman, but many visitors here who understand what Jesuits and Counter Reformation is about, will understand that there is a very slim chance, that this is truth. I might even go so far to say: If the media claim a lone gunman, it will be a huge team organizing it, because a real lone gunman would be called a dangerous terrorist either in the form of those terrible Muslims, that took Jerusalem from the Pope, or the Conspiracy nuts, that will be most American intellectuals lecturing at universities.

    These are very intelligent people:
    Experienced Pilots an Aviation experts.
    Architects and Professors.
    The smart are beaten by the stupid. Because of Democracy.
    May the best man win


  4. Alright! Now, what proof do you have to throw a question into such a great con job on the American People??? I think it is plausible, and I also think you may be on to something, but there is so much dung flying now it is hard to know what to believe anymore. Also, it is hard to know what you want to believe too. Any answers to my query will be very much considered food for thought…


  5. I live in Austin, Texas, not far from the Joe Stack plane crash. I also try to follow closely events as they unfold. It’s just an observation — but for what it is worth —
    Let’s face it — they have all but “crippled” the commercial airline business with all the the “Security”, etc. — so I have concluded for some time now that due to this fact, many people of at least some means, have abandoned the commercial liners in favor of Private Aircraft in order to maintain their “Freedom”. Perhaps, one of the reasons they chose this small private aircraft was to be able to justify now going after the remaining “Freedom” left to flying — which is private small airplanes in order to “Control” this mode of air travel, as well as commercial. As a matter of fact, I have already heard one reporter here say just exactly this — that they now need to look at controls over the private airplane travel — for, of course, as usual — our security and protection.
    Concerning Mozart — could you comment on his early demise. For many years, being at times associated with classical musicians, I have heard it contended that he was murdered. I have also heard that his father, and of course, him were both used by Jesuits as operatives. Also, why would they wish to promote his name and have others compose this music and credit to him? What would they gain? I am not exactly clear on this matter. It was an interesting interview and I hope to get his book. Obviously the Jesuits have controlled artists, musicians, etc. I believe that Rubens, the artist, worked for them. Are you aware of any other musicians that this would be the case?
    Thanks, Greg, for all you do — we appreciate it.


  6. As concerns the information put forth by both you and Brother Phelps concerning George Washington, something that has always puzzled me, not mentioned by either of you, is the fact that following the War, he joined forces with Alexander Hamilton to push forward a National Bank (similar to the Federal Reserve and obviously against the principles for which he had just won the war) and this being a banking system opposed by his life-long friend, George Mason, and also opposed by Thomas Jefferson. Obviously, the Washington/Hamilton team won and the bank was established, most unfortunately. I understand that this difference of values and stands taken on this issue cooled greatly the life-long friendship of Mason and Washington. It seems to me that Mason took the moral “High-ground” and knew he would sacrfice the friendship. It is also my understanding that Mason and Jefferson both paid a price for their stand. I believe that this national bank is the one that Andrew Jackson “Took down”. Let me know if I have not stated correctly some of this — but this is my information, at present.
    On another moral issue of difference between Washington and Mason would be the matter of the Bill of Rights — which is why Mason did not sign the original document — no Bill of Rights — Washington did not join this stand, which is the moral one — and he campaigned for passage without the Bill of Rights. Could it be that the Jesuits “got to Washington” after the war — in that it was then that he helped establish the national bank (going against what he had just fought the war to win against such entities), went with the Jesuit founding of the Capitol on Jesuit land in DC, etc.? I am always interested in your astute opinion.


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