FDR and Ike: Two Big Vatican-led NWO Traitors

FDR and Ike: Two Big Vatican-led NWO Traitors

Both pupets of Jesuit Fr. Edmund Walsh of Georgetown U

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan. 25, 2010

Two former presidents, considered public heroes, should be remembered as traitors.

Both Franklin Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower were Jesuit puppets, working for the New World Order and their masters in Rome, not the American people.

Their puppet master was Jesuit Fr. Edmund Walsh, a man who helped orchestrated World War II and made sure all world leaders were on the same page no matter what side of the war they were on.

Here are two overviews of Roosevelt and Eisenhower’s careers, much of the information about the pair’s hidden agenda covered up by the compliant Vatican-controlled press.

Much of the following information taken from on-evil.org

Frankin D. Roosevelt

Born in the town of Hyde Park in the old Dutch colonial enclave of Hudson Valley, New York State, US as the only child to James Roosevelt and Sara Ann Delano of ancient Dutch and French ancestry respectively.
James Roosevelt was a wealthy and powerful member of New York aristocracy whose business interests were primarily in coal and transportation. He was vice president of the Delaware and Hudson Railway and president of the Southern Railway Security Company.
The Roosevelt clan migrated from the Netherlands to New Amsterdam (later New York City) towards the end of the 17th Century, gradually growing in political, financial and social influence with the city.
Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Theodore (“Teddy”) Roosevelt shared the same common ancestry back to Nicholas Roosevelt (1658-1742), one of the children of Claes Martenzsen Van Rosenvelt, the imigrant ancestor of the Roosevelt family.
Franklin attended Groton School in Massachusetts and then Harvard. While at Harvard, his fifth cousin Theodore Roosevelt became president and he became the role model and hero of Franklin.
At Harvard he met his fifth cousin Anna Eleanor Roosevelt and the two married in March 1905. President Theodore Roosevelt stood in at the wedding for Eleanor’s deceased father Elliott.
The couple had six (6) children Anna Eleanor (1906–1975), James (1907–1991), Franklin Delano, Jr. (March 3, 1909–November 7, 1909), Elliott (1910–1990), a second Franklin Delano, Jr. (1914–1988), and John Aspinwall (1916–1981).
In 1905, he entered Columbia Law School, but dropped out (never to graduate) two years later in 1907. Given he had already passed the New York State Bar exam, Franklin took a job with the prestigious Wall Street law form of Carter Ledyard & Milburn in 1908.
In 1911, Roosevelt was elected to the New York State Senate. Reelected for a second term November 5, 1912, he resigned from the New York State Senate on March 17, 1913 taking up a position as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to Josephus Daniels in the Woodrow Wilson administration.
As Assistant Secretary, Roosevelt expanded the Navy, including founding the United States Naval reserve. He was active in a number of Imperialist military actions by the United States including using the Navy and Marines to intervene in several Central American and Caribbean countries. In 1915, Roosevelt had a significant part in the constitution imposed on the people of Haiti by the United States in 1915.
An enthusiast of the partnership of selected Industry and Finance houses in the funding and building of new US weapons, Roosevelt was instrumental in establihsing the US Submarine Fleet. In 1918, he visited England and France and met Winston Churchill for the first time. At the end of the war, Roosevelt was charged with demobilizing Naval assets, a role he opposed and succeeded in watering down.
In 1920, he resigned as Assistant Secretary to the Navy to run as Vice Presidental candidate with Governor James M. Cox of Ohio on the Democratic Presidential ticket. He was soundly defeated and returned to legal practice. In 1928 he was elected Governor of New York forming an unholy alliance with the Catholic Irish powerbase of the Tammany Society.
In 1932, Roosevelt secured the Democratic Presidential nomination and this time formed a powerful team around himself including Joseph P. Kennedy, William Randolph Hearst, the former first Chairman of the Federal Reserve William Gibbs McAdoo and Jesuit Fr. Ed Walsh. At the election that year, Roosevelt won in a landslide.
Outgoing President Hoover requested that Roosevelt join forces to stop the spiraling financial banking crisis crippling American business. Many of the key advisers of Roosevelt were the same bankers, lawyers and businessmen, who had helped start the financial crisis in the first place.
Roosevelt refused and America virtually ground to a halt in the final months of the Hoover presidency as a result, causing greater hardship to millions. A month before his inauguration in February 1933, Roosevelt narrowly escaped an assassination attempt.
His inauguration in 1933 coincided with the bleakest financial and living conditions in America since the Jamestown. Immediately, Roosevelt unleashed a record number of Bills, all of which passed Congress and the Senate easily. It cannot be denied that the sheer amount of detailed new laws implemented by Roosevelt in the first 100 days point to a well coordinated and funded plan that must have been in operation for at least fourteen to eighteen months prior to his election.
The amount of change is astounding and unprecedented in American 20th century history. In his first 100 days, Roosevelt and his team:
+ Instituted the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) which eventually hired 250,000 unemployed on low wages for government infrastructure work and assisting in the building of infrastructure for large private enterprises.
+ Expanded the powers of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation enabling large corporations such as railroad, arms manufacturers, oil and mining companies to get cheap government loans. This helped accelerate the arms manufacturing industry and help offset major American multi-national investment in the building of the arms industry of Nazi Germany.
+ Setup the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) to subsidize the largest food manufacturing companies with major land holdings by subsidizing their profits and increasing the prices for essential food and staples as they were paid to abandon productive land and reduce livestock. This had the effect of driving many small and medium farmers out of the business, who could no longer compete with large food producers increasing the suffering of the American people.
+ Iintroduced the National Industry Recovery Act which suspended anti-trust laws effectively re-monopolizing key markets to big business, shutting down fair competition under the excuse that price stability of large monolithic corporations holding control of whole markets was better than the uncertainty of a market driven economy. The US Supreme Court found his particular law unconstitutional in 1935, but the decision was ignored by Roosevelt.
+ Introduced new banking regulations including the setup of the Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate Wall Street and make it harder for new companies to raise public capital. It started the following year with close friend and presidential fundraiser Joseph P. Kennedy in charge.
+ Amended the Volstead Act (Prohibition) with the Cullen-Harrison Act allowing the sale of alcohol once again across America, but this time with heavy federal regulation and federal taxes.
+ Unleashed unprecedented public spending on public works such as new energy plants for industry, new roads for the sale and use of motor vehicles and new rail for commercial freight.
+ Sent the United States into bankruptcy on account of the massive government subsidies to major US corporations and the unemployed. In turn, Roosevelt turned to his friend and advisor William Gibbs McAdoo and the Jesuit controlled banks holding effective majority of the US Federal Reserve to loan the United States massive loans in order to underwrite the printing of more currency.
+ Confiscated all privately held gold held by US citizens under Executive Order 6102, handing it over to the US Treasury, who then in turn handed it back to the privately owned financial cartels the US Federal Reserves. Roosevelt claimed this was necessary to ensure the security of the massive loans to the private Jesuit banking cartel. This single act represents the greatest theft of private property in US history and comparable to the scale of Communist theft of private property after 1917. Americans would not be allowed to own gold again until 1974.
In contrast to this massive amount of change inflicted upon the American people by Roosevelt upon assuming office, he steadfastly refused to support global plans that would have brought the global economic crisis to a swift end. At the London Economic Conference of 1933 attended by representatives of 66 nations, all eyes and hope were on Roosevelt. Instead of supporting pragmatic economic measures including the strengthening of the gold standard, Roosevelt did the complete opposite – effectively destroying the international currency and monetary system overnight through the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, banning gold exports. The actions of Roosevelt had the immediate effect of drying up the last remaining liquidity capital in global markets and forcing the United States to borrow large sums of money from the private bankers owning the US Federal Reserve – economic decisions that defy logical explanation to this day.
If nothing else, the decision by Roosevelt in 1933 to deliberately and consciously destroy global liquidity markets in the midst of a global liquidity crisis remains one the greatest acts of economic terrorism of the 20th Century and directly contributed to the deaths of millions through starvation, including the wars that ensued less than seven years later.
By the start of 1935, American large corporations favoured under Roosevelt were making unprecedented profits both in the US and abroad, especially in Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. The Motor companies Ford and General Motors alone made enormous sums in establishing manufacturing plants for building tanks and military transport vehicles – later used to kill American soldiers in World War II. Standard Oil made huge sums in providing fuel for the Third Reich as well as specialized aircraft oils vital to maintain the operation of aircraft – even during World War II when these same planes were used to destroy American fighters and bombers. One of the most successful new companies under this new era of capitalism was the company formerly called International Business Machines Corporation, who supplied the first commercial computing services to the Nazis and Heinrich Himmler in order to process names, addresses and personal details of tens of millions of people to be either rounded up for elimination, or allowed to live. Without US innovation by US companies, the Holocaust simply logistically wouldn’t have been possible.
However, Roosevelt had a major problem in having any chance of winning re-election. While big business had been making every increasing profits, the conditions of average Americans had barely improved with over 20% still unemployed. With just a few months out from the election, in a desperate move, Roosevelt launched the Social Security Act promising for the first time to provide support to the elderly, the poor and sick. At the same time, Roosevelt launched the National Labor Relations Act guaranteeing unions right to collective bargain in the workplace and strike. These two new laws had the effect of turning around his support and Roosevelt was re-elected for another term starting in 1936.
Safely re-elected, Roosevelt began transforming the United States to a fully fledged Fiat Currency based on the ability to extract taxes from its citizens. New higher National Income Tax standards were not introduced until the wartime conditions of World War II. In 1936-37, his proposed tax on corporate savings were rejected. However, Roosevelt succeeded in nationalising and increasing new payroll taxes which had the effect of dramatically driving up unemployment from around 14.3% in 1937 to 19% by 1938.
In 1939, when Hitler invaded Germany and England declared war, Roosevelt ensured that the United States remained neutral. For one thing, much of the Nazi war machine had been manufactured and financed by American multinational companies.
He died whilst still in office on April 12, 1945.

Dwight Eisenhower

Born the third of seven sons in Denison, Texas to David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Elizabeth Stover. His father was an Engineer while his mother was a devoted follower and supporter of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses). The family home served as the local meeting hall for the group from 1896 to 1915.
The constant and regular exposure of Eisenhower to End of the World imagery mixed with Bible prophecy by the Jehovah’s Witnesses had a profound impact on him throughout his life. While he was never a gifted student, nor known for his intellect, his fascination in occult and religious power placed him more than once midst powerful men, who assisted his career.
Dwight graduated from High School around 1909 at the age of 19. He then took a night shift labouring job at the Belle Springs Creamery. In 1911, Eisenhower attempted to apply for the Naval Academy but failed the basic entrance exam. In later years, his record was changed to claim he passed, but was somehow ineligible on account of his age, even though he qualified under the age limit at the time.
Later that year (1911), powerful US Senator for Kansas Joseph L. Bristow used his influence to get Eisenhower into West Point Military Academy. The motivation for this act and how he came to know Eisenhower has never been properly explained. At Westpoint Eisenhower again he showed mediocre academic skills, but managed to scrape through and graduate.
Unlike most of his fellow graduates, Eisenhower never saw action in World War I. Instead, he spent the first few years with the National Guard and then assigned to various new tank corps where he met General Fox Conner. He had the dubious honor of having his temporary rank of Major being revoked and being demoted back to Captain by 1922.
When General Conner was appointed Camp Gaillard, Panama and the Panama Canal Zone, he made Eisenhower his executive officer – a role he held from 1922 until 1924. It was under the guidance of General Conner that Eisenhower found a grounding in essential military strategy and politics. After finishing his term with Conner, Eisenhower was promoted again to Major and attended the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth.
His career then stagnated for five years until in 1929 he was appointed Executive Assistant to General George Moseley, then Secretary of War. In 1933, he was then appointed chief military aide to General Douglas MacArthur and accompanied him to the Philippines. It was through MacArthur that Eisenhower first came to the attention of the all-powerful American Jesuit Fr. Edmund A. Walsh. MacArthur was educated by the Jesuits and Walsh was his influential patron.
Eisenhower quickly became an even more deeply devoted fan of Fr. Walsh and his geopolitical mind than his superior General MacArthur.
At the outbreak of World War II in 1939, Eisenhower returned from the Philippines at 49 but a Lt. Colonel. By June 1941, six months before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, Col. Eisenhower was appointed to the War Department General Staff in Washington D.C. and to a role holding the temporary rank of Brigadier General.
Whatever his role in the events leading up to Pearl Harbour, he soon held favour with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, another staunch supporter of Fr. Edmund A. Walsh S.J.
In December 1943, President Roosevelt announced Eisenhower, still then only officially holding the rank of Colonel would be the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, being promoted immediately to being a four star Major General – one of the most dramatic rise in promotions in American history.
The announcement sent shockwaves through the US and even the Allied forces as Eisenhower was promoted over the heads of over fifty seasoned military leaders, including his former friend and mentor Douglas MacArthur – all of whom had far greater skill and merit.
Upon his arrival in England in 1943, a controversial claim has been made that Eisenhower received a communique from senior members of the SS offering clear and specific terms of unconditional surrender of all German forces, including the assassination of Hitler, if the Americans would help halt the Soviet advance into Central Europe.
Whether true or false, there is no question that Eisenhower quickly shelved the Churchill plan of a 1943 invasion while the Nazi forces were in a state of disarray and allowed the Germans a full six months to re-arm and re-equip their French forces ahead of any invasion.
In 1944, Eisenhower was confirmed as a Five Star General and Chief of the Army. In spite of the massive logistical superiority of the Allied forces, the Eisenhower D-Day plan very nearly failed. Again, during the Battle of the Bulge Eisenhower inexplicably ordered the halt of the encirclement of German forces enabling up to 150,000 to escape and prolonging the war a further twelve months.
No rational, military or political explanation for this order has ever been given. The effect of Eisenhowers deliberate decisions to prolong the war cost an additional 100,000 allied personnel and effectively handed Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union.
One man that did know the truth was Gen. George Smith Patton. On December 9th 1945, the day before he was due to fly back to Washington to meet with President Truman with proof that Eisenhower was a traitor who had costs the lives of thousands of American soldiers and millions of civilians, he was seriously injured in a “road accident” near Mannheim, Germany on 9 Dec 1945 (dying in hospital 21 December 1945). Miraculously the other occupants of the car in which Patton was critically injured escaped unharmed.
To counter the claims and rumour mills, Eisenhower authorised the leak of stories to damage the character of Patton including blaming Patton for the escape of the 150,000 soldiers of the German army and that Patton was mentally unstable. These false rumours still persist today.
However, there can be no doubt about the direct orders of Eisenhower in Operation Keelhaul- the repatriation of over two million former Russian prisoners of war to Joseph Stalin. While the actions of Eisenhower have always been maintained as a fact of life following the Yalta Agreement between Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt, the manner and clear fate of these poor souls was nothing short of Genocide on the same level as Adolf Hitler and the SS.
Eisenhower deliberately used the same logistical infrastructure of the Nazis used to murder millions to transport the millions of Russian prisoners of war to concentration camps until they could be handed across to the Soviets for mass execution.
During this time, tens of thousands died from malnourishment, from ill treatment and sickness at the hands of Eisenhowers “special units” in charge of the operation. Many simply died in the same manner as the Jewish victims who had also been carted like sardines in the same train carriages years before.
Following the end of the war Eisenhower was appointed Military Governor of the US Occupation Zone. He was instrumental in dismantling key evidence of the live human sacrifice of millions via the ovens at concentration camps. Eisenhower also played a crucial role in eliminating as much evidence as possible concerning the direct role of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits in World War II. He was rewarded in being made a Knight of Malta by the Vatican.
In 1953 Eisenhower won the Presidency of the United States in a landslide along with his young Vice President Richard Nixon.
His Presidency was notable for the closeness the world came to Nuclear war.
The original and official standard of the United States was changed under his presidency to “In God we Trust” a direct and deliberate heresy against the fundamental tenets of the Declaration of Independence that sought the United States to be a secular society.
He died in 1969.

List of most evil crimes
Type Year Crime
Of deliberately lengthening the European war causing further crimes against humanity: (1943) That in 1943 senior members of the SS did offer clear and specific terms of unconditional surrender of all German forces to Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower and his senior staff, including the assassination of Adolf Hitler on the single condition that the Soviets would not be allowed to advance into Central Europe. That rather than seizing upon this information to press ahead with the Churchill plan of a 1943 European Invasion, Gen. Eisenhower recommended to President Roosevelt the Nazi truce offer be declined and the invasion postponed, thereby lengthening the war for two more years. Furthermore, during the 1944 “Battle of the Bulge”, Gen. Eisenhower did order a halt in encirclement of German forces enabling up to 150,000 to escape and thus prolong the war further. In both cases, the delays recommended by Gen. Eisenhower did enable the soviet forces of Fr. Joseph Stalin S.J. to increase their hold of Eastern Europe. Furthermore, that these deliberate and still inadequately explained delays did cause the needless deaths of over 200,000 soldiers, including at least 100,000 allied personnel and Americans.
Of Murder (political assassination): (1945) That Gen. George Smith Patton was assassinated by a fraudulent “road accident” near Mannheim, Germany on 9 Dec 1945 (dying in hospital 21 December 1945) after having requested a meeting with President Truman concerning evidence from the Nazis in his possession that Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower was both a traitor and operative working on behalf of the Vatican and the Soviet Union. Miraculously the other occupants of the car in which Patton was critically injured escaped unharmed. That to this day, the claim that Patton was about to expose Eisenhower have been denied. Furthermore, that Eisenhower and his supporters did besmirch the character and memory of war hero Patton including the complete lie that the escape of over 150,000 of the German army on the halt on August 31, 1944, of the Third Army was because it ran out of fuel. Furthermore that Patton was overlooked for more senior positions and was about to be relieved because he was mentally unstable. To this day, these deliberate lies to conceal the patriotism of Patton against Gen. Eisenhower being one of the greatest traitors of American history are still regarded as true.
Of publishing false statements for the purpose of concealing the origin of crimes against humanity: (1945-1961) That General Dwight D. Eisenhower and other senior Catholic Allied commanders did deliberately permit false documents to be planted in order to be “found” claiming that the Final Solution Plan (the extermination of the Jews) was organized much later in the war at an alleged conference at Wannsee Villa in Berlin on January 20, 1942. That these false records and minutes for a an SS meeting were patently false based on the fact that the SS never took minutes of their own meetings, nor would have permitted such documentation to remain unguarded. That the fraud perpetrated by Eisenhower was motivated by ensuring the window of systematic human sacrifice by the Catholic controlled Nazis was a small as possible (only 1943-45 by the false documents of Eisenhower), thus justifying the claim that the Allies “did not know” what the Germans were doing with death camps. Furthermore that claims of the death camps being built as late as 1942 and closed down within only a couple of years were falsely claimed and even supported by accused to reinforce the false position. That these false documents were then introduced into evidence during the Nuremberg Trials of a handful of Nazis.

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  1. According to Patton in his “The Patton Papers” Ike was hardly even to be considered a second rate clerk, and according to Patton if it hadn’t been for Ike borrowing Patton’s crib notes taken years earlier at Ft Reilly Kansas Command School Ike would have failed and says so in his letter to Patton later on.

    The lates book on Patton’s assassination links the OSS and the Vatican is his murder.

    Lots of detail Greg, enjoyed reading it.


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