A Texas Tale and Jesuits Meet Head On

A Texas Tale and Jesuits Meet Head On

The same crooked system but nobody knows what it is, do they?

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 27, 2009

Patriots know a lot about a lot of things and always seem to be trying to get “out of the system.”

There was a time not too long ago everybody talked about getting in, talked about getting their own big fat piece of the American pie.

Now everybody wants out.

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Hidden History: America, The New Atlantis

America: The New Atlantis

The occult embedded in our historical and religious roots

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 20, 2009

The biggest mistake made by Patriots and Christians, fighting for state and religious freedom, is they fail to understand and pinpoint the enemy and its occult roots and tactics.

Patriots talk about the evils of the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, banksters and elites, but never touch on the occult roots of those in charge of their secret societies, including the Vatican.

Christians, on the other hand, dig their noses deep into the Bible, which is not a bad thing, but never seem to come up for air to understand how the occult has permeated their Christian roots.

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A Simple Homeless Man Passes On Keys to Heaven

A Simple Homeless Man Passes On Keys to Heaven

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec 19, 2009

The other day walking to my car at Trader Joe’s, someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind.

“My, good man, ” said a deep voice.

“Can I give you a dollar or something?” I asked, looking at a disheveled old man with torn clothes and toes sticking out of his shoes.

“I don’t want your money, just want to tell you about the Anti-Christ.”

“Oh, is that all,” I said laughingly, thinking this was not the time or place.

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Get Spanked and Become an Instant Millionaire

Get Spanked and Become an Instant Millionaire

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 13, 2009

Someone mentioned the other day a punk kid in this cockeyed country sued one of his teachers and church guardians, receiving a $1.25 million dollar reward for a simple spanking on his bottom.

If things were like that back when I was a kid, I’d be a very rich man today. A billionaire times over.

I’d have first sued my grandmother, the first remembered slap on my bottom being when I decided to paint a picture of a horse with mustard and ketchup on her newly waxed kitchen floor after several grandmotherly warnings.

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Why Slats Grobnik Left Chicago to Meet Up With Greg

Why Slats Grobnik Left Chicago to Meet Up With Greg

After Mike Royko died, Slats about drank himself to death

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 12, 2009

Until that fateful day in 2006 when he came knocking on my door, Slats Grobnik remained quiet as a Chicago church mouse.

More than likely he was spending all his time day and night at Sam’s Tavern or Billy Goat’s on the north side.

Life had become not worth living, according to some of his bar napkin notes found by Sam the bartender who told me when I called the bar:

“After Daley and then Royko passed, I thought he’d drink himself to death until he blurted out the name ‘SZYMANSKI’ for the whole bar to hear. Before he ran out like a crazed lunatic, he told me ‘he’s a Polock, too, he used to drink like Mike, he thinks like Mike, he was in newspapers like Mike and now this Polock is taking on the big enchiladas.’

“Like I said, Greg, we haven’t seen him since and that was, I think, in 2006.”

“I know where he’s at. He’s holed up in a bunker in a Kansas cornfield building a replica of the Roman Coliseum.”

“What the hell!”

“It’s a long story, Sam. I’ll tell you the next time I’m in town for a Cubs game.”

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Has Slats Grobnik Become a Jesuit Agent?

Has Slats Grobnik Become a Jesuit Agent?

Or has he gone stark raving mad!

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 11, 2009

“Oh, the irony of it all. You write and criticize and then you become just like those you criticize the most.”

I sat listening to Slats Grobnik, waiting for more.

Slat’s is a staunch Jesuit and Vatican critic, a freedom fighter busy building a replica of the Roman coliseum in a Kansas corn field for only God knows what reason.

“Why a modern day coliseum?” I asked. Continue reading

Bingo Is Dead, But Is He Silenced?

Vatican’s Genocide Takes Another Life

Listen to the words of Pastor Kevin Annett

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 8, 2009

Writing doesn’t interest me much anymore, as the limited output on this website illustrates.

Maybe my interest will be sparked again but I’ll leave it in God’s hands.

However, if I don’t write a word ever again or pen a million pages, all the words in the world can’t erase the suffering and bloodshed the hierarchy of the religion I was born into has brought and is still bringing into the world.

I speak of course of the Vatican and perhaps a little break from writing about them or shall we say “it” has been worthwhile in order to understand words alone may not be enough to wake people up. Continue reading