Marine Calls U.S. Congressman a Nazi/Socialist

Marine Calls His U.S. Congressman a Nazi/Socialist

He leaves out Vatican/Jesuit connection

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Aug 25, 2009

Nothing said in this article hasn’t been said before.

The only problem is nobody listened.

And, of course, since nobody in America is listening now, history is bound to repeat itself.

However, one marine in this following You Tube video is speaking out and I recommend you listen even though it may be too late.

But before giving the marine two minutes of your time, read the following quotes. Continue reading

Alamo Attorneys File Motion for New Trial

Alamo Attorneys File Motion for New Trial

Numerous errors cited in what critics call an ‘Arkansas Kangaroo Court’

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Aug. 23, 2009

Lawyers for Tony Alamo have filed a motion asking for a new trial based on numerous errors.

Alamo was recently convicted on 10 counts of violating the Mann Act — a federal law prohibiting the transport of minors across state lines for illicit purposes.

To convict Alamo falsely, the government relied on intimidating and turning five former Alamo Ministry members, who were offered favors while being counseled at an institution called Wellspring. Continue reading

The Real Reason Behind JFK. Jr. Murder

The Real Reason Behind JFK. Jr. Murder

Jesuit puppet George Bush, Sr. implicated in both father and son’s murder, according to researcher A. True Ott

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Aug. 18, 2009

According to researcher A. True Ott, John F. Kennedy, Jr. was about to publish information in George Magazine linking George Bush, Sr. to the assassination of his father just prior to his untimely death in a small plane crash.

Researchers have warned Americans for decades about the Bush family connections to the Nazis, Vatican and Jesuit Order — organizations bent on destroying America from within.

But unfortunately few have heeded the warnings.

Despite Daddy Bush’s lies about his pre-1970 connections to the CIA and despite his obvious Vatican Luiciferian connections, the corrupted press, led by FOX News, has served as the perfect buffer and propaganda shield for the behind the scenes dirty work of the Bush family. Continue reading

Man Made Swine Flu Designed to Cause Genocide

Man Made Swine Flu Designed to Cause Genocide

Native Alaskan verifies how 1918 killer virus was duplicated

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Aug. 16, 2009

Researchers have warned about the dangers of vaccinations for the swine flu.

It boils down to whether you will let the government stick a needle in your arm with intent to kill or cause great bodily harm or whether you will say no.

The sad fact is most people will line up and get vaccinated, believing the United Nations and U.S. government propaganda campaign geared at jump starting a genocide.

Before vaccinating, however, read the following article by researcher A. True Ott. Also, go to the web site

Ott tells us in the following article that Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger, hired by the UN and U.S. government, reversed engineered the 1918 flu virus that killed upwards of 50 million. Continue reading

The Vatican-led Illuminati Matrix

The Vatican-led Illuminati Matrix, Part III

Beware of the Vatican’s hidden power

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Aug. 11, 2009

This is the last of a three-part series written by a retired judge who served on the bench for twelve years.

I don’t believe it was written by a judge, but somebody wrote it. Why would a judge make it any more important, anyway?

whoever wrote it ends his article with a warning to Americans to beware of the hidden, deceitful power of the Vatican.

According to the judge, Americans are nothing more then slaves controlled by a system corrupted from the very beginning of country’s formation.

Here is the last part of the judge’s article. He remains anonymous for safety reasons.

We are not free men; we are slaves, and bound to our Masters by adhesion contracts and secret Trusts. The goal of the Masters and their (agents) our elected officials, is to keep the people oppressed and subservient to them! As the Masters agents, they utilize propaganda techniques through government controlled schools; churches; the media and mind control by force and or the threat of force through the courts and police enforcement! Continue reading

The Vatican-Led Illuminati Matrix, Part II

The Vatican-Led Illuminati Matrix, Part II

Roosevelt illegally confiscated America’s gold, selling it to Vatican

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Aug. 10, 2009

In this second part of a three part series, called the Vatican-led Illuminati Matrix, the retired judge who wrote the article explores the corporate fiction we call America.

He also explores how the ‘Great Depression’ was orchestrated and how President Roosevelt illegally confiscated America’s gold, selling it to the Vatican by way of China.

Here are a few quotes from the judge, who remains anonymous for what he claims are safety reasons: Continue reading

The Vatican-Led Illuminati Matrix

The Vatican-Led Illuminati Matrix and U.S. Constitution

The hidden truth behind the formation of America

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Aug. 8, 2009

The following article presented in three parts, starting today, was written by a former judge.

He doesn’t reveal his full name, but the information contained within the writing is well-worth reading and digesting anyway.

It is worth reading because it should stimulate your pursuit to understand the truth behind the formation of America.

This is important since Americans have long been deceived by the likes of men who followed in the footsteps of despicable characters like Ben Franklin, men who have hidden their Illuminati and Vatican connections behind a false veil of freedom and Christianity.

If anyone doubts what the judge has researched, just ask yourself why America has crumbled into fascism after only a little more than 200 years of so-called “freedom”. Continue reading