Virgin Mary Land Tour CompanyOpening Soon For Business

Virgin Mary Land Tour Co. Opening For Business Soon

The truth behind Washington D.C. and Rome soon to be revealed to millions of tourists

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 12, 2009

The last we heard from freedom fighter, Slats Grobnik, he was busy building a replica of the Roman Coliseum in a Kansas corn field.

“I am happy to announce the project is completed and now all we need are the gladiators,” said Grobnik from an undisclosed location. “I plan to turn the tables on the Vatican controlled New World Order, using these rulers of evil as the real live gladiators, not the common people.”

For those wanting to take a tour of the replica Coliseum, built to hold 150,000 people, Grobnik said he will announce the grand opening in conjunction with a new tour travel agency and tour company he is starting, called “Welcome to Virgin Mary Land Tours”.

“Due to national security reasons and a nosy NSA, FBI and CIA, who are actually controlled by foreign interests to destroy America, I have kept the location of my replica Coliseum well-hidden and camouflaged,” added Grobnik, who said he learned these covert tactics during two stints in Vietnam. “When I open my tour company, which will provide guided tours of Virgin Mary Land, better known as Washington D.C., I will also open the Coliseum for New World Order gladiator events.”

Grobnik has been working on the now completed Coliseum project for the past 5 years and now has added his Washington travel and tour company based on the ideas researched by Australian researcher, Frank O’Collins.

O’Collins recently put together a graphic outline of a guided tour of Virgin Mary Land, aka Washington D.C., and Grobnik now wants to make a business out of it.

“I checked out the competition tour companies offering guided tours of the Vatican and the monuments of Washington D.C. and all of them are quite profitable,” said Grobnik. “The only problem is none of the companies are telling the truth and giving people a false impression of the true nature and significance behind both Washington D.C. and the Vatican.

“As far as I know I will be the first company out there offering “Truth Tours” about what all the monuments really mean. It should be educational, profitable and I am looking forward to enlightening people about Virgin Mary Land. Once I get this company off the ground, we plan to bring our truth tours to Rome and then London, two big New World Order satanic playgrounds.”

Although Grobnik said he has many other tour stops on his Virgin Mary Land agenda, here is a graphic image of the first eight stops as illustrated and presented by researcher Frank O’Collins, the inspiration behind Grobnik’s new company:

Grobnik said one thing holding up the start of the company is raising enough money for bullet proof tour buses as he fears for the safety of his passengers, knowing the Vatican and Jesuit-led New World Order operatives play for keeps and are experts in firearms and explosives besides their daily routine of sprinkling holy water and passing out bread wafers to their loyal cult followers.

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One thought on “Virgin Mary Land Tour CompanyOpening Soon For Business

  1. Why is the anti spam word satan? Stupid wordpress.

    I don’t believe this guy slats grobnik nor do I even believe that is his real name. Hide a 150,000 seated colesium? I think not. He said he is building it in Kansas and the Jesuits know where he is and where he is building it, so how can he hide? Why does he need to hide then? Its BS Greg. This guy is a liar.

    Is he going to point to witchita to say that is where his coleseum is? There is one there but its a theater and this one only seats 12,000..

    I find it hard to believe that no one can see a 150,000 seated colesium being built in their area. Imagine how much mony it would cost to build that and it can’t be done with 1 or 2 people.


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