Welcome to Virgin Mary Land

Welcome to Virgin Mary Land

Home of the Vatican-Jesuit New World Order

By Greg Szymanski, JD
June 3, 2009

Never in the history of mankind have so many been deceived by so few in this land of make-believe we call America.

Whether it be politics, finances or religion, it’s all presented to the people cock-eyed backwards.

In other words, what is black is white and what’s good is bad.

Universities name after killers; villians revered as heroes.

The land of the free and home of the brave should be renamed “Slave Ship America.”

In fact, while we’re at it, Washington D.C. should be renamed “Virgin Mary Land.”

And with that in mind, researcher Frank O’Collins presents his second of three articles on that very subject.

Here is what O’Collins has to say:

Welcome to Virgin Mary Land—Home of the Vatican-Jesuit New World Order

Virgin Mary Land is not the name of an unholy Vatican Jesuit “theme park”—although it shares many of the characteristics of one, including—a giant satanic pentagram, a giant swastika, giant letters that spell IHS even a massive monument to Ba’al Moloch (Lucifer). Instead, it is a very real place—presently the most important real estate for the Vatican-Jesuit led New World Order on the planet—located in the United States and hidden in plain sight.

So where is this place that houses so many symbols of Satanism and black magic? You know it as the combined states of Virginia and MaryLand—including the former lands now known as the District of Columbia. The purpose of this article is explain how and why this land has always been legally owned by the Holy See, otherwise known as the Vatican and the Roman Cult—and why significant proof exists that this is the present center of the Vatican Jesuit New World Order.

Hiding the obvious –even to truth seekers –in plain sight

A hallmark of the Jesuits is their perverse sense of intellectual humour against those who think they are smarter. It is why the Jesuits derived great pleasure from the success of their forgery of the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry by Fr. Michelangelo Tamburini S.J. at the Collège de Clermont in Paris and given to exiled devout Catholic King James II in December 1688 to implement.

To this day, there are many hundreds of thousands of truth seekers that are “told” and believe it is the Freemasons behind the New World Order, while many Masons still believe they belong to an essentially anti-Vatican organization.

The same can be said for the latest crop of crude Jesuit disinformation agents that continue to dominate the Truth Movement with such astounding claims of satanic worship at a place called the “Bohemian Grove” to a giant owl called Moloch.

Of course, anyone who has spent five minutes studying ancient history or reading the Bible knows that Moloch was never represented by an Owl, but by a bull —as in “Ba’al Moloch”—as well as the symbol of the obelisk ‘obelisk’ literally means ‘Baal’s shaft’ or ‘Baal’s organ of reproduction’.

The same can be said for the deliberate promotion of behalf of the Jesuits of the mysterious place called “Bohemian Grove”. In fact the name Bohemian Grove is arguably the most sacred and revered site for the Jesuit Order in the United States and it is not on the West Coast, but the East Coast in “MaryLand”!

While the Catholic school at Newtown established in 1677 is credited as the 1st Jesuit school in America (closing some decades later), there is no evidence that the school was recognized as an official Jesuit institution—nor did a dedicated Jesuit Church exist at this point.

Instead, it appears the 1st verifiable American Jesuit School permitted to be founded was in 1745 by Fr Thomas Pulton S.J. as the Bohemia Academy on the ground of Bohemia Manor—a Jesuit owned property founded in 1704 by Fr Thomas Mansell S.J.

Apart from being the 1st Jesuit school in America—that educated many of the students of the influential families supporting the secessionist movement including Charles Carroll—the only Catholic to sign the declaration of independence and his cousin John Carroll—the 1st Catholic Bishop of the United States—it was also the sight of the 1st Jesuit Church in North America—The Bohemian Grove.

In 1704 there existed at a time a ban on Catholics in “Mary Land” from building a permanent church. Instead, the Jesuits built an open air “church” midst an old grove of trees on the property known as “the Bohemian Grove”.

In just this one example, we see the utter contempt of the present Jesuit disinformation agents trying to destroy the Truth Movement—towards their own audiences of tens of thousands who gullibly believe they represent the truth against the New World Order.

Ignoring then any further Jesuit propaganda designed to shift focus on the Illuminati and New World Order towards anti Semitic hatred and ridiculous forgeries, let us look at the clear evidence that further proves that Virgin Mary Land remains firmly in control of the Vatican Jesuit led New World Order.

The “Virgin” Companies of James I

The events surrounding the foundation of the first permanent English colonies under the reign of King James I in North America are full of intrigue.

James Charles Stuart was born in 1566 –the Catholic son of devout Catholic monarch Mary, Queen of Scots and her second husband (also her 1st cousin) Henry Stuart, Duke of Albany also known by his Scottish Parliamentary title “Lord Darnley”. While James was forcibly taken from his mother as an infant and brought up by Protestants, there is strong evidence that remained privately Catholic, not least the fact that in 1584 he took Jesuit William Weston S.J. as his confessor for 19 years and had himself re-baptized a Catholic before his death in 1625.

Indeed, the events that unfolded during the first three years of his reign as King have all the hallmarks of a brilliant Jesuit plot. When James ascended the throne, he demanded the Parliament recognize a new sovereign entity known as the “Union of Crowns” or more simple “the Union”—that the Crowns of Ireland, Scotland and England be merged as one, under one set of laws (embedded in the plays of Shakespeare) and one parliament. The Protestant nobles rejected his request and some continued to plot for the overthrow of the King.

Originally Parliament was set to open in 1604, but was delayed until 1605 at which time the Jesuits swung into action a false plan to kill all the major Protestant nobles in one foul act through the destruction of Parliament. The plan was to sacrifice several Catholic nobles as stooges involved in the plot and for it to be uncovered just before its execution–rallying the nobles behind James and his goal of the “Union of Crowns”.

The plan worked with one exception. Sir Robert Cecil predictably “foiled” the Gunpowder Plot and several Catholic nobles were found and brutally executed. But Jesuit Provincial General Fr. Henry Garnet S.J. was also implicated and executed.

Upon the execution of the Jesuit Provincial by King James, enough Protestants nobles had the “proof” they wanted, and dropped their objection to the “Union of Crowns”. Thus in 1605 King James proclaimed himself “King of Great Britain”.

Most importantly, because so senior a Jesuit was implicated in the alleged plot to “kill the King”, expert lawyer Camillo Borghese Pope Paul V (1605-1621) –guided by Jesuit Superior General Claudio Acquaviva S.J.– sent an official apology as a Letters Patent to the King –recognizing him as King of Great Britain (hence the Union of Crowns Corporation) and assuring him that neither the Papacy, nor the Jesuits approved of the action of Fr. Henry Garnet S.J. and his Catholic co-conspirators. Sadly, the Letters Patent is said to be lost–the first historic official and international legal document recognizing the Union of Crowns as a legitimate corporate entity.

In April 1606, James granted the Royal Charter of the Virginia Company of London (also known also as the “London Company” and simply “the Company”) for the purpose of establishing colonial settlements in North America from the 34th parallel (Cape Fear) north to the 41st parallel (in Long Island sound).

In the same year (1606), King James also granted the Royal Charter of the Virginia Company of Plymouth (also known as the “Plymouth Company” and the “Virginia Bay Company”) also with the purpose of establishing colonial settlements in North America but from the 38th parallel (Chesapeake Bay) north to the 45th parallel (Maine). As both companies had territory that deliberately overlapped, their Charters stipulated that neither company could found a settlement within 100 miles (160 km) of an existing settlement of the other company.

The claim that the Virginia companies were named after Elizabeth is an absurd and unsupportable lie as there is overwhelming evidence that James hated Elizabeth for killing his mother in 1587. Instead, King James chose the name Virginia in honor of his mother Mary, named after the “Virgin” Mary and in honor of the recognition of the English Crown Corporation by the Holy See. In fact, the claim Elizabeth was known as “the Virgin Queen” is a 19th Century fabrication to hide the obvious etymology of the state of Virginia.

Unlike the East India Company formed under Charter by Protestant Elizabeth I in 1600, the “Virgin” Companies were formed wholly under the legal recognition of “the Union” corporation subject to the “Holy See” corporation in Rome.

Now if anyone still remains skeptical of the direct connection between the Roman Cult and the land of the Virgin, the son of James I, King Charles I—universally recognized as being openly supportive of Catholics—granted a Royal Charter in 1629 of “the Union” to Catholic George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore for the Province of Mary Land within the previous lands of “the Company”—exclusively for Catholics.

“Just because Washington DC has symbols of power doesn’t mean it is controlled by the Vatican-Jesuit led New World Order”

Unfortunately, there is not sufficient time nor space to go through the intervening years from the foundation of Virgin Mary Land to the 20th Century and then the present to demonstrate the influence of the Jesuits.

However, there remains compelling evidence to demonstrate their power—not the least being the selection of the site of Washington to be the Capital of the United States. At the end of the 18th Century there were several cities that warranted recognition as the capital (e.g. New York) rather than going to the extraordinary expense (at the time the colonies were broke) to plan and build from scratch a new capital on former farmland on the Potomac River.

Instead, a deliberately planned city was created—Washington—from December 1790 deliberately incorporating symbols of power and magic familiar to the Jesuit controlled masons and the Vatican herself—on the lands of Mary (MaryLand).

Excluding Vatican City herself, there is no other capital on Earth that possesses more massive satanic and pagan symbols per sq foot than Washington—from Pentagrams within the street grid; the giant hidden Pentagram of Mendes formed by extending lay lines around the Pentagon; the largest Obelisk of Ba’al Moloch in the world (Washington Monument); the Naval Academy in Annapolis forming a giant Swaztika; the CIA headquarters forming a giant HIS (representing HIS for the Jesuits) and the list goes on.

It is only because the Jesuits continue to tightly control mass media and promote disinformation on the Masons and others that so many do not see what is in front of their eyes—the Vatican’s own theme park to Satanism—the playground of the New World Order.

The Vatican depends on Virgin Mary Land to stay in power

Today in the 21st Century we see a far more transparent relationship between the main tenants of Virgin Mary Land and their landlords of the Roman Cult.

Former US Presidents such as George W. Bush and others have hosted the Pope and spoken publicly of their loyalty to the Pope—in stark contrast to President Abraham Lincoln who was quoted in speech and writings many hundreds of times warning of the evil of the Vatican and in particular the Jesuits.

That both President Franklin D. Roosevelt and President Harry S. Truman retained the services of Jesuit Fr. Edmund Walsh S.J. as arguably their most trusted international advisor may not seem strange even to truth seekers today. But then again, why the decision was made to drop the second Atomic bomb on a small fishing village called Nagasaki—with no known historical or military value except being the former property of the Jesuits before their 1st expulsion from Japan—may not have crossed your mind as strange either.

Incidentally, some readers/listeners may be interested to know that Tehran from Ter’gan (Hebrew for “blessed garden”) is also a former Jesuit trading settlement granted in 1548 by Safavid Tahmasp I –but rejected by Mohammad Reza Shah in the 1960’s and also later the Ayatollahs of the Revolutionary Guard. If and when WWIII moves to the nuclear phase you can bet 100% that the prime target for the Jesuits will be complete destruction of Tehran.

Before such events unfold, it would be good at least if the Truth Movement finally “ran out of town” those Jesuit controlled propagandists that split and confuse those willing to search for the truth. Maybe, then we might have a hope of stopping their unfolding plans for a far more draconian Social Police State in which we have even less rights.

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