Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind

The hell with the Vatican-led NWO

By Greg Szymanski, JD
May 31, 2009

I picked up my guitar this morning and played a simple song. I haven’t played a note in months.

I am not a musician, just someone who takes refuge among the notes.

It’s an escape, but a nice escape. One I wouldn’t trade for anything except for maybe a box seat on a nice clear and bright Sunday afternoon at Wrigley field.

Why I am writing this way today when there are so many important things to say?

Why am I hearing notes in my head instead of the brutal sounds of genocide and murder trumpeted in every corner of the globe by the Jesuits and Vatican-led New World Order.

I think I hear these notes this morning because when I picked up my guitar, it all came clear today.

When I picked up the guitar the dark cloud lifted off of me and I saw it go back up behind the mountain where it belongs.

What came clear is that if you allow the Vatican-led New World to control — if you think about them every day — there are no more beautiful notes. You must oppose them but don’t let them destroy you!

Don’t let all the beautiful notes get clouded over by Jesuit insanity, destroying every good sound and thought you ever had or will have.

So I kept playing this morning and promised myself with a smile on face never to let that happen, never to let them take away the beauty of this world or the beauty of my life.

I thought the eventual inquisition and fascism coming to this country may take away everything else but it can’t take away the beautiful notes I hear within myself.

So I put into my head a song , a song they can never take away, a song I can play within my mind that will make me smile right to the very end.

Why it makes everything clear, I don’t know.

If you are reading this, maybe you should find your own song? And I hope you find one that makes it all clear for you. I hope you find one that brings beauty and happiness among all this Jesuit madness going on in America?

Here’s mine. Play it if you wish:

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