Federal Agent Confesses

Federal Agent Confesses

Government plot to destroy Alamo Church

By Greg Szymanski, JD
May 29, 2009

Undercover operative Joseph Taliaferro tells how he was recruited by the FBI/CIA to infiltrate and pin phony charges on the Alamo Ministry as far back as 1984.

He also says the Vatican or the “black shadow” influence of the Vatican wanted Pastor Tony Alamo silenced for his outward stance against Jesuit and Vatican control of the U.S. government.

In the 1990’s, FBI agent John Peeler tells how he was assigned to bring down the Alamo Ministry “in any way possible” and if it took killing Alamo, so be it!

Now in 2008, the Vatican and the Feds are at it again, this time jailing Alamo on flimsy federal Mann Act violations and using Arkansas’ child protective agency to essentially kidnap more than 35 ministry children.

Much has been said about the Alamo jailing and the kidnapping of the ministry children, but more than 9 months have passed and the children are still not with their parents and Pastor Alamo remains incarcerated and awaiting trial.

In the past, former FBI agent Peeler has apologized to Alamo. saying he could find nothing incriminating on either the ministry or its pastor.

Taliaferro also has apologized to Alamo, issuing this signed statement, which explains how he was recruited by the Feds to bring Alamo down.

Here is his statement:


My brother is a cop and I used to work undercover with the police department and help bust drug dealers. The National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center (N.A.F.E.C.) located in Pomona, New Jersey, hired me to infiltrate the Tony Alamo Christian Church. Agencies like this plant it in your heart and soul not to talk about working for them, under any circumstances, even under threat of torture. I was to be paid $10,000 for information that I would supply to the N.A.F.E.C. I believe that the N.A.F.E.C. is a division of the FBI and the U.S. Department of Labor. Also, it seems to me that they are somehow linked with the Mafia. I was instructed to call in several times per day to talk to the men who hired me, Captain Connelly and Lt. Robinson, who could be reached at (609) 641-6100.

I was hired at the time that the Tony Alamo Christian Church came to Atlantic City about the abortion issue. The N.A.F.E.C. told me that they were merely interested in the anti-abortion program that the church was offering. At this time I couldn’t understand why, but the church was offering free aid to women that were going to have an abortion, if they would agree not to have the abortion. The church was offering free prenatal care, hospitalization, and support for the mother and child. Why they wanted me to place myself secretly into the church at first seemed innocent enough, but the plot got thicker as the time went on.

The N.A.F.E.C. wanted to know many things about the Tony Alamo Christian Church, even the complete layout of Tony Alamo’s house and even the room he slept in. They also wanted to know the doctrine of the church. Tony showed me throughout his house and even the room where he slept, which was a small room. The United States federal government even wanted to know if Susan Alamo was really dead. It seems kind of crazy to me, because hundreds of people were at the funeral and the casket was open, and she died at the City of Faith Hospital in Tulsa, and was embalmed there before being brought into Arkansas. I’m told there is a death certificate, and her casket was left open for two weeks. To me, the doctrine of the church is very beautiful and scriptural. The people at the Tony Alamo Christian Church go to two services every day. They read the Bible and pray. I was truly inspired myself.

There were several sequences of events that transpired while I was at the church. They were all being done by the federal government. First, a branch of the government sent many false telegrams while I was at the church stating that I had inherited two and one half million dollars. I was instructed to show these telegrams to the people at the church and to tell them that I wanted to tithe some of it and then invest the rest in business. This they told me to do in hopes that I could get close to Tony Alamo. The next sequence of events, which I knew nothing of, was that the federal government had some men call the church stating that they were going to kidnap me, knowing that Tony Alamo and the church would try to protect me. There was yet another sequence that I didn’t know about. I don’t believe that the people that were calling with the fake kidnap threats knew about it either. Helicopters started flying over the house, which I believe were military helicopters. Several Jeeps were seen around the area loaded with what I believe were federal men. Also a silver and blue van with five large men was seen at the Alamo Grocery Store in Alma. Local police force vehicles were seen prowling the area.

Because of the vicious nature of the federal government agency that I was working for as a spy, I personally believe without a doubt that they are deliberately trying to make the Tony Alamo Christian Church look like a bad and mysterious organization, which it is not. I have seen literally hundreds of letters commending them for their kind work. I have personally sat in one service after another and heard wonderful testimonials from the church people. I have become very well acquainted with many people who live at the church and they are all beautiful people. While I was at the church I saw the sincerity of this church and found it to be a very good church, preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in a very convincing manner and helping the poor, suffering, and needy. I believe that this is what churches are really supposed to do.

Because I am giving this testimony, I fear for my life. These federal government agencies are very vicious and will pay thousands of dollars for false testimonies against the church. They are looking, at any cost, to destroy this church and any other church like it. These federal agencies most certainly hire and work with hardened criminals and are inspired exclusively by the Vatican.

I believe that the U.S. government was setting up the Alamos for slaughter. The fake kidnap threats would have the Alamos thinking that they would be protecting me from goons. The Feds were then going to say that the Alamos had kidnapped me, and pretend to come to my rescue. Of course, the Alamos, not knowing these were the FBI, U.S. Department of Labor, and Mafia goons, would try to protect me and end up being slaughtered by the federal government. Then the newspapers, magazines, and TV networks, like the Hearst newspaper chain, the New York Times, the L.A. Times, Life, Time, Newsweek, People, ABC, NBC, CBS (all secretly owned and controlled by the Vatican) would start blazing.
I have made several other statements and signed them at Gean, Gean, & Gean law firm in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I have talked with Mr. Gean and have told him many other things and told him that it was all right to tape me. (This was Roy Gean III.) Again, I want to state that I was hired by the federal government and to be paid $10,000 to testify falsely about the affairs of the Tony Alamo Christian Church. Again, my contacts that hired me were Captain Connelly and Lt. Robinson. They instructed me to plant myself at the church in Miami, Florida. In order to verify these facts, I have supplied the telephone number of my contacts, (609) 641-6100. I have full knowledge of the taping of my conversation. The statements made above were made without coercion, force, or any promise of reward. The N.A.F.E.C. is a government agency (FBI, IRS, U.S. Department of Labor, and Mafia).

They have told me that they planted six other agents in the church who have been there a year or more. Also, they say that they will be sending a girl in with a $100,000 donation. Isn’t it something that these people have been there for a year or more and still have not found anything wrong with this wonderful Christian church?

Again, I fear for my life. I just hope that all Christians that really know God really pray for me. I am leaving the church because of the conviction of God that I am under. The Tony Alamo Christian Church has done nothing but good to me and I returned that with bad.

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