March 25, 2009 BroadcastGuest Frank O’Collins

Frank O’Collins, author of The Almanac of Evil, spoke with Greg on Wednesday  to address nine blatant  facts, which shed important light on the Vatican’s lead role in pushing for a one world government and one world religion.

Here is what O’Collins had to say during the show’s introduction about whether the Vatican is a good or evil organization:

Whenever any discussion begins on alleged acts of evil by the Roman Cult, commonly known as the Vatican many people tune out, or simply refuse to listen.

That is because still for many people in the world, the clear evidence on whether the Vatican is a force for good or evil is yet to be proven. Listen to the following:

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6 thoughts on “March 25, 2009 BroadcastGuest Frank O’Collins

  1. “Again, I’m really mindful because I’m hoping that listeners – because we’re dealing with key people here – I’m hoping that listeners and people that download the show, and listen to the show, and subscribe hopefully, hopefully will pass the word on and just tell the people: take a few seconds and have a look.” Frank O’Collins

    “We’re not trying to denigrate Catholics. We are trying to inspire them to look into the truth behind the hierarchy of their church, and not remain blinded by all this propaganda.” Greg Szymanski

    ** “It is impossible to say how absurd State deposition of a bishop appears in the eyes of Catholics. What extraordinary ignorance prevailed at that time among the Berlin law-manufacturers! However, the same ignorance still exists there.” Paul von Hoensbroech

    I’m pretty sure anyway that you both are doing a great and extremely important job with these fine and fair public conversations over years meanwhile. It’s the quality, I believe, that will win in the end.
    You speak about “undisputable facts”, Greg, which “could easily be found by anyone who cares to spend a few seconds to look”, and that that would be “the key”. I don’t think so. Finding the facts can at best become the key to the key, but that’s a huge and complicated subject because it is the ultimate key subject, of course, and on this field you’re gonna stand immediately face to face with the Jesuit top dogs who got everybody out of the way so far. They still have us in their totally harmless Conspiracy Corner, you know.

    Facts alone, for instance, cannot create systemic understanding, therefore they can be a beginning, an initiation – the Major Breakthrough of Vatican Assassins consists exactly in that, and Eric knows it. With his tremendous knowledge and passion, he is, in my opinion, the absolute spearhead against the existing Jesuit World Administration, no question about it. The problem is, we’d urgently need a masterpiece about Jesuitism which systematically could make understandable how this modern corporate world, our apparently democratic society really operates, on all crucial levels and aspects so to speak. “What’s wrong with us?”
    “What will be the nature of the system that will supersede Capitalism? It will not be either Socialism or Communism, but what several Catholic writers have called Distributism.”

    Can anybody anticipate what I’m trying to say? Civil liberty for quasi-bondsman of the papacy, for instance, is based and depends on absolute loyalty to the corporate system.
    “When that happened, they changed the origin character of citizenship, and therefore we have a whole new country. The deception is, they kept the name of the new country the same name as the old country. They should have called it the American Empire rather than the American Republic. Because the Jesuits corrupted our republic just as the devil had done with the Roman Republic that converted to an empire under Augustus. So what was once a limited republic in Rome, now becomes an empire, and with an empire nobody has any absolute rights. And the purpose of an empire is twofold: to go to war and to pay a tax. As long as you go to war, and you fight the wars of the caesar, you fight the crusades for the pope. And you pay the pope’s income tax, even though if you are in the private sector, you don’t owe it. You’re okay. You’re a patriot. You’re a great guy.

    But the moment you start refusing to fight the pope’s crusades, the moment you start refusing to pay the pope’s crusade tax which is an income tax, which is exactly how the papacy financed the crusades in the Dark Ages. They financed it with an income tax, that I recorded in my book. And when you will start doing that, you’re a terrorist. You’re a criminal. You deserve to go to prison. You’re worse than a murderer!
    Because you see what you do: you threaten the very foundation of the pope’s design for this empire in restoring his temporal power around the world
    while at the same time building the nations that he wants to have built: Communist China, Communist Russia, the pope’s revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem which I believe, the racial Jewish people have a right to that land, but not under this government ruled by the pope. I’m for their right to live in that land, but I’m against the government that rules them. Because the government persecutes those people in Israel, it persecutes the Jewish people. They keep the agitation going, they never end when it could easily be ended. So, they use us to finance the Arab world, to finance Africa, to finance South America, to finance Mexico, to finance every other country but our own. We cannot build a true, free nation here.” Eric Phelps PART IV – Freedom

    @ 6th min – Frank) The reason I write this is not to pick on the Catholic Church, because I know, the first thing that is used as an excuse […] is: Well, it’s a religious organization! So, why? The simplier answer is this: It happens to be the most powerful organization without question for the last thousand years. And if anyone doesn’t believe that, than they really haven’t ever read a history book, ever. So, that shouldn’t ever be a legitimate complaint. They are the most powerful. So, we have a right to understand it, if it’s true that they actually lost all their money. Because that is one of their other claims that’s made is, that they berk. When frontline services were being closed in America in the middle of the pedophile scandal – that shut the pedophile scandal down. The argument was: This is gonna cost us all our money that we can’t run, that’s why we shot it. So we deserve … in fact, it’s in combat to them to be fully honest and tell us what they can’t say, because they’re intimately involved now in running services – and they’re increasingly so – for our society.

    @ 10th min – Frank) We’re talking about families losing homes, people struggeling, you know, this is in America. In the rest of the world people are starving because of this! And we’re talking about not a little bit of gold here, we’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars of stolen gold that is been added to a stock pile, the largest Tresor Chest, the Largest Bouty in Human History, stored at Zürich […] that is worth, at the least, 1.5 trillion dollars in Gold. And this is not just simply Loose Change! This is holding us, the entire world, to ransom. […] just tell the truth! And what we’ve found, and what is happened is as recently as one year ago in the public courts in America: the Catholic Church has stated, we will say nothing, you have no control, no authority over us.

    Greg) Then we’ve seen the connection between American money being given to the Nazi movement, Western technology used to help Germany. And if there’s a Vatican connection to Hitler, then what didn’t make sense when we research the Vatican as a Prime Player in World War II and controlling Nazi-Germany, but it’s just forgotten about. Because our leaders in this country are traitors. They work with the enemy. And they have worked with the Vatican and the enemy creating these wars. Not only in WW II but, as we point out, in WW I. We can go back to most every war America is been involved with including the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, and find the Vatican’s dirty hand in it. But yet today we sit still not really really dealing with the issues that really effect us here, and that is: who really is in control! And the research shows that the Vatican didn’t change over night. They’re still doing the same thing even with more power. […] And they still refuse to turn over any information, even though it’s there, I mean. Frank, it is astounding to me what they’ve done, and how they do it by hiding behind this religion when in fact … just give us a few reasons why they are not a religion – really, when you look at them!

    Frank) We want to give people hard evidence so they try to go through this, but I think, what people have to understand here is that, when we talk of the Vatican, and we talk of the Roman Catholic Church, what we really should talk about is a group called The Roman Cult. We’re talking about a few thousand people […] the stuff is about what Jesus says, right? I mean, if you’re a Christian that’s what’s supposed to be about. So why, in the hell, are we getting into standing, kneeling, standing, kneeling, resorting, you know, repetitive stuff in the Catholic Mass? None of which has any relevance to Jesus, right? None of it. The Eucharist got nothing to do with Jesus. None of it. It’s a desirous, pagan ceremony. People need to look at their common sense that tells them that being a Christian has absolutely nothing to do with the Vatican. The Vatican is a power sort, has been for thousand years. And it’s a giant con job that needs to be outet, and done in a way that respects Catholics, and name them as what they are! They cannot represent catholics. They’re not catholic. They’re a cult.

    read more …


  2. Thanks tosco’s cojo, I enjoyed your comment very much, and would read all the links.

    Frank O’Collins is an impressive author, I liked all interviews very much. I kinda disagreed a bit with calling Popery the Roman Catholic Cult, because Roman Catholicism is based on military propaganda. Rome has a special Cardinal for it, the Prefect of the Propaganda. This Prefect is also referred to as the Red Pope. The current Red Pope is called Ivan Diaz. The last Pope that was the Prince of the Papal States, later Italy, Pope Pius IX, was also a Prefect of the Propaganda. The Red Pope is the Prefect of the Congregation of the Evangelization of the Peoples, so is referring to the links in tosco’s cojo’s links to Christianization in Europe.

    Roman Catholic Cult is a nice way for Roman Catholics listening to wake them op to the fact, that Roman Catholicism is not what it says it is, but in fact Roman Catholicism is military propaganda, that uses ignorance to make it easy to lie to the people. From a theological viewpoint, Roman Catholicism is Blasphemy, cursed by the Lord, so is agreed upon by the Kingdom of Heaven to be a tool for the devil, because the Lord I AM, doesn’t want to be associated with Blasphemy. From a military viewpoint, Catholics are very easy to be controlled by Satanic bloodlines, because they have no access to truth, any one telling the truth to a Roman Catholic is immediatly attacked by the Priests and their lay minions, as being an: Heretic, Blasphemist, Anti-Catholic, Witch, Terrorist, Jewish conspirator, Vandal, Calvinist, and so forth. Through history, many more accusations are invented by the Congregation of the Evangelization of the Peoples, Propaganda. Masses of people fired up by this propaganda, can be used to invade sovereign families and counties like Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, just by using some lies, that people can not defend themselves against, because they are made ignorant and think themselves good, because that is what Roman Catholicism and other Propaganda constructs teach. Honest people that find out these lies, are a very small minority, and are easy killed by being accused of being Pagan or being a Witch. I delibiretely use these two words, because keeping the Sabbath is associated with Witchcraft, while people that have knowledge of the Bible know, that Sunday worship is not found in the Bible, but the ten Commandments and the Prophets in the Tenach, teach to keep the Sabbath. Once one knows the Bible is teaching the Sabbath and no where Sunday worship, while Witches can be recognized by the fact that they keep the Sabbath, than the word Witch must be a word invented by the Roman Clergy, in order to kill off intellectuals that studied the Bible. This word Witch has now been given a new meaning, and witches are called Pagan, while in fact witches according to the Bible would be Christians, if you believe that the Bible teaches people to become Christians. The latter is however also not truth; it looks to me the Bible teaches people to become normal, and defends the people against Lucifer’s constructs. Since the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council, Vaticanum 2, ended 1965 AD, we can assume that all Christians are in fact Roman Catholics, so Anti-Catholics could maybe just as well be called Anti-Christian, the Antichrist. We see the hypocrisy rising, while doing research in honest facts.

    Pagan is a word invented by a Pope, after Columbus started to sail to America. The Pope called the native American first people Pagan, a word close to witchcraft, keeping the Sabbath and all, so they may be killed and pillaged by the good Christians. While the Bible does not even teach people to become Christians. The truth is opposite as to what the majority is made to believe, often a nice help to do research.

    What I also find strange, is this about lay Roman Catholics would be innocent to the acts of Popery. They pay donations, contribution, help in propaganda, obey their priests, why are they innocent? I don’t understand, why Greg and others say this all the time. And I would not call myself anti-catholic, but honest, truthseeking, and informed, while Roman Catholics are commercial lyers. Catholics hate truth, cause if they don’t, they stop to become Catholics, either by assasination or by the leaving Popery Cult. The preachers in the 1600’s, that would inform the people about these things, where often ex-priests. John Calvin even was a Bishop. And the best informers I was able to find, are Jesuits, like Alberto Rivera, Tupper Saussy, Lehman, Paris, Martin, the list goes on and on. Most Jesuits do not even know what they are working for, many that find out will help out truth and honesty, but being spied upon by their confessors. But Jesuits do not pay contribution, donations and so forth, where is the guilt? They organise the assassinations that make their Catholics proud to be Catholic.

    Roman Catholic laymen that I talk about these things, go attack me. Roman Catholic clergy that I talk about these things, are interested. It seems to me, that the program of the Vatican is, to get the Holy men, or the Annointed, to work for them, while using ignorance to make this possible.
    Mark 13:22
    For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.


  3. Sorry, I made a mistake in the previous post. The Pope that was the last pope, that was also the Prince of the Papal States, was Gregory XIV. The Italians destroyed the Papal States in the 1800, while the French army and the Zouaves would protect the Pope.

    I just recently discovered that there was a Red Pope, when I went to look at this Cardinal, the Prefect of the Propaganda, that is the currently the Prefect of the Congregation of the Evangelization of the people. I haven’t figured out yet why the Catholics call him the Red Pope. But I know, that every Cardinal has Red, Scarlet, as the official color. For Bisshops this is Purple. The Red Pope will be an important Cardinal. Propaganda is seen Marxism, but also Socialism, Communism, or Ceasar-Papism, as these alternate ideologies, have also Red as their symbolic color. The Red Mass, Thomas More’s book Utopia. Propaganda has been seen, since Bread and Play was used in Rome under the Pontifex Maximus, in order to keep the people obedient to the government. If some one knows an older form of Propaganda than Rome’s bread and play, I would be interested in knowing when and by who.


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  6. Hi,

    Evil can exist is any organisation and person. If you let the evil acts of a minority influence opinions of a great majority, then evil has won. My brother through his enlightened spirit is open to talking about what historically has been wrongs. In context we should look at recent and current history to form a foundation for next steps towards the future. Picking at evils from centuries past needs to be factored in from a balanced analysis as to levels of education and development of societies.

    In all the conspirisy comments on your website I have not seen any comment about Moses and the commandments and general goodwill to others. This is common amongst a number of major religions.

    Challenging is good but dont forget to basic love and compassion for fellow human beings as being so important. A great evil has been done by people claimning to be righteous in our lifetime and just prior (WW2). Evil is evil and murder is murder.I hope justice gives people peace.

    I see no love on your website only accusations. I totally understand from recent atrocities ,but forgiveness brings peace, love bring life, life brings hope….new generations.

    Spread peace and love

    Eleanor O’Collins


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