March 24, 2009 BroadcastGuest Darryl Eberhart

Darryl Eberhart was Greg’s guest today. Greg and Darryl discussed how U.S. Roman Catholics and Christians are illiterate concerning the Word of God in the Bible. Darryl, a student of the Bible and hidden history,  is a frequent guest on Greg’s show. His writings can be found at

(MP3: 0324-2009-LRN-Hr1.mp3)
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One thought on “March 24, 2009 BroadcastGuest Darryl Eberhart

  1. There is a back-up to Darryl’s newsletter over here;

    And since about 2 weeks, I get a 403 page, when I click RAW AUDIO ARCHIVES at
    Access denied.
    I suspect censorship of Greg Szymanski’s very important interviews over here in Europe. I have lots of these interviews on my disk, and if this is censorship continues, I will upload many of the very important interviews by Greg Szymanski myself for the greater public in Europe and else where.


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