The UN’s Occult Purpose Revealed

The UN’s Occult Purpose Revealed by Their Own Writings

The Vatican and UN working for the same one world government and religion under a one world leader

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Feb. 21, 2009

In years past, Pope Paul VI once read a papal encyclical that boldly called on the nations of the world to ban sovereignty and form a world government.

As reported by William T. James in a book he wrote called Foreshocks of the Anti-Christ, published in 1997, he noted that Paul VI held a staff with a bent cross, a symbol of Lucifer with an emaciated Jesus arms stretched out in a Masonic triangle with pine cones at his feet.

Coincidently, Pope John Paul II throughout his tenure carried the same staff.

And just like Paul VI, John Paul II called for a “New World Order”, dedicating an entire Jan. 1 2004 speech to this concept while extolling the virtues of unity and sactioning the work of the United Nations. Continue reading

Vatican Not Shy About Using Word Heretic

Vatican Not Shy About Using Word Heretic Again

Follow Vatican authority and Sunday worship or die is the real message of the Grand Inquisitor, Pope Benedict XVI

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Feb. 17, 2009

Two important official decrees by the Vatican surfaced in 1998 while Pope Benedict XVI, then head of the Office of Inquisition, was the Catholic Church’s leading theologian.

Deis Domini and Ad Tuendam Fidem were proclaimed one after the other, signed, sealed and approved by Pope Benedict.

What makes these two Vatican decrees most disturbing to Sola Scriptura followers, is the hard line approach not seen since the Middle Ages taken towards those Christian groups who do not follow Vatican tradition and authority.

On July 5, 1998, Pope John Paul II, a former Polish cyanide salesman, made public Dies Domini, stressing the importance of adhering to the Catholic tradition of Sunday worship.

John Paul II stressed three points, including the importance of following “from Sunday to Sunday in the footsteps of Mary”, the importance of Sunday being “it is the day of the sun” as followed by 4th century Roman law and reminding American politicians the importance of passing civil legislation respecting “the duty” to keep Sunday Holy.

What makes Dies Domini even more disturbing for those who follow God’s law not Catholic tradition is that it was immediatly followed up with another Apostolic Letter, Ad Tuendam Fidem, in which which certain norms were inserted into the Code of Canon Law and into the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches. Continue reading

Why Won’t Vatican Respond Publically?

CIA Lawsuit Shows Vatican Orchestration of Serbian Genocide

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Feb. 16, 2009

California attorney Jon Levy has appeared on my radio show many times over the years, providing factual information contained in CIA files and court documents of the Vatican’s clear-cut connection to the post World War II genocide in Croatia.

The information Levy provides is staggering, including a succesful lawsuit against the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act, showing a high-level Vatican priest’s actions as a double agent with connections to the Ustashi fascist military in Croatia responsible along with the Fransiscan Order’s assistance in brutally killing more than 800,000 non-Catholic Serbs, Romas and Jews.

Through deposition testimony recently taken in the case of Alperin v. Vatican Bank, filed in San Francisco, former CIA agent William Gowen verifies the Vatican’s role in money laundering gold stolen in the horrible genocide while fingering Vatican priest. Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic.

Further, Levy won a recent lawsuit to obtain information showing the Vatican connection to the genocide. Here is some of the information the lawsuit produced about Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic: Continue reading

It’s Your Choice: Follow God’s Law and His Word or Follow Vatican and Jesuit Tradition and Canon Law

It’s Your Choice: Follow God’s Law and His Word or Follow Vatican and Jesuit Tradition and Canon Law

New Hampshire Legislature in bold move sides with God’s word and true sovereignty

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Feb. 15, 2009

The Jesuit Order, in firm control of U.S. foreign and domestic policy, is busy behind the scenes dealing with the pesky problem of 21 States wanting to secede from the Union or severely limit the Federal governments unwarranted and unconstituional authority.

The puppets in Washington D.C., according to anti-Vatican researchers, of course will do the bidding for the “First Beast in the Book of Revelation (the Vatican), using the power of the Second Beast (The U.S. Federal/Corporate government) to stop state legislatures from derailing the anti-christ Vatican’s plan to turn the USA into a full-blown fascist state while molding together a one world government and religion.

However, according to the final authority for those who believe in Sola Scriptura not Flawed Vatican doctrinal tradition, the two beasts’ conquest will be shortlived, giving God’s true children a reason to rejoice for the upcoming battle instead of cowering in fear and trepidation.

“The Lord is at your right hand; he will crush kings on the day of his wrath. He will judge the nations, heaping up the dead and cursing the rulers of the whole earth. He will drink from the brook beside the way; therefore he will lift up his head.” Pslam 110: 5-7.

Referring to the rulers of the present day Vatican-led New World Order, the book of Revelation then tells God’s children to watch carefully at the actions of the two beasts, the first being Rome and the second the United States government working in concert under a single occult Luciferian doctrine using the help of many secret societies. Continue reading

Columbia Professor and Bible Scholar Bows to Jesuitical Thinking

Columbia Professor and Bible Scholar Bows to Jesuitical Thinking

Professor refuses to use the book Vatican Assassins in his classroom

By Greg Szymanski
Feb. 14, 2009

Luke Picard, claiming to be a Bible scholar and an adjunct professor at Columbia and Brown Universities, recently picked up a copy and read Vatican Assassins, a book by author Eric Jon Phelps.

Picard, apparently a pen name used to hide his identity, expressed interest in sharing Phelp’s book with his students if he felt it had any “scholarly” merit.

Of course, after reading portions of Vatican Assassin’s, he backed off when the Jesuits were depicted in a bad light.

Here is an interesting email communication between Picard and Phelps, showing how Phelp’s defends his findings and supposed Bible scholars in America are in a state of denial, refusing to confront the Jesuit Order and Vatican.

Before looking at the email, perhaps we should remind “Bible scholar” Picard to read Revelations 17, pointing to the Vatican and Rome as the first beast and anti-christ. However, we know if Picard made these statements he would no longer be teaching at Columbia and Brown.

Here is the email communication: Continue reading