Another Alamo Parent Jailed

Another Alamo Parent Jailed

Mother says her children are brought up in a loving Christian environment, refusing to turn them over to the State.

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan 18 2009

The State continues to slam the hammer down on members of the Alamo Ministry without legal or moral justification, according to members of the ministry and scores of Tony Alamo’s friends

Last week, as reported on my radio show the Investigative Journal, a father was jailed for contempt after he would not tell authorities the whereabouts of his children.

The State has held 19 children from the Alamo Ministry on what looks like  bogus abuse charges as their custody hearing continues Monday,  marking the beginning of the second week of testimony.

Further, media reports claim authorities are searching for at least 130 other children associated with the ministry.

Parents of the ministry claim no abuse has ever existed and Bethany Meyers,  one of the mothers, recently was jailed after she refused to turn over her children.

Here is an AP story that hit news stands about her arrest:

TEXARKANA, Ark. (AP) – A judge has jailed another member (Bethany Myers) of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries for refusing to say where her children are. Circuit Judge Joe Griffin said he had no other choice but to find the mother in contempt of court when she refused to cooperate. Griffin is presiding over a hearing to determine the fate of 23 children taken into protective custody by the state amid allegations of physical and sexual abuse by church leaders.

In all, the state has seized 36 children since a September 20th raid on the church compound in Fouke in western Arkansas. The state is searching for dozens of other juveniles whose parents are associated with the ministry.

The jailed woman has three sons who were taken into custody during a traffic stop on Highway 245 in Texarkana. The judge found her in contempt for hiding her three daughters from the state.

Griffin on Tuesday found a father in contempt of court and sent the man to jail after he refused to say where two of his sons are. A third son is in state custody.

Alamo remains in federal custody on a 10-count indictment alleging he violated the Mann Act that prohibits taking females across state lines for sex. He has denied the charges but said his religious beliefs allow marrying girls when they reach puberty. His federal trial is to begin in May.

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