The Words of John Paul II Explain the Assault on Tony Alamo Ministries

The Words of John Paul II Explain the Assault on Tony Alamo Ministries

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan 22, 2009

The story behind the story on the September 2008 raid of the Tony Alamo Ministry and the State kidnapping of 21 children can be told right from the horse’s mouth.

In this case the horse is the Vatican and its black rider non other than the late Pope John Paul II, the ex-Polish cyanide salesman.

If your looking for answers why Alamo was raided, you don’t have to look any farther than the words of the former Pope made during the 1990s in an article entitled The Challenge of the Sects, Art. 73. Continue reading

Another Alamo Parent Jailed

Another Alamo Parent Jailed

Mother says her children are brought up in a loving Christian environment, refusing to turn them over to the State.

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan 18 2009

The State continues to slam the hammer down on members of the Alamo Ministry without legal or moral justification, according to members of the ministry and scores of Tony Alamo’s friends

Last week, as reported on my radio show the Investigative Journal, a father was jailed for contempt after he would not tell authorities the whereabouts of his children.

The State has held 19 children from the Alamo Ministry on what looks like  bogus abuse charges as their custody hearing continues Monday,  marking the beginning of the second week of testimony.

Further, media reports claim authorities are searching for at least 130 other children associated with the ministry.

Parents of the ministry claim no abuse has ever existed and Bethany Meyers,  one of the mothers, recently was jailed after she refused to turn over her children.

Here is an AP story that hit news stands about her arrest:

TEXARKANA, Ark. (AP) – A judge has jailed another member (Bethany Myers) of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries for refusing to say where her children are. Circuit Judge Joe Griffin said he had no other choice but to find the mother in contempt of court when she refused to cooperate. Griffin is presiding over a hearing to determine the fate of 23 children taken into protective custody by the state amid allegations of physical and sexual abuse by church leaders.

In all, the state has seized 36 children since a September 20th raid on the church compound in Fouke in western Arkansas. The state is searching for dozens of other juveniles whose parents are associated with the ministry.

The jailed woman has three sons who were taken into custody during a traffic stop on Highway 245 in Texarkana. The judge found her in contempt for hiding her three daughters from the state.

Griffin on Tuesday found a father in contempt of court and sent the man to jail after he refused to say where two of his sons are. A third son is in state custody.

Alamo remains in federal custody on a 10-count indictment alleging he violated the Mann Act that prohibits taking females across state lines for sex. He has denied the charges but said his religious beliefs allow marrying girls when they reach puberty. His federal trial is to begin in May.

Jesuits Sued by Alaskan Natives for Rampant Pedophelia

Jesuits Sued by Alaskan Natives for Rampant Pedophelia

“It was a pedophelia paradise,” said Attorney Ken Roosa.”We are going to shine some light on a dark and dirty corner of the Jesuit order.”

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan 16, 2009

The Socety of Jesus is up to their dirty tricks again, this time in Alaska where they have been caught red handed in sending pedophile priests to sexually abuse Native Alaskan children.

The story of this plague of Jesuit pedophelia surfaced Thursday when a lawsuit was filed against the Jesuits on behalf of 43 Alaskan Natives in Alaskan Superior Court in Bethal.

The suit, filed by Attorney Ken Roosa,  claims a widespread Jesuit conspiracy exists to dump pedophile priests in small Alaskan towns and shelter them from exposure.

Here is the story as it appeared in one of the Alaskan local papers:

Reverend Father Stephen Sundborg—current president of Seattle University and head of the Northwest Jesuits from 1990 to 1996—is named as a co-conspirator.

Attorney Ken Roosa announced the lawsuit at a chilly press conference outside Seattle University this morning and said, as of today, he knows of 345 cases of molestation, only two of them against non-natives.

The Jesuits, he said, sent known pedophiles to isolated Alaskan villages—many of them only accessible by boat or plane—to let them abuse children with impunity.

“It was a pedophile’s paradise,” Roosa said. “We are going to shine some light on a dark and dirty corner of the Jesuit order.”

Today, Roosa said, there are 17,000 Catholics in the diocese of Fairbanks—which filed for chapter 11 last year—and were even fewer during the peak of the abuse, from 1960 to 1975.

The rate of child molestation by priests in Alaska, he said, “is several orders of magnitude larger” than anywhere else in the United States. (Roosa compared this lawsuit to one in Los Angeles, with 550 cases of abuse and a Catholic population of 3.5 million.)

The diocese filed for bankruptcy protection in order to pay off settlements with Native Alaskans who were molested as children. (Roosa led that effort was well. This suit—against the Society of Jesus as a whole—is the latest battle in a long campaign Roosa has been waging against the opaque, secretive way the church responds to accusations of sexual abuse.)

Some members of the lawsuit spoke at the press conference, including Flo Kenny, a short woman with a steely gray ponytail and sunglasses.

“I am Flo Kenny,” she said slowly. “I am 74 years old. And I’ve kept silent for 60 years. I am here for all the ones who cannot speak—who are dead, who committed suicide, who are homeless, are drug addicts. There’s always been a time, an end of secrets. This is the time.”

She said her abuse started when she was 13 and depressed by the treatment she and other village children suffered from the nuns. “They managed us like wild ponies and beat us every day,” she said. “They said it was good for our character.”

She sought comfort from the village priest who began an abusive relationship that lasted several  years. “The priest at that time took the role of the shaman and the tribal council, making the decisions,” she said. The priests held all the power in these remote towns and, according to the lawsuit, many of them were known sexual predators.

Another native, Rena Abouchuk, cried while she read a letter to her village priest: “You did so many evil things to young children… God will never forgive you.” Abouchuk said the priest raped and molested her and her cousins, often together in the same room, and offered to let them ring the church bell as a prize for complicity.

“You took a lot of lives,” she read aloud, crying and holding an eagle feather she’d been given at a “sobriety powwow” on New Year’s Eve. Six of her cousins, she said, have committed suicide because of that priest.

Abouchuk’s brother, wearing a black leather jacket and a blue bandanna, said the priest who abused him gave him a few quarters each time.

“My family was very, very poor at the time,” he said. “I tried to kill myself several times over this.” He became homeless, an alcoholic and drug addict, but has since become sober and lives with his sister in Spokane.

A former Benedictine monk, Patrick Wall, said 28 pedophiles from four countries were specifically sent to Alaska “to get them off the grid, where they could do the least amount of damage” to the church’s public image.

“The Catholic church has the largest body of documentation of non-incarcerated pedophiles in the world,” he said. “These guys should be sent to the Mayo clinic and studied to find out what makes them tick… they’re some of the weirdest characters you will ever meet.”

Three years ago, Roosa said, a former head of the Northwest Jesuits testified about the “hell files”—personnel files with information about priests that was “special,” “not public,” and “not good.” Sundborg allegedly would’ve had those files in his office when he was the head of the Northwest Jesuits. When Roosa tried to acquire those files from the Northwest Jesuits, he was told they didn’t exist.

Father Sundborg’s office has not yet returned requests for comment. But let’s revisit this story from 2006:

The president of Seattle University said Thursday he has no doubt that a Jesuit priest who taught at the school from about 1950 to 1976 sexually molested young boys.

But the Rev. Stephen Sundborg also said he believed that Seattle University bears no legal responsibility for the actions of Michael Toulouse, because any acts of sexual abuse he carried out occurred outside the scope of his official duties as a teacher at the school.

A statement from Rev. Father Sundborg:

The allegations brought against me are false. I firmly deny them. I want the victims and the entire community to know that. The complaint filed by the plaintiffs’ lawyers represents an unprincipled and irresponsible attack on my reputation. Let me be clear—my commitment to justice and reconciliation for all victims remains steadfast. The sexual abuse by Catholic priests is one of the most shameful episodes in the history of our church. I will continue to work toward the goal of bringing healing to all victims.

Massive Vatican Financial CorruptionReported In Italian PressWhile U.S. Press Stays Silent

Massive Vatican Financial Corruption Reported In Italian Press While U.S. Press Stays Silent

Why would Jesuits allow these damning articles to be published?

By Greg Szymanski, JD
January 14, 2009

A series of articles exposing Vatican financial corruption hit the Italian press during 2007 and 2008, but not a word appeared here in the mainstream news.

The articles touched on everything from protecting criminals, money laundering through the Vatican Bank and the Pope’s visit to Australia, costing Aussies over $100 million.

To the average reader it appeared the Holy See and Vatican were finally delt by its opponents a severe blow in its rather large pocket book.

But in reality, when La Reppublica, the paper that ran the series,  happens to be controlled by the Vatican overlords, the real question becomes ‘Why did the Jesuits allow the stories to run in the first place?’

Before answering, ask why the Vatican allowed the pedophile outbreak in the U.S. to flourish while publicly denouncing it as a few uncontrollable rogue priests?

Ask why  the Vatican put on a big dog and pony show, outwardly condemning the La Republica articles but behind the scenes actually enjoyed watching another nail be put into Roman Catholicism’s coffin.

Here is the answer why the Vatican speaks out of both sides of its mouth:

When the Vatican finally is destroyed  in the eyes of the world,  secretely behind the scenes its  Luciferian overlords will then emerge as the great saviours of the world , of course, hiding behind the cloak of Christianity, using Jesus as their main shill and actually being the anti-christ in disguise. Continue reading

Location of Vatican-NaziDeath Camps in PolandHave Hidden Meaning

Location of Vatican-Nazi Death Camps in Poland Have Hidden Meaning
Vatican dictators Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, SJ, center of attention for Australian researcher Frank O’Collins

By Greg Szymanski, JD
January 12, 2009

The location of the main extermination camps in Poland during theVatican-Nazi days have a hidden satanic meaning, according to Frank O’Collins, author of The Almanac of Evil.

O”Collins research has also uncovered that one of the main camps, located in Lodz, Poland, has been kept a tight-lipped secret since its main purpose was to experiment on and exterminate young Jewish children.

“You might like to see the attached map on the real reason Pope Pius XII with the guidance of Ledochowski, the Jesuit General at the time, chose Poland,” said O’Collins. “They set up a 650 Km diameter Pentagram with the main killing centres representing the key corners.

“Incredibly, for all the people that draw maps of Pentagrams across Washington DC, for some reason the Pentagram relationship of key live human sacrifice by burning seems to be missing. What is even more disturbing is that virtually no one ever hears about Lodz which was the only dedicated concentration camp to solely sacrificing young children alive. Imagine, the most evil of all evil camps and it was wiped from the map for 99.99% of the people.”

O’Collins also uncovered another interesting tidbit regarding what lies at the center of the satanic Pentagram symbol used by the Vatican Luciferian New World Order. Continue reading

Friends of Tony Alamo Trying to Organize Last Minute Protest

Friends of Tony Alamo Trying to Organize Last Minute Protest This Week at Texarkana Child Custody Hearings

Parents contend 19 of their children, some nursing babies, have been kidnapped and no solid evidence of child abuse exists

By Greg Szymanski, JD

Jan. 11, 2009

A last minute grass roots protest is trying to be organized by friends of the Alamo Ministry to raise public awareness about the state kidnapping of 19 children from the ministry, said a member of the Alamo Ministry.

Friends of Tony Alamo are trying to get people from all over the country to converge this week on Texarkana, Texas, where week-long hearings to determine the fate of the 19 children begins Monday.

The children were forcibly taken from their parents when the governent raided the Alamo Ministry in Arkansas last September. Since then the children have been kept under tight government control with the parents only allowed one hour visitation with their children every week.

Parents also claim their visits are monitored by camera “in a Nazi -like manner” and even told what can and cannot be discussed, adding any discussion about the upcoming hearings and Alamo are off limits or visitation rights takn away. Parents contend this is blatant abuse of their Constitutional rights on top of the abduction and kidnapping of their children.

“Hopefully we can get the protest organized to help raise awareness about what is going on,” said a member of Alamo’s Ministry.

“The Department of Human and Family Services is scheduled to testify for the first two or three days and then the parents will take the stand Thursday and Friday

“The web site to go to to learn more about the story is or go to to listen to a leaked interview where one of the children told the state case workers absolutely no abuse existed.”

Since late September, Alamo has been held in federal detention without bail awaiting trial on charges he violated the Mann Act for illegally transporting young girls across state lines for illicit purposes. His trial is scheduled for February.

Alamo was arrested right after the Texarkana ministry was raided in Stormtrooper like fashion. Since then, 19 children, some still nursing babies, have been taken into government custody. Continue reading

DemonologyAt The Heart of Sexual PerversionAmong Vatican Priests

Demonology At The Heart of Sexual Perversion Among Vatican Priests

Ex-Semenarian talks openly about demon priests and sexual perversion

By Greg Szymanski, JD

Jan 4, 2009

A former Catholic semanarian recently said a dying women confessed to him that she was sodomized by a high level Vatican Cardinal in front of other “demon priests” in one of their many satanic ceremonies.

The unsolicited confession was given to Tom Barnes of Alexandria, Va., 53, who is now retired from the Coast Guard and a grandfather.

Barnes, who spent 1969 through 1972 in a Philadelphia seminary before dropping out, believes demonology is what is really behind the wave of sexual pervasion among Catholic priests.

In an email sent to Matt Abbott who writes for a web site entitled Renew America, Barnes claimed he was sexually and physically abused by Catholic nuns as a child and attended the same seminary with the infamous child molester from the Philedelphia area named Father Brzyski.

“One of the most infamous child molesters in Philadelphia Catholic history, Father Jim Brzyski, was a year ahead of me in seminary. I remember him as a jovial, hale and farewell type who was always laughing and carrying on,” said Barnes in the email sent to Abbott. “I had no sense that he was the monster he apparently is — so much for my sense of insight.

“Priests and nuns get drunk on ‘god’ power in their psyche, they get bent, and their minds, their souls, their lives can take a very bad turn. And because they affect so many people because of who they are and what they do for an avocation, they can do tremendous damage to an entire community. That is without perverted sex even entering the picture. Once perverted sex enters the picture, a bad situation turns downright evil.

“Focusing on the sex is a start, but it is not the real story. The real story is that these men have literally sold their souls to the devil. They know it, and they would do it again if they had half a chance.”Here is the email sent to Abbott:

I am a left-wing lapsed Catholic whom you would not agree with theologically, but I read your column every time it is posted on the Web site for the National Catholic Reporter Abuse Tracker. I am very impressed with your research and writing style. You have a lot of good, solid things to say and your point of view is usually right on.

I attended high school seminary my senior year and went to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary from my freshman year of college until the beginning of my junior year. I transferred to Mt. St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg and got my first degree there.

The whole perverted sex thing with priests and bishops — and maybe with nuns — is about power, but even more than that, it is about demonology (in a psychological sense; I am not talking about theology here). You have to understand what the power of God does to the psyche of a human being who is accepted as a ‘priest’ by the people in the One True Church. He is, in the end analysis, a god. And he knows it. If he is emotionally stable and somewhat normal in his psychology he can rise above the abnormal psychology here that comes with being a god. If he is not, well, other things happen.

When a young man enters seminary, even today, he spends a few years in awe of his surroundings, the priests on the faculty, the occasional visit by the occasional bishop, the attention he gets from other people, and the odd, new way his own family treats him now. He is, in reality, different from the person he was when he entered seminary. The entire world treats him that way. To make a very long story short, this one thing changes his psyche. If he is even a little bit ‘off’ in his psychology, he begins to see himself as others see him: godly, different, powerful, and, most of all, entitled.

He is a priest or a seminarian and he is now entitled to the perks of that calling — and here is where the problem starts. What would those perks be? Whatever the faculty and mentors who are training him say they are. Period. And the training rarely takes place in the classroom. It is personal mentoring, usually taking place in the faculty wing of the seminary in the faculty member’s room. Now, it can be holy, wholesome and completely open and Christian — or, it can be something else. Whatever it is, thqt is where the young man learns about the priesthood. End of story.

Are you starting to see now how this continually gets passed down from generation to generation? ‘Classroom training’ in seminary is not where one learns to be a priest. One-on-one mentoring, usually in the faculty member’s room, is where most of these ‘priestly traditions’ get passed down to the next generation of priests, and there is more to consider here.

If the human psyche is willing to accept a special place in it for the Voice of God in the seminarian/priests’ life and the perks that go with that, how much more powerful would you be if you split the difference and also became a priest of satan — in other words, a demonologist?

I am not sure how many priests and bishops in the U.S. are in fact Black Mass participants or ‘demon priests,’ but I do know this: Child sodomy and forced child rape are sacraments in the demon church. So what I am saying is simply this: In my opinion, based on my own limited experience as a seminarian (from 1969-1972) in the Philadelphia area, I believe, at least to some extent and to some degree, demonology (in the psychological sense) is at the heart of this wave of perversion among Catholic priests and bishops.

One very famous and powerful American cardinal from my days in seminary was even noted by Malachi Martin as a well known demonologist who held black ceremonies in the Vatican. I do not know if that is true or not. I have no idea. But I do know one woman about my age who claims he sodomized her in the seminary basement during a devil worshipping rite attended by priests. This could be true, or this could be fantasy in the mind of a dying woman. All I know is, she told me this completely unsolicited and she does not know who Malachi Martin is or what he wrote. She told me of an incident that would fit with the profile that Martin outlines in his novels.

I have no facts. I cannot write a book or even an article. I moved on with my life after I left seminary and never looked back. But I hold five degrees — three of them are master’s degrees — and I have 26 credits toward a PhD in Education, so I am no dope.

And I have to tell you, even when I was a young man and a seminarian, I felt something was wrong with most of the priests I met. Not all of them, and even the ones I suspected of being grossly unbalanced, I could not really describe adequately what it was I feared about them. It was more of a ‘feeling’ than something I could elucidate. And it usually had nothing to do with sex. It was about some sort of soul-sucking, mind-wrenching perversion of the heart that they were involved in, a sort of psychological trap they seemed to be laying for us seminarians that I could never quite wrap my hands around.

To be sure, there were odd incidents of priests hugging seminarians too long and for odd reasons. There were also all male costume parties at Halloween that I found disconcerting to say the least. But there was no overt homosexuality I can actually state that I saw or heard about. It was more like an aura, an enveloping attitude about some of the priests and selected seminarians.

One of the most infamous child molesters in Philadelphia Catholic history, Father Jim Brzyski, was a year ahead of me in seminary. I remember him as a jovial, hale and farewell type who was always laughing and carrying on. I had no sense that he was the monster he apparently is — so much for my sense of insight.

Priests and nuns get drunk on ‘god’ power in their psyche, they get bent, and their minds, their souls, their lives can take a very bad turn. And because they affect so many people because of who they are and what they do for an avocation, they can do tremendous damage to an entire community. That is without perverted sex even entering the picture. Once perverted sex enters the picture, a bad situation turns downright evil.

Focusing on the sex is a start, but it is not the real story. The real story is that these men have literally sold their souls to the devil. They know it, and they would do it again if they had half a chance.

You are pretty close to being right most of the time, but you are just a tad off on taking a bearing on the problem as a whole. Your navigation is good enough to get you back to port, but you are just a degree or two off the beam on some issues, mostly on what is driving all of this sexual perversion among priests and bishops — and it ain’t sex. It never was. It is power.

Vatican and Jesuits Wage War on US Stock Market

Vatican and Jesuits Wage Financial War On U.S. Stock Market, According to Wall Street Insider
Richard Bell, a former stocks manipulator, claims Vatican and Jesuits are the “Real Rulers of Evil”, wanting total world domination

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan 3. 2009

A former Wall Street insider and mega-financier recently said The Vatican and Jesuit Order, working through certain players in the European Union (EU), have been waging war on the US stock market.
In an interview given to John Rappoport, financier Richard Bell, privy to the Vatican’s hidden manipulation of the U.S. economy through its “shills” working in finance and government, said the Jesuits and Vatican are the real “rulers of evil” as portrayed in Tupper Saucy’s book under the same name.

“The shill is the magnet, if you will,” said Bell a former stocks manipulator himself, “that sucks in the customers, the adherents, the loyal ones, the people of hope. It’s the oldest trick in the book. And the people who play this trick on a grand scale are very, very clever. They want total domination, but they carve out a circuitous route, because that is the way to arrive. Continue reading