Outraged Citizens Say Alamo Still In Jail on False Accusations

Outraged Citizens Say Alamo Still In Jail on False Accusations
How Can Pope Have Influence Way Down In Arkansas?

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec 29, 2008

The raid on Alamo Ministries in Fauke, Ark. is a perfect example of the Pope’s evil power at work, using the fascist US. authorities to clamp down on Bible believing Americans.
Some may say this is stretching the truth since how can the Pope have influence in Arkansas?

However, understanding that influence is the key to understanding how the Illuminati and the New World Order really work.

The Arctic Beacon has covered the Alamo story in the past and it is worth reading the article on this jounalistic blog dated Dec. 10, 2008. It is also worth reading a recent post sent by Bible believing Christian, Tom Freiss, who has his own radio show called The Inquisition Report.

Freiss got his start guest hosting this columnist’s show, The Investigative Journal, and we are happy to report he has his own show now with its emphasis on exposing the Vatican-led New World Order.

Here is what Freiss recently had to say about the Alamo incarceration and raid:

We need to be concerned about Protestant Pastor, Tony Alamo (74 years old and blind), who has been imprisoned on trumped up charges of producing and distributing “kiddy porn”, and at least one count
of violation of the Mann Act (transporting children across state lines for nefarious purposes, a charge that comes with it’s own conviction) and is being held in an inadequately heated cell without bail. In the meantime, a Waco style raid of Tony Alamo Ministries in Fauke, AR uncovered no incriminating evidence to support the bogus Federal (papist) charges.

To silence the adult members of the congregation, the Pope’s church/state beast government kidnapped 36 of their children and placed them under state protective custody to use them as leverage to silence the parents and other supporters of Alamo and the ministry. How does our Papist government justify these kidnappings? By claiming that the parents criminally endangered their children by subjecting them to the big bad wolf, Tony Alamo.

No cream is coming to the top for the Pope’s Inquisitors, so the government is even interrogating children and families of past congregants no longer living in the Alamo Christian Community looking for damning information and testimony to support their faltering imaginary case against Alamo. Even worse, they are soliciting obviously biased testimony from disgruntled past members who were kicked out of the Community by Alamo for aberrant sins like homosexuality and drug abuse.

Now get this! The government has thrown a bone to the bereaved parents of the children. They say, in order to get their kids back, they must permanently leave Alamo Ministries, keep their mouths shut, get and maintain jobs outside the ministry (in other words, start paying Peter’s Pence to the IRS), take “cult training” courses, parenting classes, and submit to regular DHS inspections and interrogations as if they were actually guilty of criminally endangering their children by raising them in Alamo’s KJV Bible believing Christian Community!

So what got the Pope’s crooked nose so out of joint? Similar to the Waco “cult compound”, the Pastor, Tony Alamo, for 4 decades has been exposing the sins of the Papacy and the Whore of Revelation 17. Worse than that, he’s been spreading his “ministry” to many foreign nations that are, like America, bereft of any knowledge about the Whore of Rome or the bloody sinful beast upon whose back she rides (U.S.A.). The Pope finds this to be very disruptive, especially on the continents of Africa and Asia and the Middle East where the Pope is raising all kinds of Hades against heretic (non-Catholic) tribes and Jews and Muslims and, well, all non-Catholics. And who has she commissioned to conduct this global Inquisition? Good ole  apostate ecumenical Protestant U.S.A.! Godly Tony Alamo’s got a big Bible and a big mouth and the Pope’s got to shut him up before he blows his New World Order right out of the water!

This Inquisition of Alamo and his lambs is a DIRECT result of apostate ecumenical Pat Robertson style papists-in-training evangelicalism. This is what happens when God’s people reject the Living Lord of Glory and get in bed with the Whore of Rome! This is the result of the Jesuit’s Vatican II Trojan Horse called, “ECUMENISM”! And we bought it hook, line, and sinker! And NOW, unless we repent, we are going to PAY FOR OUR ERROR!

This is what happens when we repudiate the Protestant Reformation and spit in the faces of the Protestant Reformers and join apostate ECUMENICAL (papists-in-training) Evangelical 501 c 3 churches!

This is what happens every time the Vatican gets control of a government and creates a church/state union…..GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION OF NON-CATHOLICS and unHOLY ROMAN INQUISITION!

First it was Waco. Then it was FLDS. Now its a PROTESTANT congregation!

Its time to recognize this for what it is. And its time to CALL it what it is!

This is the Holy Roman Inquisition come to Protestant America!

Are God’s people in this country going to stand for this?

If so, then we put ourselves and all our children in jeopardy for similar and much much worst treatment by our own Vatican/Jesuit/Knights of Malta controlled Federal and state governments.

Who rules the world?


Wanna find out what we bought when we joined the Pope’s Ecumenical Movement? Read:
“History of the Waldenses” by J.A. Wylie
“Terror Over Yugoslavia” by Avro Manhattan
“Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” by John Foxe

Study these websites:

Revelation 18:4 Come out of her, my people, that ye partake not of her sins, and that ye receive not also of her plagues”.

If you are supporting an ECUMENICAL church…..don’t walk…….RUN!

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