Obama’s Jesuit Connections Surface

Obama’s Jesuit Connections Surface
God help those – who could care less – to see beyond the obvious

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec 28, 2008

The connections among Barrack Obama, the Jesuits and the Vatican run deep but most Americans could care less.
Most Americans in fact see no harm in Obama kissing the Pope’s red satanic shos or making Jesuit Georgetown Universtiy his second home.

The idea that the Jesuits and the Vatican are up to no good, trying to destroy America from within, just hasn’t sunk in to Joe Schmoe in the U.S.

It hasn’t sunk in because the tenents of the Protestant Refomation have all but been forgotten or wiped away from history by those crafty, devious Jesuits who like to call themselves the “Great Educators.” But if the truth be known the Society of Satan, better known as the Jesuits, should be called the biggest liars and misducators the world has ever known.

So for Joe Schmoe it means nothing that Obama is in bed with the Vatican and, in fact, the real sad part is that most Black Americans think it’s just the best thing since slice bread that one of their own holds the highest office in the land.

However, little do they know, Obama’s loyalty lies with the White Pope, the New World Order and the upcoming Luceferian world government bent on killing off most Black people who are now supporting him. In fact, color matters little as Obama believes people lke you and me are nothing more than cattle, no matter if we are white, red or black .

Here is a synopsis sent by an unknown reader to the Arctic Beacon regarding Obama’s Jesuit and Vatican connections. For those who know the truth, read it and weep! For those who care less, God help you to have the wisdom to look beyond the obvious government connections.

OBAMA’S JESUIT’S CONNECTION. According to a most eye-opening and incredibly compelling book Codeword Barbelon <http://www.luxverbi.org.uk/arch/Codeword_Barb%C3%AAl%C3%B4n_Foreword_ISBN_0-954359666_and_ISBN_9780954359669.htm&gt; , by author P.D. Stuart, Obama is under the control of the Jesuits and has been for many years.
We also discovered that even the Pope Benedict XVI gave Obama his blessings after his election victory in November. As far as I am aware this is the first time a Pope has blessed the Presidency so openly. See the attached pdf news report on p. 16A from the National Post titled: “Pope Blesses Obama”!!

But first, here is a little Obama history.

Many years ago, Obama’s wife to be, Michelle Robinson, a promising associate at the same Chicago Loop law firm, Sidley Austin, became a good friend and mentor to a young paralegal looking for career advice, Mike Strautmanis; as did her future husband, Barack H. Obama.

Strautmanis, who is now 39 and a senior legal counsel to Obama presidential team, attended a very special school: the Jesuit-run St. Ignatius College Prep, one of Chicago’s influential Catholic schools.

You may think this is a mere coincidence, but Strautmanis is not Mr. Obama’s only or even his most important Jesuit confidant!

It’s around that time [while Obama was working as an organizer for the Developing Communities Project (DCP) of the Calumet Community Religious Conference (CCRC) in Chicago] that Mr. Obama developed long-lasting ties with the Catholic Church and her most wily agents–the Jesuits.

So much so that Obama can’t seem to avoid apointing Jesuits to his inner circle of advisers and managers. These Jesuits are all men of amphibologia [i.e. double sensed words] and the most wonderful obstinacy whose sole objective, according to one of their former pupils, is to secure “to the highest office of state men who they have poisoned with their maxims.” (See, Jean Lacouture, Jesuits: A Multibiography, p. 340. Note: Jean Lacouture is himself an ancien élève of the Jesuits—i.e. a former pupil).

No wonder Edmund Burke wrote that the Jesuits are “an infectious ‘plague’ requiring ‘the precautions of the most severe quarantine.’ “

Even Pope Gregory IX had to admit: “The Jesuit foxes have various faces, but they all hang together by their tails.”

Enough of that.. Lets see what the author of Codeword Barbelon <http://www.luxverbi.org.uk/arch/Codeword_Barb%C3%AAl%C3%B4n_Foreword_ISBN_0-954359666_and_ISBN_9780954359669.htm&gt; reveals about Obama’s Jesuit foxes:

“Obama’s Chicago mentor” is “Gregory Galluzzo – a ‘former’ Jesuit priest….” [Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and featured writer for the Pope’s American neo-fascist Executive Intelligence Review, Webster Tarpley, mentions Galluzzo in his book, Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography.]

“Obama’s Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau, was Jesuit-trained.”

“Obama’s Senior Military and Foreign Policy Advisor, Maj. Gen. J. Scott

Gration, was Jesuit-trained.”

“Obama’s Deputy Communications Director, Dan Pfeiffer, was Jesuit-trained.”

How many other Jesuit agents Mr. Obama has on his team we may never know, for as American historian J. Wayne Laurens writes: “They [the Jesuits] are not merely priests, or of one religious creed; they are merchants [Wall Street Bankers] … and editors, and men of any profession, having no outward badge by which to be recognized…. “

[J. Wayne Laurens, The Crisis in America : or the Enemies of America Unmasked (Philadelphia: G. D. Miller, 1855), p. 265; cited in Codeword Barbelon].

Note too, that Obama’s Global Poverty Act, passed in 2007, was launched at a conference in San Francisco to lobby for the bill. The conference was held at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit Catholic Institution [seventy miles south of the Order’s Bohemian Grove] with a “global perspective,” under the auspices of the Lane Center for Catholic Studies and Social Thought.

In all of the above we have clues as to his agenda and who backed him: he was trained and mentored by Jesuits [no doubt, connectted to the Order through the Ford Foundation for which his atheist, White mother worked; the Ford Foundation oversaw the faith-mixing, race-mixing, culture-mixing Gamaliel Foundation for which Barry Davis Obama worked alongside co-founder Jesuit priest Greg Galluzo now an “ex-Jesuit” and the Foundation’s Executive Director], he worked for the Catholic Church for most of his life, and he has even chosen a Jesuit-controlled Roman Catholic, Joe Biden, as his vice-president. What does that tell you? Do you think all this Catholic connection is mere coincidence and stands for nothing? One can draw the conclusion that Obama’s relationship with the Jesuits is much more important to his success in this election and even more extensive than many think. Incidentally, Joe Biden lectures at the Jesuit University in Scranton [a major recruiting station for the Black Pope’s Central Intelligence Agency] and his son, according to an official Federal finance document, was paid over $80,000.00 last year by the Jesuits to lobby for them in the White House!!

Joe Biden’s son was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University and is paid to lobby for the Jesuit University of Scranton. Joe Biden was also given an honorary degree from the Jesuit University of Scranton (1979) and from the Jesuit Order’s St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia (1981).

Here is an except of a quote from the Introduction to Codeword Barbêlôn <http://www.luxverbi.org.uk/arch/Codeword_Barb%C3%AAl%C3%B4n_Foreword_ISBN_0-954359666_and_ISBN_9780954359669.htm&gt; as found in a recent press release and on the publisher’s website:

“Good historians,” wrote Horace Walpole, “are the most scarce of all writers, and no wonder! A good style is not very common; thorough information is still rare; and if these meet, what a chance that impartiality should be added to them!” P.D. Stuart’s work possesses all of these qualities.

“Consisting of 46 chapters, and hundreds of footnotes, Codeword Barbêlôn covers a vast period of history, from the second and third centuries to the present day. Spatially, the work covers three continents, and focuses on Europe and North America and the hidden influence of secret societies on that continent. It encompasses, within its asides, many other countries too. Indeed, reading Codeword Barbêlôn, one cannot help but feel as if he were traveling in H. G. Wells’ time machine, finding himself sometimes at the City of Rome in the 16th Century, at other times in Bavarian Germany in the 18th Century, yet at other times in the political intrigues of North America in the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries.

Using his favourite technique, P.D. Stuart holds his judgments, and his readers, in suspense by offering the reader a range of options in the interpretation of an event—through fixing multiple layers of insinuation, innuendo, and hidden meaning; and by his coupling of contrasting facts; then explaining such antitheses.

“He identifies the role played by some of the major personalities in the history of the secret societies, from Jacques de Molay to Ignatius Loyola; from Adam Weishaupt to Adolf Hitler; from Cecil Rhodes to Albert Pike; from George Washington to the two most recent presidents of the United States of America , Bill Clinton and George W.. Bush, Jr. In doing so he uncovers a plot so sinister, that in the words of ex-FBI Director and founder, J. Edgar Hoover: ‘The individual… coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous… cannot believe it exists….’ P.D. Stuart reveals the connection between the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Phi Beta Kappa, the Council of Foreign Relations and other secretive fraternities—the American College sororities.

“Codeword Barbêlôn is undoubtedly a ‘tough book.’ It is direct, honest, and thought provoking. It contains no compromise, no apologies, and no vagaries; it spares no characters—all are lashed without ceremony. The result is a book that is extremely credible, erudite and compellingly readable. It represents the latest and most thorough use of the available material on the subject, bringing order and much needed clarity to the confusing mass of secret society books currently on the market.

“Indeed, we know of no other volume of its kind to compare with the one before us. It ‘connects the dots’ completely, thoroughly, and intelligently. An instance of high scholarship, supported by much careful research, P.D. Stuart has written what must be considered one of the most authoritative accounts of the Great Secret Society. And he does so with exceptional finesse. Utilizing records inaccessible to or overlooked by other writers, Stuart reveals the power about which Woodrow Wilson once said: ‘the few who are aware of it, dare not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.’ “

9 thoughts on “Obama’s Jesuit Connections Surface

  1. Christopher Strunk says:

    January 3, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    Dateline Friday 1/2/09:

    As of today I received the go ahead from the DC District Court for the FOIA case (08-cv-2234) in re the Dunham / Soetoro (Obama) records presumably with filing date 11/26/08.

    As of 12/26/08 I sent an additional FOIA to DHS re Soetoro and Dunham (the Ford Foundation / CIA connection) in preparation for amending the Complaint 08-cv-2234 to include DHS also – to be sent by tomorrow.

    I am expecting a methods and sources response from DHS, and in which case I have an end run which will set in place the actual New York secession with steel teeth, especially in light of the intent of the Hoover Commission of 1948 at which George F. Kennan participated in setting up the ten GSA regions based upon economic and future demographic considerations, read his memoir “Around the Cragged Hill” (1993).

    As you should know, but don’t because of the Jesuit controlled media, we are approaching the planned 2009 “Great Chastisement” , spoken of by the Pope during his speech given to the American Conference of Bishops between April 15 thru 20, 2008, that combined with all the outrageous unconstitutional shenanigans going on by 1/20/09 will unfold. The population has no idea of the Islamic/Roman Catholic/Jesuit/Masonic/SMOM/Opus Dei connection to Barry Soetoro and his Catholic Intelligence Agency (CIA) handlers.

    Insider / cooperative research to expose the Jesuit’s Grand Design is essential if the proposed February 2009 WTP Continental Convention is to be effective. For the uninitiated, I say in other words in effect we have to do an exorcism of America SOOOOON, of the cartels primarily, but most certainly expose the ongoing 200 year old Grand Design Plan put forth by the Jesuits starting with the efforts of Maryland Jesuit Bishop John Carroll; and augmented by the May 13, 1911 Fatima hoax, as a coordinated extension of the 1871 Albert Pike collaboration with the Jesuit Grand Orient Lodge plan for end times starting with the destruction of the Christian Russian Orthodox protector Czar Nicholas, as then romanticized by Freemason insider HG Wells novel about continuous World War to the present situation as he speaks of in his “Shape of Things to Come” and “the Time Machine”..

    Best regards to my fellow New Yorkers, or I should say New Amsterdam free hold dutch, for an exciting New Year in interesting times,

    Chris Strunk – http://www.strunk.ws

    As a matter of State’s security, I am preparing a book on the history of the New York Constitution and the proposed changes to the New York State Constitution in the twenty year Convention, to effect an orderly secession with sound money and prosperity for all once more as if visited with the return of William the Silent that would make New Amsterdam operational again.


  2. In the roman empire one would be referred to by the summation of the value of each letter in his name. The Pope to would be referred by the sum of the letters of his name, now not his real name but the name of the seat of the Pope and that is ‘” VICARIUS FILI DEI”‘ when a letter has no value give it a value of zero. It is interesting to note with shock and disbelief what summation you will arrive at, yet it will be very revealing for the devil will finally be revealed. The name is on the mitre of the pope and it means the vicar (replacement) of Christ on earth.


  3. Investigative dynamite!!
    Many thanks for sharing your research mailbox and for the corresponding beacon broadcast from January 8 with EJP about the Jesuit surroundings of the Obama presidency which begins with: “You have to remember that the pope has his international intelligence community which is the modern day holy office of inquisition, and that international intelligence community begun to be put together in WWII and was perfected during the Cold War. And that intelligence community today is really overseen by the CIA in conjunction with the Britisch secret intelligence service. […] The Vatican controls Hamas, it controls Hisbollah through the CIA and the Vatican controls the Mossad through the CIA. So, the Vatican controls both sides, and the purpose for this neverending ceaseless warfare is to ultimately bring the pope to world power in Jerusalem […] This war has been financed and armed on both sides from the pope’s intelligence community overseen by the CIA, and thus we see the Israeli and the US government – both controlled by the Vatican – had provided all the necessary weapons to launch this war.” This amount of mismatch to the corporate mainstream as well as to the conspiracy mainstream is therefore the one we’re dealing with here.

    I don’t take that “Joe Shmoe” bit for such a clever move, Greg, because it corresponds much more with “official” class propaganda (the Joe the Plummer effect) and the “inofficial” imagination of an uncovered battle between “the elite” and “the masses” (the old royal trick) than with our modern corporate conspiratorial social reality.
    To explain this huge subject in a nutshell I’m yet not able to, but I’ll try to handle it as a red thread for the future. It’s central significance issues in my opinion from the inner core of the Jesuit spiritual, intellectual, and therefore political supremacy. Our amiable and bloodthursty inquisitors of the Roman British empire rule for the most part simply with words. They not only make the universal laws for this kind of society we were born in, they fashion our knowledge and thinking from the top and cultivate their dialectial playgrounds always with new parties and theories as the world champions of imagination that be. As citizens we’re corporate people in their corporate world.
    Why does the majority of academics deny to look into the 9/11 abyss? They all know perhaps Faust’s pact with the devil and found out that Goethe was introduced into the Bavarian brotherhood from which Jesuit illuminism then emanated into European and international freemasonry capturing and controlling the new upcoming scientific and economic elites.
    Aren’t we all to nearly full extend mentally embedded in the fascicled intelligence of the highest ranks of the Jesuit Shepherd’s Fold?
    Isn’t the whole fatherly attitude of any of their pseudo-religious business brotherhoods (Freemasonry, Mormons, Scientology and what not) till this day the ideational core of social loyalty at all?
    Don’t we all unwittingly posess their corporate identity, that artificial legal business personality, as some existential sort of social compagnon and supervisory staff?

    The Big Change comes with common and global instant communication – that’s the absolute crucial point and one of the main reasons why I like this guy. He belongs to my quartet of mostly accepted “high priests”: Phelps, McKenna, Kafka and Voltaire. Together they’re unbeatable even by the niftiest Roman cocksucker, I believe. And to make it comprehensible for my Jesuit foes like the always funny James Martin SJ, ex-banker and best friend with the fearless and excellent screamin’ Stephen, should been said that I’ve enough reasons to call Eric Jon Phelps the 9/11 Truth (and beyond) General of mine. He probably will be the last man standing in every fairly conducted open political debate!

    Which manager, bureaucrat or officer has and shows any interest in deep clarification of the murderous psycho attack in the early days of the new century? That ignorance has reasons behind it that are part of “9/11 truth”, too, and far more important as all technical details of the crime themselves! In my eyes the aspect of conspiracy is of second rank. For what we are confronted with first and foremost should be called devoutness or something. Television devoutness, politics devoutness, democracy devoutness, science devoutness and so on, church and agency devoutness, of course. Walter Burien calls the CAFRs the bible of the corporate system that nobody else than the adepts and insiders should see. Isn’t the trick not exactly the same the Catholic church played with its believers throughout the whole mediaeval times?
    The majestic-dignity of interpretation delivers the central key to power whatsoever, and that’s probably one of the most important secrets of the mysterious Jesuit supremacy, I think. What’s the difference, let’s say, between freedom as “the insight into necessity” (Friedrich Engels, the high-grad mason) and the famous letter Loyola wrote on March 26, 1553 – “de virtute obedientiae” – where he defined the three levels of “Manchurian Candidate” obedience to the next superior brother? Hoensbroech translated the last sentence into German: “I beseech you by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ […] bestir you to subjugate (expugnare) and subdue (subicere) the most highbred and difficult part of your mind: reason and judgement.”

    A preaching posture seems neither the right challenge to that Jesuitical problem of having Egyptian Babylonian social relations in all industrialized states nor in keeping with the times.

    Dear Christopher Strunk, you’re a true inspiration and shining example!
    “The planned 2009 ‘Great Chastisement'”?
    Couldn’t find here such a passage. Interesting enough: “Any tendency to treat religion as a private matter must be resisted. […] People today need to be reminded of the ultimate purpose of their lives. They need to recognize that implanted within them is a deep thirst for God. They need to be given opportunities to drink from the wells of his infinite love. […] The goal of all our pastoral and catechetical work, the object of our preaching, and the focus of our sacramental ministry should be to help people establish and nurture that living relationship with ‘Christ Jesus, our hope’.”


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  7. As for the 2009 “Great Chastisement” I spoke of read the last paragraph quote:

    “the Church in your country most particularly to the maternal care and intercession of Mary Immaculate, Patroness of the United States. May she who carried within her womb the hope of all the nations intercede for the people of this country”

    The Maryology spoken of by the Pope last year spoke volumes to me and as anyone who knows me knows I am not complicated. Barry Soetoro and his Jesuit ?SMOM controllers are in the process of Chastising our people quite separate and apart from the Isis / Mythra spector spoken of.


  8. “And that was the linchpin. That’s the trigger which I use to go after all the Jesuits as agents of a foreign power, and that they have taken an oath of allegiance to the Pope, and since the Pope now is the prince of a sovereign country, they are agents of a foreign country, and therefore must register as his agents. And, of course, I’m using their oath as evidence in my case. […] I’m not attacking the honor of the Jesuits, because they’re honorable to their oath. […] I’m saying that they should be registered as a dangerous weapon.”

    What a sweeping approach you’re waging, dear Mr. Strunk! Very impressive, very brave. It seems you won’t allow any space at all for the famous little Jesuitical dance of casuistry and equivocations. I think, your idea deserves perceptible impact. First in New York, soon afterwards world-wide – like “9/11”. Kind of a Logan Act we’ll then certainly get hold of somehow.
    I don’t know if it’s possible to make your convictions in regard of this upcoming
    mariological “Great Chastisement” justiciable, to a sufficiently large extent. One could in any case the pulverization of the Twin Tower Temple interpret as forerunner for a next and then surely more grueling homeland attack by these unregistered, (quasi-)foreign, but at least by definition unpatriotic self-declared “Heros of Jesus”, who look at themselves as the “Jesuses quasi praesens” – Jesuses alive on earth with their general as true god(father).
    I would try to put the record straight by inspecting the whole proceeding against the backdrop of, or under the sword of Damocles in form of the Novo-Ordo-Seclorum encyclical Caritas in Veritate, which was published for the transnational one-billion people of Papists in the “shadow of media” on July 7, the day when the ceremonies of funeral for Michael Jackson took place. Now, the cat is out of the bag, right? Like Rockefeller has announced it: all we need is the right major crisis …
    And why actually is such a committee called “Church Committee”?


  9. Greg won’t mind I will compliment Christopher Strunk also on a great work. As a Dutchman, his words are very touching to me. And how important, this history of New York. Because, if the British would not have taken New York, this website would have been in Dutch, and all USA would speak Dutch, instead of British. Just as in South Africa. The difference is, that Dutch Bibles today do not contain the word “Church”, only the Roman Catholic Bible does. This Bible translation warning may be a bit off topic here, but so very significant. After I would hear American Preachers use that word, that I will mention it every where in the USA, as long as preachers there do not care about it. Ecclesias, the Greek word that is translated by Roman Catholics and the King James 1611 as “Church”, is actually meaning “Parish”, in the Catholic meaning. It is a very corrupt translation.

    New Amsterdam. Well, Amsterdam is being killed out, the Dutch people are under genocide. Half of Amsterdam, also Rotterdam, have been made Muslim now, Islam is truly the sword of the Vatican. Islam propaganda is shown on Dutch TV every day, Rotterdam has a Muslim mayor, people are disarmed, the police is completely out of control because of the disarmament. Propaganda is found in every mind and paper, most people support their own genocide over here. Alex Jones is seen as the greatest authority, any website publishing over lies by the government has a link to Alex Jones here. Not me, I have about 5 pages now protesting against the lies that the people find safe or convenient. Yes, it looks a lot like USA here, more over, USA has taken the name of the Dutch Republic, that was named by the people, The States. Historians say, that the American Constitution was based on the institution of the Dutch Republic (1572~1795), but I doubt this. The Constitution of the Dutch Republic, that was destroyed by Jan Roothaan according to local Catholic sources, that why he was regarded to become the Jesuit general. It does not look like the American Constitution, but it looks like the Constitution of some American States, before 1776. Law than was set up by Acts, where Roman Catholicism was prohibited, just as it was in certain States of America, before the US constitution would start to allow Roman Catholicism all over the country. Pamphlets and books on the Jesuits where published many around 1600. Amsterdam was a Roman Catholic center, but was taken by honest people. A name for Amsterdam back than, that I often still use myself, was Murderdam. There is a torture museum there, explaining some facts about why. Later the Jews called it New Jerusalem. Thus there is a list of historical names for New Amsterdam now;
    New York
    New Amsterdam
    New New Jerusalem
    New Murderdam
    New Islamsterdam
    This last name was invented recently, but is unfortunately truth. Not that free speech is banned, only truthful information is banned, but all the other people here believe the Jesuit propaganda, an give me a big mouth when I say I have valid sourced that Muslims are imported by the Jesuits. Every website of them Jesuits over here is about “refugee work” though, who will Helly Inquisition professionals “rescue”? It’s just immigration work they are conducting, and I see no one care than me. But soccer results get the front page, soccer players get millions of Euro’s and media attention, what morality is found there? The wrath of God will come down on this country, because there is a job hold in the army. Such sabotage was also done just before the German Papists called Socialists run by an Austrian thus not National invaded in 1940. The Major that created Islamsterdam is an official Jew, but according to my information is a Roman Catholic, Job Cohen. He will be a minister in the New Delete lies of the General States, the Dutch Senat.
    New York truly has a great history.
    There is a Propaganda connection with Barry Davis also. Obama, as the people call him, looks like a Moroccan, the mercenaries that are imported en masse in the Netherlands since the 1970’s. If you think Catholics are evil, and they are, wait until you meet their brothers in hypocrisy, the Muslims!


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