O’Collins Presents 25 Most Evil Men

O’Collins Presents 25 Most Evil Men In History List
Author of Almanac of Evil May Shock Some With Choices

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec. 22, 2008

Frank  O’Collins, author of The Almanac of Evil, presents an interesting question:

“Is it genuinely possible to construct a 25 most evil people of all time list?”

O’Collins answered emphatically in the affirmative, presenting a list with some familiar and some very unfamiliar names.

Names like Hitler and Stalin would bring very little controversy, said O’Collins but “I suspect when the name Paul of Tarsus is added to the list it will bring outrage.”

O’Collins wanted to explain how he constructed the list and presented the Arctic Beacon with the following in-depth explanation:

Most people, without even having to think too deeply can at least name three historical figures they believe are the most evil. For some, the outgoing President of the United States might be one name. For others, it might be a historical figure such as Roman Emperor Caligula or Roman Emperor Nero.
Given enough time and research, I believe it is feasible to construct an “all time most evil” list over the past few thousand years, based on historical record and knowledge.

How was this particular list of “25 most evil” constructed?

For some who hear the names on the list of the 25 most evil people of all time, there might be disbelief verging in incredulity as to how some names might come to be there. Here is what O’Collins said:

I anticipate that general consensus will exist for inclusion of historically evil figures such as Adolf Hitler and Ivan the Terrible, some other names such as St Paul (of Tarsus) and Dwight D. Eisenhower may evoke outrage.

Let me then explain how individual names happened. It firstly has to do with understanding what exactly is pure evil? What is the essence of evil?

For some, the immediate image may be various historical recordings of human massacres and torture- those who inflicted mass pain on their people such as Ivan the Terrible, Hitler, Mao Zedong and Fr Joseph Stalin SJ. These names happen to be on the list. But is this the worst of evil?

Most would agree that if there was a person who could be more evil than Hitler, it would have to be whoever his mentor, or primary patron happened to be. That is because, evil in a sense is more potent in the order to commit evil than just the evil act. So any mentor that handed Hitler the keys to power, who helped finance his rise, who directed his social policies including the holocaust, then this person would truly be one of the most evil person in history.

That is why I have included Pope Pius XII on the list- the primary patron and mentor of Hitler- Hitler’s Personal Pope- as no 2- the brains behind Nazism, pure Catholic Socialism exposed- including all the revelation of ancient Syrian and Indo-European Power symbols in the Swastika and the Jesuit skull and bones of the SS.

But if there was possibly a figure even more evil than someone like Pope Pius XII- the brains behind the holocaust- who could be more evil than the actions of Pius XII ordering the live human burning sacrifice of tens of millions? The answer could also lie in the office of Catholic Pope and the supreme lie when the greatest evil hides as the greatest good.

The sickness of deceit

As you know, there is nothing more uncomfortable and nauseating when confronted with open, hidden deceit- that someone you believed was honorable and true, turned into being your greatest enemy.

Indeed, when directly referencing the modern notion of “Satan” as the personification of evil, one of the greatest tricks he is said to perform is to hide in the garments of holiness, while reaping misery.

Of the most appalling deceit, none compares to that which is perpetrated by religious figures in whom we place our highest trust. That is one of the most awful realizations for tens of millions of Catholics in respect to their neighborhood priests, any one of them who could be an uncontrollable pedophile, either exposed or lying in anticipation until the press dies down.

But such deceit is not without its own historical origins. In fact the Christian Bible New Testament speaks of the reigning Sadducee families of the Main Temple of Jerusalem as being wolves in sheep clothing, of hiding evil behind the garments of holiness- in other words being figures of extreme evil.

That is why so many Catholic Popes are features prominently on the list of the top 25 most evil people of all time. Not because there is inherently evil in belonging to the Catholic faith. Far from it, individual Catholics around the world on any given day are responsible for the care and support of tens of millions of people, from education, to health to care to the dying and homeless.

The office of Pope is an entirely different matter. It is why Popes such as Pope Pius IX are included on the list, not only for organizing and funding the assassination conspiracy of President Abraham Lincoln, including hiding some of the plot members who returned to the Pope for safety. It is also in their supreme acts of blasphemy and defiance of their own religions such as Pope Pius IX who promptly claimed himself “infallible” and thus an untouchable god on earth, who could never be arrested and tried by the American authorities as the head of a criminal enterprise.

So the list has to do not only with how many people an individual may have ordered to be killed, but the level of historic deceit they represented by their supremely evil actions, while pretending to be honorable and/or the epitome of sanctity.

1. St Paul (of Tarsus) (1st Century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_01c_paul_of_tarsus.htm

St Paul, or Saul of Tarsus is listed as the No#1 all time most evil person of history, not only for being directly responsible for the death of nearly half a million innocent people during his lifetime, not only for being responsible for the creation of a false religious doctrine designed to deliberately corrupt the true original Nazarene Gnostic faith of Jesus, but for being directly responsible in the murder of the closest members of Jesus’s family, if not Jesus himself.

These are astounding claims, given most Christians regard without quest that St Paul was once a serial murderer who converted to become the “greatest” apostle. But then, how many people truly know the historic origins of Tarsus, or “Tartarsus” in Greek legend- a place of human sacrifice and dark satanic magic.

Similarly, few people would have heard of the Samaritan High priesthood, a rival set of families to the Hanaan Sadducee priests such as Annas who ruled the temple of Jerusalem during the early life of Jesus. It is this hidden history, the full consequences of understanding Barabbus – “son of the father” was the rival messiah- Saul – a Samaritan who so arrogantly renamed himself in the light of the most revered Jewish king hero of the time.

It is in the writings and deeds of Paul the seeds of future evil, ignorance and hatred of wisdom and institutional deceit is founded. Without investigating the real Paul- the real author of the Bible – we cannot possible see the essence of what is the purest evil personified in history.

2. Pope Pius XII (20th Century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_20c_Pius_XII.htm

As mentioned earlier, any person that was the mentor of Hitler, the financial patron of Hitler and architect of the holocaust of live human sacrifice would have to be a supremely evil character. And he was- his name was Pacelli- or Pope Pius XII.

No man is singularly more responsible for the holocaust, the live human sacrifice by fire of tens of millions of non-Catholics to the ancient satanic gods of the Sadducee families that founded Catholicism as a competitor to the Eastern Christian churches in the first place.

Without understanding the deep devotion to Cybele, to the manifestation of Moloch- the ancient Phoenician/Syrian god of human sacrifice by fire none of the actions of the Nazis make sense. Any college student can tell you that by far the easiest way to dispose of millions of bodies is to do what they did in the middle ages- dig a big hole and bury the dead- not create elaborate and expensive work camps with extreme numbers of oven blocks.

Pius stands as the closest to pure evil we have seen from the Catholic Church Hierarchy in the 20th Century. What only remains to confirm his place in the pantheon of arch-demons, the immortal gods of evil worshipped within the Catholic Church establishment is to be confirmed a saint. This is expected anytime now.

3. Wlodimir Ledochowski SJ (20th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_20c_Ledochowski.htm

Few have probably heard of this Jesuit Superior General. But this man, more than any other can claim something so evil, few can match it- in being the brains behind the starting of not one, but two world wars- WWI and WWII.

History books in large part deliberately misdirect us to the actual starting events and following up battles of war, the heroes, the villains and who eventually wins. But as many readers know, war is much more than simply killing people- it is also about making money- financing war and building weapons as it is about power- who loses control and infrastructure – who changes the influence of cultures and other religions.

World War I was as much about the War of Princes vs the Jesuits, then its timing and results make sense. Prior to World War I, the European monarchies were back on the ascendency. But these same royal families were the ones who destroyed the Jesuits in the 18th Century. The Jesuits had never forgotten, nor had the Papacy against the intrusion into Papal affairs of a more confident ruling class.

It was Ledochowski who played an instrumental part in helping arrange the chess board so that by the end of World War I, many of the Catholic and Protestant Monarchies were destroyed.

But his most elaborate evil was to be seen in the meticulous events leading up to World War II. In finding a close ally in Pope Pius XII, the Papacy and Jesuits for the first time in three hundred years become once again as one- planning the total destruction of the remaining power of Protestantism in Europe- the last war of Reformation.

4. Fr Joseph Stalin SJ (20th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_20c_Stalin.htm

Most people would agree Stalin should be on the list. But if he was simply a mass murderer and tyrant, then he should be technically below Mao Zedong, who killed far more people than Stalin (40 million to possibly 100+ million for Mao). It is the fact that for his whole adult life he was a fully fledged Jesuit priest that makes him so evil.

The incredible thing about Stalin and his real life as a Jesuit agent is that the facts are all before anyone who cares to see. Dig a little and you can easily find his parents were Catholic, that he was raised a devout Catholic. Stalin even openly admitted in one of his rare interviews with Western journalists that he was trained by the Jesuits.

Anyone who has briefly studied the extraordinary events in the early adult life of Stalin can see he was clearly “protected” from lethal harm- no less than three escape for convictions as serious as multiple murders and destruction of government property.

Nor is the extraordinary Jesuit controlled events along with Wall Street Ambassador Fr Edmund Walsh SJ arranging for fellow Jesuit agent Stalin to take control over the Soviet Empire in 1922.

5. Heinrich Himmler SJ (20th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_20c_Himmler.htm

I think most people would accept the man who managed the construction and operation of the death camps devoted to satanic live human sacrifice by burning (Himmler) was a profoundly evil individual.

But there is also more to the story of Himmler, not least the fact that he was imposed on Hitler by his patron Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) and that there is no question he escaped death with a botched autopsy on some poor soul failing to match up to the known physical scars and features of Himmler. It doesn’t make sense until you see that Himmler was never really married and remained a devoted Jesuit priest his whole adult life.

6. St. Vlad Dracula (Catholic Saint 15th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_15c_Vlad_Dracula.htm

The Romanian saint who sparked a thousand Dracula films.

7. Pope Alexander VI (Roderic Borgia) (16th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_16c_Alexander_VI.htm

Little needs to be added to this, a most vile creature.

8. Francis Borgia SJ (real founder of Jesuits) (16th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_16c_Borgia.htm

Incredibly, few people ever hear about Cardinal Francis Borgia, the real founder of the Jesuits. In fact, the Gesu Church, the spiritual headquarters in Rome is a grotesque tribute to Borgia, grandson of Pope Alexander VI as some kind of super visionary. In fact, the church almost designed to give the impression the Jesuits worship Borgia after death, as some kind of demi-god? The answer to this riddle is found in Milton’s writings and Borgia writing a secret charter wherein he and he alone shall be worshipped in secret by the most senior Jesuits, not as Francis Borgia- but as the living demi-god Lucifer.

9. Uthman bin Affan the Sadducee (real founder of Islam 7th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_07c_uthman.htm

Uthman, the real founded of Islam. The Caliph who helped assassinate the closest family and friends of the Prophet Muhammad and who ordered the first writings of Islam which were Sufi (wisdom) destroyed and replaced by his Arabic document.

So hated was Uthman by the original and true followers of Islam, they buried him in the Sadducee Jewish family cemetery next to his Umay-yad relatives.

10. Pope Damasus I (4th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_04c_damasus.htm

The Theodosian Pope who once his cousins were in power, unleashed the greatest wave of ancient knowledge destruction in human history. It was Damasus who played a critical role in the destruction of ancient treasures such as the last great fire of the Library of Alexandria, destroying the surviving remnants of a once wonder of the world.

11. Pope Sergius III (10th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_10c_sergius_III.htm

There was not one single vice this Pope did not do. He is one of the most famous Popes for openly parading in satanic dress and open exhibitions of unbridled power through blood orgies and perversion.

12. Pope Innocent III (13th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_13c_Innocent_III.htm

The Pope who condemned to death over three million people known as the Cathars who simply wanted to follow the teachings of Jesus without the witchcraft of the Catholic Church.

13. Pope Boniface VIII (13th century) (the man who sold the world into slavery) http://one-evil.org/people/people_13c_Boniface_VIII.html

The Architect of the Holy See, the legal fraud and supremely evil framework to divide the world into halves for Spain and Portugal and license the internal slave trade.

14. Adolf Hitler (20th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_20c_hitler.htm

No one will probably object to Adolf Hitler being in the list, but that he is so low (no 14) instead of higher. That is because Hitler was as much a pawn of larger forces as he personally directed great madness and misery.

If Hitler wasn’t groomed, trained, funded and directed by Pope Pius XII then he would certainly have been much higher in the list of all time most evil people.

15. Pope Adrian IV (12th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_12c_adrian_IV.htm

The man who illegally sold Ireland, the oldest spiritual culture in Europe into slavery to King Henry, in exchange for the good King of England paying an outrageous sum to bribe the Vatican. Blood money that was extracted from the greedy Italian cardinals for a further three centuries until King Henry VIII called it quits.

16. Christopher Columbus (15th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_15c_Columbus.htm

A man so thoroughly perverse, he enslaved an entire population and acted as God, killing people at will and for nothing more than a whim. History cannot be easily whitewashed to the fact that his patrons sent a fleet to have him and his insane sons arrested and shipped back to Europe in disgrace.

17. Dwight D, Eisenhower (20th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_20c_Eisenhower.htm

The smiling assassin- a man who single handedly delayed the end of World War II from the side of Allies by a full two years- a man who refused to support a Gestapo plan to kill Hitler as early as 1943 – a man who through Nuremberg had the complete roll of the Catholic Church with the Nazis erased from history, in particular the real purpose of the concentration camps – a man who was responsible for the forced repatriation of over two million prisoners of war back to Russia (against their will) by force, using the same cattle cars the Nazis used to ferry people to their deaths knowing full well most were killed by Stalin – a man who ordered the assassination of war hero General Patton including the discrediting of his name to hide the fact that Patton came into possession of evidence of the highest treason by General Eisenhower.

18. Pope Pius IX (19th century) (the man who killed a president and made himself god) http://one-evil.org/people/people_19c_Pius_IX.htm

The Pope responsible for funding and promoting the American Civil War to weaken the Union. The Pope responsible for the plot to assassinate President Lincoln and the evil Pope responsible for absurd and supremely blasphemous claim of infallibility (ipso facto a “god on Earth”).

19. Ivan IV of Russia (16th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_16c_Ivan_IV.htm

Well known for his savagery against his own people, matched only by Stalin some four centuries later.

20. Oliver Cromwell (16th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_16c_Cromwell.htm

Far from being a defender of liberty and the right of democracy, Oliver Cromwell was a self obsessed sadist who is primarily responsible for the slow and wicked murder of over half a million Irish peasants.

21. Pope Urban II (11th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_11c_urban_II.htm

The man who gave thanks to God when his murdering hoard of crusaders first captured Jerusalem and murdered every living thing inside the walled city- on orders from Innocent.

22. St. David (Dawi) (6th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_06c_david.htm

The Welsh saint who as a Christian guerilla leader is responsible for imposing Christianity on the Welsh by systematically torturing to death over 200,000 innocent people until the spirit of the Welsh was finally broken.

23. St. Lucius of Cyrene (2nd century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_02c_lucius.htm

The son of Flavius Josephus who sparked the first great massacres of Hellenic culture across the Mediterranean at the start of the 2nd century.

24. Emperor Constantine (4th century) (real founder of modern Christianity) http://one-evil.org/people/people_04c_constantine.htm

The real founder of Christianity who by imperial edict ordered the merging of two ancient saviour cults- the Indo-European cult of Krishna and the ancient Celtic worship of the savious Hesus to give us Hesus Krishna instead of the Nazarene spiritual leader.

25. Mao Zedong (20th century) http://one-evil.org/people/people_20c_Mao.htm

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